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  1. Why can't they figure out a way for patrons to visit the 50ft platform on the Eiffel Tower?
  2. I can see that...almost doesn't feel complete to me though. Oh well.
  3. Almost feel like this should be "off tickets" instead of "of tickets"
  4. On the topic of eateries.... I would make sure things were consistent. For example, one year the mac and cheese bar did not have consistency on serving sizes (the bowl size changed at least 3 times), one day you could get whatever meats and the next you could only get one, etc. Mobile ordering - enough said. I would make Jukebox something more unique....while I enjoyed my first time eating there in years a couple months back, it just wasn't amazing. Would like to see something other than a burger, chicken tenders, pizza in the park. More indoor dining. No Live E in Festhaus....trying to watch a show and enjoy a meal while people are essentially screaming all around you isn't great. Using peak times for expo-ing meals....Chicken Shack I'm looking at you! The amount of orders they take compared to what they can get out at any given time is sad....sure we got you through the line, but stand in an awkward corral near the self serve soda fountain to wait for your name to be called...but don't expect it to be quick. In peak meal times, so from lets say 11:30-1:30, and 4:30-6:30, for every two orders, two more should be cooked at the same time. This allows for quicker service.
  5. It is so simple...but doesn't seem to be done.
  6. Has anyone seen any updates from KI Comms about Haunt preparations? I haven't seen anything on Twitter. You'd think trying to get folks excited for Haunt could help drive attendance and potential pass sales.
  7. I have been told by a team member of the decorating crew that this was not intentional, not sure I 100% believe it....however....what I do believe is that it was a half @$$ed decision to put it out without being fixed/repaired. It's shocking to me that coming from a park that won the best haunt event last year, does not care enough to keep details pristine. How long has it been damaged? Was this damaged during moving? Was it damage prior? Why couldn't it have been fixed before going out on park? How many of these tombstones with names on them get damaged like this each year (after year)? I've said it to a few before, why half @$$ something when you can whole @$$ something. If you're going to do something, do it right the first time...there is less headache later on. Just asking questions out loud here.
  8. This!! The way they merge the TimeSaver and General line is what I think holds it up. They don't "pulse the station," filling the individual row queues like they should. Part of the problem I think is that they merge below the station floor so they have to walk up the stairs to see if there is enough room to let the next groups go through (at least that's how it was on my last visit).
  9. https://x.com/dollywood/status/1701611625071919200?s=46&t=EVITZdIgEfyA3YhYpqB9Fg
  10. He has not been as a guest since his departure as an employee.
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