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  1. I really wanted a rollercoaster this year but this waterpark sounds like great news. I usually never go to Waterworks because basically it's boring, but now I'll have a reason to go. So that coaster can wait til 2005.
  2. I think it's best to take pictures in the fall. I always hide the camera under my sweatshirt or jacket and take it out on the lift hill. Don't worry though because I make sure that I keep a hold of it and I would kill myself if I lost it.
  3. I think you guys should update this site a lot! That's something that PKIU never did. I think you guys should put some videos up too. That would be really sweet.
  4. Flight of Fear is my favorite. I love the launch and the intensity mever lets up on this ride. Whoever thought up of this ride is a genuis.
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