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  1. The track record while nice, is not what I was worried about. I want to slam the door shut for the best wood coaster and wood coaster line up argument. A bigger and better version of Wild Fire an excellent GCI a John Allen classic plus The Beast. Man that would be a drop the mic. kind of line up.
  2. I see your point, but look at it from this angle. KI could market that section of the park as the Wood coaster capitol of the world. (In 2023 Challenge the legendary Beast, ride the Mysterious Mystic Timbers, and if you dare test your courage and take on the wood coaster with the most inversions, fastest speeds, and monumental heights. Insert name of coaster here) Just a thought. By the way a RMC wood coaster like Wild Fire would be my 1st choice. 2nd would be a Mack multi launch way more like Helix than Copperhead Strike.
  3. 2023 at the earliest, 2025 at the latest.
  4. I do believe that mine trains have tubular steel track.
  5. Well if you look at who Cedar Fair has been working with lately. it make sit hard to narrow down. 1. B & M. Dive, Floor-less, Wing, Flyer. To me Flyer makes the most sense, it would be the only one in the Cedar Fair chain and with that terrain it has the chance to be the best Flyer in North America and maybe the world. 2. Mack. A multi launch like Helix would be so tasty. 3. RMC. Wood or T-Rex, either option is outstanding. I lean towards wood, lets make the North America version of Wild Fire and shatter the height speed and inversion record for a wood coaster. 4. Gerst
  6. http://www.ellocoaster.com/2018-wood-coaster-poll-results If the manufacturer believes they are wood. And there wood coasters are ranked as wood coasters what more do you want. RMC broke the paradigm of what a wood coaster does, looks and feels. Granted I can understand the doubt. But if RMC's in your opinion doesn't make wood coasters, couldn't the same argument be made with the Intamin prefabs? Also I will be getting my last rides on Vortex on the 11th. This maybe the only time I am not looking forward to going to Kings Island.
  7. Well we are finally getting a much needed kids area. If this gives MIA a attendance bump we might see some more investments. As for a new coaster I could see a RMC conversion of Wolverine Wildcat or a ground up Gerstlauer Euro Fighter, But I am not holding my breath. All of you that have King's Island as a home park be thankful. Yes losing Vortex sucks but you know that something will replace it. If Cedar Fair took out our Arrow, NOTHING would replace it and we would be down to six coasters. I know that I am blessed to live a reasonable distance from Great America, Cedar Point, Holiday World,
  8. The only good option they have is ground up RMC T REX, or let Morgan fix Vortex and leave it alone. A ground up RMC wood coaster that could possibly give The Voyage a run for it's money. The 1st T-Rex intrigues me, or a Mack double launch that uses the terrain like Helix. Would all be great options. The Wildcard could be a Gerstlauer that takes The Smiler's inversion record away.
  9. The Beast could potentially be the 6th best coaster in the park?.... The Beast is #1 always... Orion is a half-hearted attempt by a pathetically boring company. Orion will either be the worlds tallest and fastest hyper, or we can call it the worlds shortest smallest and slowest giga. If you want to say The Beast is your favorite I understand, The Racer has a very special place in my heart, it was the 1st major coaster I rode all the way back in 1977. But come on, Orion will most likely be better. Diamondback is better, Mystic is better, Banshee is better. And finally, if a coaster re
  10. I am saddened by this news, but also have a sense of hope. Vortex at one time in the past was a headliner but lets be honest, it is what the 6th or 7th best coaster at the park? If and this is a if, Cedar Fair builds another world class ride like there last four coasters. (I am including Orion) Then all of a sudden your depth is that much better. Just think The Beast would then be the 6th best ride in the park. And a park that has The Beast as it's 6th best ride is really, really good park. And not just a regional park but a destination park.
  11. A little harsh maybe, but you are passionate about a place you love. For the record Kings Island has special place in my heart. It was the 1st amusement/theme park I ever attended way, way back in 1977. I think Xdog42 really explained well where a lot of the criticism comes from. I for one am looking forward to next April and to see first hand how it stands up. I think enthusiasts in general get way to caught up in stats. Take Maverick for example nobody expected it to be the masterpiece that it ended up being. In my mind the most important thing for Orion to do is be the best ride in the park
  12. You both are absolutely correct. Of course you can agree on one article and not another. I was just showing the whole picture. I hope people read both articles. There are many sides to everyone I was just trying show that.
  13. Just to be clear. I am not Brad Crowe.
  14. I actually joined almost 15 years ago now. I am only defending him in the aspect that 6 months ago he wrote a blog that the vast majority praised. Now that he wrote one that a whole lot of people and especially here disagree with. He is now being turned into a pariah. I could be wrong but I bet most have not even read both articles completely. And as far as twitter goes, that was Coaster-Net.com that responded with “Logic and reason cannot be used in a coaster debate. Please come up with something else.” Not Mr. Crowe
  15. Mr. Crowe never said it was a bad ride... Just a bad design choice by the design team. And other than him not thinking this is a true Giga. Is his opinion that much different than many on KIC??? Couldn't they have made it just 13ft taller???
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