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  1. Very well written, I have never heard The Beast referred to as "Hell's Angels kidnapping Amish barn builders."
  2. First visit of hopefully many, many more to come this year, cannot wait.

  3. Finally got to the Island for the first time this season and got to see firsthand and experience this mammoth machine. It took me by surprise big time, I was not expecting it to take off down the first drop that fast and with such force. Got a ride in the middle of the train, can't quite remember what row, and another in the back row, left outside seat. The forces are amazing on this ride and it literally left me out of breath at the end as it never lets up. Overall my favorite element on the ride would have to be the zero-g roll and the dive afterwards, amazing. Kings Island thank you so much, you all really have a winner on your hands here.
  4. May 4th- Seeing and experiencing Banshee for the first time, Fun TV is a good addition to keep you busy in line and overall the park is looking great this year, the team at KI has really done a truly amazing job this off-season.
  5. Was at the park today as well and I agree with you on the Diamondback issue, I thought the line was moving slower than usual myself. However, for all the other rides I felt like the crews were in top notch form, especially on Banshee. I had one issue where someone on Delirium sit in the wrong seats, our seats, but they got us on next cycle so wasn't too big of a deal.
  6. Hello all, as you have probably heard from one of my posts, me and fellow KIC'er fighting31irish were supposed to go up for Media Day, spend the night and then go for Opening Day. Well last night I got a text message reading, "Sorry man, I can't make it tomorrow." I knew what his schemes were every opening day trying to trick me so I said back, ".....I don't buy that." He then text me back and replied, "Now is not the time man, I love you." Seeing as this had now escalated I did not know what was going on and had gotten no response until about 9:30 when my phone lit up, it was him. I answered and heard a tear filled shaky apology for not being able to attend tomorrow, I asked him what was wrong and he said to me, his father had passed away. So if you guys would, keep fighting31irish (John) in your thoughts and prayers as his family is going through a rough time right now.
  7. Looking forward the most to just being able to see the entrance plaza, but as far as the poll question goes, the Batwing. With it reaching top speed at the bottom I feel like there will be plenty of forces.
  8. Time flies, seems like just yesterday they had the 25th Anniversary sign up on the station platform.
  9. Just registered for CoasterCrew as well as RSVP'd for the media event, cannot wait to see everyone bright and early at 4:30 AM!
  10. Ah yes, finally, a semi-decent view of the queue line for Cobra, I may die a happy man now.
  11. This is truly great news, as an avid follower of KICentral for almost 10 years now and a regular listener of In The Loop I am really excited to see where this goes.
  12. Last ride of the season for me was I believe the second to last train on The Beast, back row, only way to close out a season at Kings Island.
  13. 2013 was a great season, hard to believe it went by so fast. Looks like you guys had a blast that day, I was ahead of you all in line for a couple of rides and was too far away to conversate so I didn't get to catch you, good TR!
  14. Seeing that blueprint and the queue'ing reminds me more of a Raptor queue setup than anything with the line being inside the actual ride structure. It does my heart well though to see KI using a lot of queue lines, ala Cedar Point, maybe now there will not be lines spilling into the midway.
  15. Earlier on in the day it was not terrible, around 3'ish I'd say was when it started to fill in. When I left Diamondback had a full queue and was out in the midway and I waited for about an hour in BLSC line.
  16. Excellent pictures, the ride is really coming along great. Did not realize the bottom of the first drop was going to hug the ground that much, should make for a really neat experience. Can't wait until the batwing goes up.
  17. Very busy day usually, lines reaching up into the 2-3 hour range of people attempting to get their last rides of the season in. Joking, obviously, this will be fourth or fifth closing day in a row and I have had the best days of the year as far as crowds go. The only bummer is the limited hours of operation, 11-7 that day.
  18. Backlot Stunt Coaster's control panel still has The Italian Job Logo on it.
  19. Very nice collection you have there. I am sure if we all got together in this site and put together what we all have that we would cover significant ground on what has been made available to us. I enjoyed looking at your old park maps and brochures as well, took me back in time seemingly.
  20. I will be making two trips to the park this weekend so hopefully I will have some more pictures for you guys to compare to the ones that were earlier posted. I for one believe what someone said earlier in that they would not have done all this work for nothing, something is going to happen here.
  21. Pardon me if this has already been discussed, but I am assuming that they are going to put the grate under the lift hill with the stairs on it like Raptor, correct?
  22. Ah it is nice to see the decorations up for Halloween, sadly this means that summer has come and passed, but fall is always one of my favorite times to visit the Island. I am looking forward to the new mazes this year as well as the always new surprises the park has in store.
  23. Flight of Fear: Return the theming back to the way it was when it originally opened, hangar and all. BLSC: bring back the water and splashdown effects and clean up the chopper/mid-course area, it's starting to look a little rough. Racer: Return the blue train to it's rear facing position. Realistically, that is all I can think of for now.
  24. Jasper

    Next to go?

    I am saying Delirium. For some reason those Hoose rides seem to just tear themselves apart over time, but I could be wrong. Coaster wise, Backlot Stunt Coaster.
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