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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. I personally always wear my Brooks running shoes. They're by far the most comfortable and durable pair of shoes I've ever owned.

    A tip I have for people who said that wet socks make their feet hurt, you should invest in a pair of dry-fit socks. They're wonderful because they dry out much quicker than an average pair of socks; I recommend these for any one who has a problem with wet socks.

    I own a pair of Brooks running shoes also. Used them for 300+ miles with Cross Country last year and on the last day of practice, there is a telephone pole blocking an entrance to a part of the park we run in, and we just run over it, but I missed it an the mesh/web toe section of the shoes hit right into a bolt on the pole and I landed face first in gravel. So now there is a gaping hole in the top of the shoes...

  2. What roller coaster in your opinion had its best year ever?

    The Beast! Even with its slowing over these past years, I don't think I've had so many good rides on it ever before!

    What thrill ride in your opinion had its best year ever?

    Delirium. After a major break down last year, she is back up and running!

    What was the best thing that happened this year at Kings Island?

    For me, Riding The Beast 30 times in a day.

    For the park, Son of Beast losing that eyesore they call a loop.

    What restaurant had the best food?

    *cough*overpriced *cough*

    What crew/area was best?

    Beast crew pho-show. After all of my rides I've seen how great of a crew they are. They responded to guest relations problems quickly and seemed to have an overall good time while working.

    What show in 2006 was the best in your opinion?

    MonsterBash during FearFest.

    What change from 2005 to 2006 was the best?

    No Italian Job Fast Pass. It sucked when you went with non-Gold Pass friends and they couldn't get a fast pass.

  3. Even though this episode is outdated, it does say a lot about Kings Island.

    For this park to be mentioned, even for a split second in a SCRIPTED television show, shows that Kings Island is defiantly know around the nation (and possibly the world)

    The only other park I've seen mentioned on TV was when Dane Cook hosted SNL the first time, He mentioned Great Adventure but not particular rides there.

  4. yeah i think its pretty much agreed that we really lack an organized and maintained landscape. we can only hope for change.

    Wow, you should really get to the park early (before open) and see all the work. They change a lot of those flowers around the park constantly, especially those flowers on the date display ;). KI's grass must be very emo too because it must cut itself.

    Don't be so quick to dis ground crew. Kings Island wouldn't look good without them.

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