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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. I thought the same thing UncleHenry. You have to drive about 10 minutes through normal one lane roads to get there and the sign age leading up to the park only says "Amusement Park This Way" And if they expanded, they would have to remove a very large portion of Be-Bop Blvd (their car ride) and possibly Zach's Zoomer. Its true that there is a large portion of land where the train ride sits, but to access that via path way, you have to walk to the other side of the park. and I dont think they want to put a new coaster all the way over there where nobody can find it.
  2. Very untrue. Shivering Timbers- 1998 Mad Mouse and Big Dipper- 1999 Grand Rapids- 2006 And thats all I know of off hand.
  3. lmao! Thats my picture! Look at the photobucket address. I also have this picture: It was interesting to me to see how both of the access roads met up.
  4. It isn't much news for the Bel-Aire express to be leaving GL, its been SBNO the whole season.
  5. He is probably talking about the Sconces used for both projects.
  6. Suing Stengel is like committing your park to a lifetime of dull, park built, or Vekoma designed. Don't bite the hand that feeds. (Specifically if you want a B&M)
  7. Because The Beast trains haven't been significantly modified from 4 seaters to 3 seaters ever. I think that calls for a "VOID"
  8. It is on MTV's website. Its pretty interesting to see that most of the stuff they filmed in Ohio was filmed about 3 miles from my house in Kettering. I even know where that skateboarder's house is.
  9. To put things more simply, could it be that Cedar Point attracts more business "after the gate." I have not been to Cedar Point but from what I have seen, don't they have a better selection of shops and food stores? All of the people I know around here that go to CP buy T-Shirts and mugs because it is big to say, "I've been to Cedar Point!" I know that at Kings Island all of our shops basically stock all of the same merchandise. Does CP have a better selection and range of merchandise that makes visitors actually want to buy more?
  10. I know there is a difference between pouring concrete in winter and in summer. I don't know exactly but I know there is a cost difference.
  11. Building X-Flight Mid-Season: Cheaper: I'm sure it costs less to hire workers in better weather. Concrete will cost less because its a different formula. Marketing: "Look at our new attraction we are building!" "Oh wow guys! We are going to have to COME TO THE PARK A SECOND TIME when this thing is built and spend more money in this park!" Just my 2 lapbar clicks.
  12. Very good poll. After riding X-Flight this summer, I'd love to see it come to PKI for my ridership!
  13. I could see Six Flags cutting the "black light" budget for Cirque de Soleil if they did preform at a SF park.
  14. Footers can be poured quickly. If in fact X-Flight is moving to PKI, I would not see it opening for the 07 season.
  15. Flight Commander...never...went to Syndney Wonderland...
  16. I tend to use the stalls these days, but I'd feel bad if three guys walked in at the same time and both needed to #2 really bad.
  17. It could be a good coaster if it had better *cough*trains*cough* The track isnt really that bad.
  18. Me either... PKI really needs stall dividers. I dont know but thats just a pet peeve of mine. Good thing we dont have the trough urinals!
  19. The Villian is the biggest joke in the world! Something must be going on with X-Flight even if they are changing a brake section out or somthing because these rumors usually have some sort of basis.
  20. If you look through all the pics, you see the Lego Spongebob standing by its bigger statue brother in NU and riding LBGC
  21. Ow ow ow! That ride is not fun if you have a large waistline and/or are male! The restraints are one position only!
  22. The restraints are actually very comfortable. They are fully adjustable (the vests and the lap bars) The vests are a sort of "pleather" rubber kind of stuff. The lapbars are very similar to those of Flight of Fear's but they ractchet on the sides of the armrests inbetween seats.
  23. Even if they ARE moving X-Flight to PKI, they would have to haul some major @$$ to get it all torn down, shipped to PKI, all the footers poured, all the ride assembled, and tested. Who knows, its possible.
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