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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  2. More scareactors! It dosnt matter how much fog, lighting and themeing you have if you dont have somebody to hid from the lighting and themeing and jump out at you right when that plume of smoke hits the lights and your blinded for a second.
  3. I was trying to point this out because I have never seen the King Cobra supports anywhere in any of the graveyards. Does anybody have a picture of them?
  4. While waiting in line for PsycoPath a few weekends ago, I was thinking about the King Cobra grave yard and how there isnt a single support section in it. I looked to my right and notcied those trailers you always see when you walk into FOF's pavilion (Picture here) Then I wondered, Are the supports for King Cobra in these trailers? I know somewhere I have heard they are used for plushie storage but I just dont know about that. I counted seventeen trailers. Does Kings Island really use 17 trailers just for plushie storage? Where are the King Cobra supports? So I went home and did some think
  5. http://extremepki.com/gallery/displayimage.php?pos=-1547 See where the "track" for the chain ends? The chain "flips" back to the top and travels to the other side of the track and to a gear at the bottom, then back into the track where you can see it at the base (for the first lift, the second lift goes about halfway down from the top of the spike) It is PHYSICALY impossible for the train to be hoisted past this position from the thrid car...unless gravity starts working differently, then I think the least of our worrys would be Face/Off...
  6. The train guide ends before the top. There is also a block in it so the train cant go that far in case of a computer error. Normally, a proxy sensor senses the train is at the top of the hill, and it holds the train or releases it (for the second lift). I'm sure there is also a manual device that will turn off the lift if activated incase that the PLC somehow crashes and dosnt automaticly E-Stop. I dont know when that would happen, but it could...I think.
  7. Actually, there is one difference in the PKD show. The cast yells out, "WHAT DO YOU WANT TO HEAR NOW?" and the guys at the tech booth yell "AC/DC!!!". Where at PKI the cast just says "Now for some AC/DC!!!" Oh, also they have different stage lighting. Yeah.
  8. There is no way this will break the inversion record...to put a little bit of water on the flames there... We have 2 confirmed inversions and what seems to be one coming...
  9. Maxx pass plz. I want to go to Cedar Point so bad...this will give me a reason...I've already paid admission!
  10. Sounds great! If you need any help, I'de be glad to help
  11. How do you know that? Its definatly still listed on their website.
  12. "The Core" could be a Vekoma Tilt coaster... ...but we arent getting anything themed to "The Core"
  13. I think topgun meant to link to this image: http://extremepki.com/gallery/displayimage.php?pos=-3089 Topgun does have a helix.
  14. Thats a really good point... I dont think that KI lets you park overnight!
  15. I definatly think they are joking... Headline: UNREST BETWEEN PKIC STAFF!
  16. I'll probably have to travel with a friend, so put me down with a guest as a maybe.
  17. Would it be too much to add an extra day to the CP section of the trip? I'de really like to take my time at the point and get the most out of it (as it would be my first visit) Depending on the days we are at CP it may be good to have a day and a half, but I'm sure an extra day is always good!
  18. This isnt including park admission, correct? P.S. Its awsome your researching this!
  19. Bill, about your taping in the station, Check this out: http://hoys.extremepki.com/gallery/displayimage.php?pos=-716 I was there the day before you too.
  20. Since some of you say that the reason KI took down King Cobra was that there werent any parts, think about this. Paramount Parks STILL OPERATES TO THIS DAY two other TOGO stand up coasters. There are even TOGO stand ups that have been operating longer then King Cobra did! Where did all of these rumors come from about the steel being low grade? If there was even a HINT that the steel was sub-par wouldnt you think that Kings Island managment at the time would of seen that? Why did it take them from 1984 to 2002, 18 years, to notice this? King Cobra was demolished because the park did not wan
  21. You asked where the pins are, they are in the store next to the Girl Space next to the Keyhole photo on the right when you enter. The pins a near the cash register on the side of a display booth that also has T-Shirts and Italian Job mugs I belive.
  22. Reclaimer, The one listed on that map near the batwing on Vortex is actually in the wrong place. http://www.rcdb.com/ig71.htm?picture=3 It was at the location where the man in the grey T-Shirt is standing aprox.
  23. I dont think FOF has ANY merch these days. ...I did see an ACER recently with an "Outer Limits: Flight of Fear" shirt.
  24. Avalanche is what, 5 dollars a ride? I rode it just for the credits. I didnt think it was that good either...
  25. I have recently bought a shirt, 2 postcards, a Vortex pin, a beast mug, and beast Nalgene. Total=25 dollars. I think that the merchandise at PKI is actually of pretty good quality and very decently priced. If I wanted a band T-Shirt from a place like Hot Topic, that would be 20 dollars. I got a nice looking Vortex (loops and corkscrews section) shirt for 15 dollars. The Beast mug and Nalgene cost 4.26 total with tax.
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