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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. Awsome. I was there earlier this year and had a great time too. I have been on Hades 20 times, every row and I really think that the coaster isnt that good. I belive that Gravity Group actually miscalculated some aspects of the ride. both hills (coming back from the 2 tunnel sections and going back into the tunnel section) are perfect places for airtime, and they both lacked them.
  2. I noticed this today! I rode front seat and I saw them alot! There was about 3-4 in the turn around from the first drop to the loops on Vortex. These reflectors are like the reflectors on the end of your car, but litte ovalish ones on the ties of the coaster. Also noticed this on The Beast too while riding second row first car.
  3. Whos going to the park? If you want a picture of me, go to my last.fm page. http://www.last.fm/user/HOYS/ Hope to see one of you at the park!
  4. Face/Off. I just like the design and how it kind of looks like rollercoaster track.
  5. What college are you going to? I'm interested in technical theatre. I hang, focus, design and program all light for the shows for my highschool.
  6. The 'Eagle is still at LeSourdesvill as of 2 days ago. Cough: http://hoys.extremepki.com/gallery/displayimage.php?pos=-613
  7. There *is* a preshow, but they dont time it so it starts after you are in the chamber. They are more going for capacity then the experience.
  8. Its weird that you named this topic after a horror movie...
  9. I dont know. I know The Beast's second tunnel smells pretty good though.
  10. July 27th, people in party: Me. This is quite possibly my best day at the Island ever. I got in the park at around 9:45 and bypassed a huge gathering of people at the gate into Action Zone with my gold pass. Pure pwnage of non-gold pass people right there. Was planning to ride Delirium but they werent up for the day yet. Made my way over to Face/Of noticing on the way that they were powerwashing some part of Congo. Rode the outwards facing seat that starts away from the lift hill (How do you number Face/Off cars anyway? ) A pretty good ride in itself. It still feels to me that I get mor
  11. Sorry for the confusion, but I meant to ask who will be at the park on the 27th.
  12. If you guys want to find me I'll probably be wearing a Hades rollercoaster shirt.
  13. I'm gona be at the island tommorow on the 27th, anybody else going to be there? 27th, sorry.
  14. I was away at camp the entire week and heard breifly of the accident and drove by today around 10:40. The train appeared to not be on the lift, but I wasnt really looking for it so I'm not sure.
  15. different rides have different lock out areas, for example, at The Beast and employee may go to the bottom of the first drop and retreeive something as long as he/she is arm's length away from the track. Well, there wasnt much of a lockout area as the ride op was about a few feet from the lowest point in the ride which is a bottom of a hill that the spine of the track touches the bottom of the "grid" of supports on the floor.
  16. Heck, at Mt. Olympus they didnt shut down the spinning coaster "Opa!" to get a pair of sunglasses, they just walked in WHILE it was operating...
  17. The helicopter scene dosnt still work fully. The helicopter is always up now. I have noticed more water though spraying. Do you remember any more fire then just the flame on top?
  18. The aquarium is listed BELOW Kings Island. The shopping center, Newport on the Levee is the attraction that is listed first. Have you even been there?
  19. It didnt say the aquarium specificaly. It said Newport on the Levee.
  20. Nemo, I hate to do it, but look at these: http://multimedia.pki.com/images/news/Shiva%20Angry_mc4.jpg http://multimedia.pki.com/images/news/Shiva%20Happy_mc4.jpg
  21. I rode Face/Off today in the middle car and got a slight grey out. I just love that feeling
  22. I went today and just spent the 15 dollars. Well worth it. Today was awsome!
  23. Today was absolutely AMAZING! My longest wait was 15-20 minutes. I rode every major coaster except Top Gun. I only had three bad rides. Son of Beast, Major staple. Beast, Major staple. TRTR, just awful because of the fact all the theming is gone now-a-days. No fog at the very end, the lava pit was...pathetic at best. Its sad to see it go...
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