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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. They look old, the grass is grown around them and all, probably scenery mounts.
  2. I dont see this possible aquisition as anything less the AMAZING for Kings Island. With Cedar Fair I see Kings Island being more and more profitable. The things that Cedar Fair could do for this park would be very interesting to see. My $.02
  3. If you look under the station you can see that all they did was cut the copper pipe that tied the car 6 gates to the rest of the gates.
  4. I didnt get my usual ball-crunching-staple on it, so it must be better.
  5. Hmm, I probably saw you in line! I jumped in around 12:39...Got out at 1:49
  6. To answer your question, the park was PACKED! The bus lot was full. I only rode 3 rides today in 6 hours because of it.
  7. I rode it. Smoother but not as good as it should be.
  8. They did change the numbering on the train cars itself.
  9. I rode today. Smooth-er but not very good. I waited and hour and ten minutes to ride. Its much more enjoyable. Guess where they put the extra cars! (Right by the last drop on the left before the brake run)
  10. How do you gain entrance to BB for GP preview? Will the train be open?
  11. I totally agree. NOBODY should assure anything simply based off of what was posted in any forums unless it was a post by someone official, and no I don't take general employee heresay as being offical. Don't think I was knocking your site, I think you guys are doing a good job. I understand. I think for anybody its hard to belive rumors. I'm just hoping for a good day at the park tommorow! First time this operating season!
  12. Then they would have the two rollercoasters in the world with the worst trains ever!
  13. Its almost impossible to trust anybody, even another PKI website. It may be wrong that it will be open tomorrow, but hey, I can be optimistic right?
  14. Its always good to cite your sources for rumors! I'm expecting SOB to open at park open.
  15. That ride was HUGE. I rode it when I was pretty young, I dont remeber much but its one of the best roundups I've been on.
  16. I really think that if the ride ops clean the que and coaster area then its much more cleaner frequently and shows the GP that there is a presence there that watches, even in ques. Why would it be so bad to take a broom for 20 minutes and sweep the que and pick up trash? I think its a very good idea. Eco may not do the best job of picking up an area (Not dissing any Eco Staff here) or just dont reach a part of the ride area. The que for FOF usually has a bottle or two here and there. I'de pick it up, but then wouldnt the park have to pay me?
  17. I heard that all Cedar Fair parks, it is required for the ride ops to take breaks and sweep and clean the que for 20 minutes every day. I think its a good idea.
  18. The effect for the antichamber light on the door is probably not a projector at my guess. Its probably a focused stage type light with a gobo pattern in a gobo rotator that is keyed to turn so far then stop. Here is what a gobo is: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gobo_%28lighting%29 And an example of a gobo rotator: http://www.rosco.com/us/lightingequipment/dgr.asp This way would be simply controled via a computer but the computer would just tell the power outlet to go on and off. The light would come on, then the gobo's socket. Gobo rotator off, light off. Gobo reset. This would be the
  19. It seems so much bigger in the videos then the pictures!
  20. I got a few pictures back there too. None of them show a bit of work being done.
  21. I wonder if they are just retracking or actually modifying the height or bank of certain parts of the track. I know they modified the bank on the left turn into the rose bowl after the first drop.
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