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  1. I just thought the word acrobatIcs was interesting.
  2. http://www.visitkingsisland.com/events/things-to-do/special-events/Entertainment-Auditions-2-6-12-46 Luminosity? It does mention "acrobatIcs for an exciting new production."
  3. Went to the park yesterday and I must say it looks better than it has in years. Little by little you are seeing less blacktop. I hope this trend continues. The landscaping looks fantastic. The 2 spots the park needs attention are Coney and Action Zone. Action Zone looks ok but they need to figure out what they are going to do with FD and SOB. A Game Day Grille would go nicely in that section if you ask me. Man I wish the cars and Eagles were back in their places. I am one that thinks Backlot is a fun ride but man is that a bad place to put such an ugly ride. Should have been put on th
  4. Been to KD several times and I have never been overly impressed by it. I like CP, KI, and Dorney better. Never been to the other CF parks unless you count GL which had the worst food of any park I have been to.
  5. This whole situation is confusing to me. 1. Is it true that CF made a profit in 2008 and is on pace to make a profit in 2009? 2. Is the problem mainly the debt covenants and the thought that they will miss one in the next few years? I know that the sale of land in Canada helped in making a profit in 2009 but won't the decrease in distribution do the same thing next year and will actually be more than the $50 or so million that they made on that land. Also include the operating cuts they have made that will be in place all of 2010. It just seems to me that if a company makes a profit
  6. Thanks - Man your fast! Still a little confused - Not used to the language they use. This is what you posted: "So net income this year for the first nine months was $61.7 million dollars, compared to last years $62.5 million." So they have made money? $61.7 million dollars?
  7. This may be really stupid but I have looked over the report several times and I can't find the answer to some of my questions. Based on this statement in the press release: "Based on preliminary October results, revenues for the first ten months of the year, on a same-park basis (excluding the impact of Star Trek: The Experience which closed in September 2008), were $912.7 million compared with $983.2 million for the same period a year ago, on 28 more operating days." All I ever see is the comparison of last year to this year. According to the statement above CF made $912.7 million thro
  8. I am planning to go to Knott's Berry Farm sometime during the week of October 17 - 24. I know that Xcelerator will most likely not be open but is GhostRider still down for maintenance? I looked all over and have not found the answer. Thanks to anyone who knows!
  9. Have to agree the Voyage is awesome! I went to HW last Thursday for the first time and it passed El Toro as my favorite woodie. The Legend was great too. I liked the Raven alot but it wasn't on the same level as the other two in my opinion.
  10. It looks like supports are showing up for the rumored KD coaster. It does not look like B+M supports. http://www.kdfansite.com/forums/viewtopic....c&start=735 Pictures of supports. http://www.kdfansite.com/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=53
  11. 115 coasters 18 parks Busch Gardens Africa Scorpion Busch Gardens Africa Python Busch Gardens Europe Alpengeist Busch Gardens Europe Apollo's Chariot Busch Gardens Europe Big Bad Wolf Busch Gardens Europe Loch Ness Monster Cedar Point Blue Streak Cedar Point Cedar Creek Mine Ride Cedar Point Corkscrew Cedar Point Disaster Transport Cedar Point Gemini (Track 1) Cedar Point Gemini (Track 2) Cedar Point Iron Dragon Cedar Point Magnum XL-200 Cedar Point Mantis Cedar Point Maverick Cedar Point Mean Streak Cedar Point Millennium Force Cedar Point
  12. That is why I said "slid it under their nose." I had also heard the Intamin Hyper coaster rumor for KD which if it does happen might confirm a B+M compete clause. Thanks for your info.
  13. As many know there are several rumors going around of upcoming coaster projects at Carowinds and KD. I have a couple of questions regarding this: 1. I have heard there is a height restriction at Carowinds. Has anyone else heard this? This could really hinder the kind of coaster they get. 2. I have heard there is a B+M compete clause at KD. I heard the comment that CF slid Dominator in under AB nose. Is this true? Nobody has mentioned these two things in a while. Thanks
  14. I thought I remembered they borrowed extra money. I remember reading that they also did this for capitol expenditures for the first couple of years after the purchase. If would probably be impossible to find that article now.
  15. Two questions after reading this: 1. Are they really still 1.7B in debt? I thought I read it had lowered from there. 2. Didn't they finance an extra 500 Million when they bought the Paramount Parks?
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