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    I wish you would...
  2. Thats the point... If you dont care who you ride with, then I agree with you. But if you are playing musical queues after you are assigned -- screwing things up for the person assigning seats, it just makes matters more confusing. The park may not be in the business of determining who is who, but if I recall there is a sign that says no groups?
  3. Yeah, that is somewhat irritating. As a matter of fact, I was there yesterday, and was actually passed by someone who was in the standard line, and entered the same time I did. On many occasions you can see people "acting" single but arent good enough being smooth. I think the attendant should ask them to return to the end of the line, as it is obvious they are cheating.
  4. So iChase... Would you care to share how you created that design? If not, its cool too.
  5. "NEAR" is relative. In relation to the real Eiffel Tower, the camera is "near" the 1/3 scale replica at KI.
  6. TQZ

    Drop Zone

    Controller Runs MS Windows. It locked "up"
  7. Sure did.... Just got home from there.... But what is this tomb raider thing... Parts outside? Anyone else confirm?
  8. I think this thread is a healthy thread. A lot of great points being brought up. But, the more I read what people have to say, I wonder one thing. Does Guest Relations REALLY LISTEN? Or is your comment card thrown into a pile? I notice that a few people have had a genuine concern here on the boards about the employees text messaging. Lets say we were to tell GR. I am curious as to how they were to react. Would they attempt to fix the problem? Its not that I want the person to get in trouble for texting, thats not the goal. I just want them to pay attention while they are driving the roll
  9. Couple of points, in no particular order. -Posting in this forum.... Where I work, only good news gets out, and the bad news is covered up so fast its not even funny. I don't believe for one minute, that they are fooling anyone. To me, or an outsider, never hearing any "bad news" makes me wonder more about the whole place. I think a little bad news makes people realize that, we too have problems, and we are working to fix them. Just like everyone else. What is my point here? If this place only had the good and no bad about KI, then I don't want to be here because we are only fooling ourselv
  10. You know, I rode it Wednesday, I believe the 11th. The Son of Beast now sucks. It is as bad as The Racers, and 3 times rougher than it was before its accident. Prior to the accident, I would say that The Beast was rougher than The Son of Beast. Not now, it is horrible. I used to be for keeping the Son of Beast, but for all it is worth now, I will now jump on the "tear it down" bandwagon. Horrible.
  11. I think there is a wheelchair exit. If you are on the very back of the train, looking toward Racer/IJST, on your right, there is an exit that I believe you should be able to wheel out of. Another way to describe the location would be just to the right of you, if you are standing in queue for the very back of the train. I made the mistake of trying to exit there and the girl told me to go the other way.
  12. You can do that even still with one pass. As another person mentioned, they have to keep the parking pass active so that you can leave to go get food or other things and get back in the park. You could simply drive in, get out of the car, walk up to the drop off zone, board another car, drive in. Rinse and Repeat. If you are out to save money on parking its still easy.
  13. I didnt get to go down today.... I am still a bit hesitant about it to begin with. The first, is like I say, I have a job that I cannot quit, because it is (and I mean no offense to any KI employee) my real job and has to come first. I just dont know that I would be worth hiring if I can only be there in the late afternoon or weekends. The second is, like you said above, basically not professional, but hobby and/or volunteer for theatrical events. And since I am the only one who has any idea of how to do it, I do it. But I do it my way. I do not have a major in theater, nor have a worked
  14. I'd kinda be interested in the lighting and sound technician, but I have no resume to prove anything that I have done. The other thing is.. I really want to work at KI, but I have regular job that pays more than KI does and I have to work it 8 hours a day and I dont think that KI has a shift that would allow me to get from work, to work... You know what I am saying... I think it would be so fun to work at KI. And it would make that much of a difference, I am there enough to be able to work there... I go a lot... because I have nothing better to do... but I would have it any other way
  15. Kinda sounds like its on the realm of Mid-Life Crisis if you ask me....
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