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  1. RingMaster

    The Firehawk back-story...

    The problem comes twofold: the first was having five seasonal amusement parks under their belt that each received attractions every operating year, meaning that capital expenditures had to be dispersed almost evenly amongst the former Paramount Parks (most major installations never seemed to exceed north of $20 million, at least I don't think they did). The second, and slightly more important issue, fell on maintenance. More specifically, special effects and thematic maintenance. It's an issue that plagues even Disney and Universal (see Disco Yeti and the Jurassic Park rides) with funds being needed to maintain what elements a particular attraction has. Think Firehawk was a maintenance nightmare? I remember the first year and a half of Stunt Track having its ride crew spending more time out of the station and by the queue entrance spieling to guests that the ride is down because of all the "technological features" the ride had (most of which were also subsequently removed within two months of its opening). And let's not forget the simplistic nature of Boo Blaster's ride mechanics and interactivity that still isn't working at a satisfactory level. ...we did technically get some level of stunt shows in the Paramount Parks. One was themed to Tomb Raider that traveled from Park to Park in 2003 (I think), and another was essentially a stripped down version of the proposed Mission Impossible stunt show in 2006 that traveled from Canada's Wonderland to...Canada's Wonderland.
  2. RingMaster

    Early Haunt 2018 Reviews

    Having not been to Haunt since roughly 2012, I think my opinions differ a bit more than others here; I found there to be quite a lot of monsters out on the streets compared to in the past. At least Coney Mall finally had more than four actors for the entire strip as I had counted at least 15 or so milling about (at least that was with the combination of Maul, the creepers/sliders, and the queue line entertainment for Kill Mart). And I finally didn't have to deal with the one-two punch that was CarnEvil and Tombstone Terror-tory staying unchanged for almost ten years and refusing to fix major issues. That said, what few mazes I went through last night (Bayou, Slaughterhouse, Cavern, and Kill Mart) had quality levels that were all over the place. They most certainly LOOKED nice (if only the excellent outdoor lighting systems were copied indoors), but aside from Slaughterhouse, the talent was just not into the role at all. Most would literally stand out in the open like (woefully out of place) statues and then slowly lunge at guests (thankfully the screamers were almost non-existent this go-around). It's like there weren't any clever ways of hiding their actors behind doors or drop panels or they simply just didn't care. As for what BoddaH said about their storytelling abilities...yeah, they've never been successful in that regard, and you mentioned Urgent Scare as an example. I remember the idea behind the "outbreak" was supposed to be due to a release of an energy drink that proved fatal to the town the maze is set in...and yet there was absolutely no mention of said drink anywhere throughout the entire attraction except for the old Action Theater rotating marquee sign with both the logos for the maze and the drink (that remained stationary on the maze logo). And then, after WindSeeker debuted, the first and third acts of US (the riot scene queue line and the military outpost after the main hospital portion) were completely axed, so what little backstory they had that was never fully fleshed out was then gone. Club Blood had a similar situation where the backstory for its inaugural season was that the club was built to draw human victims in not to simply kill them, but to use them as blood bags and hosts for vampire babies...that again was never fully explained or fleshed out, and was also removed for just more club scenes (although in this case, it made the maze slightly better). If you want to see a much better rendition of Club Blood with a properly fleshed out story, look up Knott's Scary Farm's version from 2008. Basically, if they want to tell a story, they better be dag-nab willing to fully commit to telling a cohesive and easy to follow story, or simply just stick to simple themes (see Kill Mart or Slaughterhouse). Anyway, my initial review scores from the few attractions I did: Cavern of Terror - 6/10 Wasteland - 6/10 Backwoods Bayou - 6/10 Coney Maul - 7/10 Kill Mart - 7/10 Slaughterhouse - 8/10 Pumpkin Eater - 9/10
  3. First things first, I am so unbelievably giddy upon news of the 'Tiques returning to the Island. Secondly, now I feel a weird suspicion as if this addition is part of a multi-phase expansion that would see the addition of a brand new area to the park where Dinosaurs Alive! once stood. See crude blue-sky plans below. Essentially a path reaching from Firehawk's exit/photo booth that snakes around the maintenance buildings almost mirroring the maintenance road and merging into the former path of DA. The original entrance to DA would serve as the second access point to the new area, with the entrance/exit to Antique Autos at its mouth. Another crazy idea is to re-purpose the former Action Theater into a dark ride (*cough*Phantom Theater RIP[Reconstruction In Progress]*cough*) and have its own path connecting to both the new area and Action Theater's former exit beside Windy Seeker. Two flat rides go in (one for X-Base and one for the new land), install a new bathroom across from Flight of Fear (where Chaos/Board 2 Death Haunt maze is now) and the roller coaster, of course, lies within most of DA to do its coaster thing. Oh, and a gift shop and eating place.
  4. CarnEvil is the oldest haunt in the lineup. In terms of attractions under the "Halloween Haunt" moniker (haunts that were installed from the 2007 season onward), Urgent Scare is, indeed, the oldest; Club Blood was re-designed as Blackout, and Slaughterhouse was relocated and re-worked.
  5. RingMaster

    CarnEvil Building

    In its original form, the entire building housed the Enchanted Voyage boat ride. The photo booth for Great Pumpkin Coaster is where the load/unload station sat, setup similar to Disneyland's it's a small world attraction (loading/unloading outside while the "show" is completely indoors). Once the water track was removed and the Omnimovers were installed, the building essentially split in two as Phantom Theater took up less space than the previous attraction. The other half became the Enchanted Theater and ran until 2003, I believe. CarnEvil originally took residence in the Festhaus where Panda Express sits now. It was moved to the former Enchanted Theater for the 2006 FearFest season and has remained there since. The stage for the Theater still sits behind the maze, as well as storage and staging for the numerous costumed characters for Planet Snoopy.
  6. RingMaster

    Haunt 2016

    I'd say it's possible to get through the park without getting scared. Just be wary of what you're near and know your route. Avoid the scare-zones at all costs (they are labeled on the map). Also if you don't necessarily look scared it's less likely they will come your way. To add to that, there are a few routes I know of that folks can use to get to major coasters/attractions from the main entrance with minimal monster interactions: To Action Zone (Banshee, Delirium, The Bat, etc.): Head into Oktoberfest beside Starbucks and cut through Festhaus. This eliminates having to go through the Nightmare Alley zone across from Kings Island Theater. Be warned, however, because what few roaming actors there are in Action Zone tend to gravitate towards its main entry point because of the crowds. Same goes for Banshee Plaza and queue line to The Bat, as it shares the same entry point with both Blackout and Wolf Pack. To Upper Coney Mall (Racer, Monster, Scrambler, etc.): Same as going to Action Zone, but go past Festhaus and toward Sling Shot, circling the Bier Garten. Because of Tower Gardens holding a maze (Backwoods Bayou) that exits into the path connecting International Street to Upper Coney Mall, there are a few straggling monsters that will congregate around that area. Taking this path also nets you access to Adventure Express, but take caution when going further into Coney Mall past The Racer; Scrambler sits right next to the Sorority House maze, and a majority of monsters stay around the arcade and between Skyline & Subway. To X-Base/Central Coney Mall (Flight of Fear, Firehawk, Dodgems, etc.): Take the left floral clock path beside the Carousel. Coney Mall has the largest concentration of roaming monsters, but no standalone scare zone. Entering Coney right in the middle nets you a smaller possibility of running into a monster than walking the entire length of the strip. X-Base has its own set of headaches as its one-way-in, one-way-out setup holds its own maze (Board 2 Death) as well as two popular coasters, so there may be a monster or two hidden amongst the immense crowds. To Lower Coney Mall (Vortex, Backlot Stunt Coaster, WindSeeker, etc.): Same as going to X-Base, but once you get to Coney Mall, stick to the right side of the strip beside the basketball game and Juke Box Diner. Lower Coney has three mazes alone (Kill Mart, the new Field of Screams, and Urgent Scare), and all of the action takes place on the left-hand side of the strip. Most of their queue lines are off the beaten path save for maybe Kill Mart, but that still won't stop monsters from stalking prey in that area of Coney Mall. To Rivertown (The Beast, Diamondback): Take the Lower Coney Mall route, but continue around Juke Box Diner past 3-Point Shootout and Backlot Stunt Coaster. This is the preferred, albeit lengthy path because while the right floral clock path is used for Coffin Races this season*, the shorter and more direct path to Diamondback (going through Planet Snoopy by Chick-fil-A) is home to the Freak Street zone, which stretches from Boo Blasters all the way to Snoopy Boutique, and the CarnEvil maze, stationed next to The Great Pumpkin Coaster (which also renders the path to Planet Snoopy by Graeter's obsolete as most of the area is fenced off with metal gates). Lower Rivertown is also home to two of the most popular Haunt mazes, Slaughterhouse and Madame Fatale's, both of which enter from and exit out to the main Rivertown strip (Slaughterhouse's entrance/exit also happens to be right next to The Beast's entrance). * I haven't been to Haunt yet this season, so I don't know if the Coffin Races path remains closed throughout the night. If it is open to foot traffic in-between races, then use this path to get to Rivertown from the main entrance.
  7. RingMaster

    Haunt 2016

    I have to agree. Let's remember that Urgent Scare has been around since 2008... To put that in perspective it debuted when I was in 8th grade. Now I can legally drink. And CarnEvil has been a part of the lineup since 2001 (formerly Circus of Horrors). Granted, they gave themselves a "reset" in 2007 under the Haunt moniker, but even still, this year will be the 16th season for CarnEvil (10th if you exclude the FearFest years).
  8. RingMaster

    Thedailywoo visits KI

    Well, you have to realize that they (Tim & Jen) live in Orlando and that the only wooden coaster experience they have was Gwazi and maybe a Stricker's Grove-esque coaster here and there. They're more accustomed to steel coasters, and even then, the ones they ride are (mostly) smooth Beemers, custom Vekomas and the lone Intamin. They were probably also shocked at how much cheaper everything was at Kings Island compared to, say, Busch Gardens. Sent from my SPH-L710 using Tapatalk
  9. RingMaster

    New For 2017: Mystic Timbers!

    ^ Yeah, well, after that incident in the Mess Hall, I don't think Fort Kinzel (or is it Ouimette now?) is gonna allow its prized possession out of the hangar anytime soon... - Me, still wondering what the blazes was that after all these years.
  10. In terms of the train itself, there's a possibility we could receive a brand new train station, given the close proximity to Misty's first act. Maybe the Soak City drop-off could also receive a proper station and tie in with the fort that sits immediately behind it.
  11. RingMaster

    What's In The Shed!?

    Expedition Everest is infamous for having three different structures built independently from one another. The mountain, the track, and the (Disco) Yeti all have their own base and support structure so that no one system touches each other. But I believe the support structure of Adventure Express's track is separate from that of both of the show buildings (the spear trap room and the idol finale), so it's almost a given the "shed" would need to be erected in the same manner. Also, the park is probably keeping in mind the amount of maintenance/upkeep that would be required to have whatever visual spectacle in Misty's Shack functioning 100% of the time. Remember, this is the same park with less-than-stellar thematic reliability on such legendary attractions like Top Gun, Flight of Fear, Italian Job: Stunt Track, Tomb Raider: The Ride, Scooby-Doo & the Haunted Castle, etc.
  12. In terms of different experiences with the shed, Verbolten's indoor portion features three separate visual gags involving their drop track element (howling wolves, a thunderstorm of sorts, and the Spirit of The Forest). Hearing the audio being played before and after the announcement, I would assume part of Misty's "finale" would deal with possessed sawmill equipment providing headchopper effects. As for other separate experiences, someone else mentioned an encounter with the Splintercat, and I'll throw out another assumption that we could possibly see a hybrid of a Medusa and Mother Nature creature. Sent from my SPH-L710 using Tapatalk
  13. An element most notably seen on Verbolten at Busch Gardens Williamsburg and Th13teen at Alton Towers, a drop track is a piece of track a train stops on, and drops. Both of these rides have the drop indoors, which makes people suspect the shed contains one. Which now makes this the third roller coaster themed to journeying through, and escaping from, a dark forest of supernatural origin, with a drop track element as a unique selling point.
  14. Oh dear. *clutches pearls* Actually, I'm THRILLED that for the first time in a long time, Kings Island is getting a coaster that doesn't scream THRILLZ FAST WOW FLIPZ but instead is earning a little bit of a "huh?" reaction. The last coasters I've seen with this kind of reaction? Maverick... Verbolten... Invadr... Put another way: you'll see. Maverick's probably the most infamous example of enthusiasts being less-than-thrilled with the initial reveal, especially after the one-two punch that was Millennium Force and Top Thrill Dragster (and, to a lesser extent, Wicked Twister). And now everyone's been clamoring for a Maverick clone for almost ten years now.
  15. I don't care what they officially call the attraction, I will forever call it Samsquanch.