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  1. Honestly, I don't think it will because we've been here countless times before. I'd argue that it was at its worst in the years between Diamondback and Banshee (see the infamous Save Son of Beast Facebook fan page), but even in that instance, attendance didn't suffer anywhere nearthe extent people proclaimed it would. Now if they pull a Disney by hiking ticket/pass prices up and blacking out dates for all but Platinum passholders to curb any massive crowds come next season, then it'd be a different story.
  2. Given the teaser posters involve coasters/attractions that have scientific and/or flying motifs, I would assume subsequent posters will require attractions that share the same somewhat similar qualities: Vortex - A giant robot arm gripping coaster track as the ride's logo? Yeah, seems science-y enough. The Bat - Given the ride's previous incarnation as a fighter jet, I'd assume they'd add it to the list. Banshee - Not scientific, yet it's still got the massive flying motif going for it. Delirium - Not a coaster, but this could tie into the "experimental programs" the t
  3. I do find it interesting that both the regular and Fast Lane queues are hard-routed to go through said "New Prop Building"; all riders must enter the assumed Quonset hut even at the queue's shortest length.
  4. My best guess is to keep the "theme" of Field of Screams intact; ergo, relocate the maze to another barren field within the park. Sounds stupid, I know, but short of using any unused backstage parking lots (like the one opposite Surf Dog adjacent to the path leading to Soak City), it's the only spot I can immediately think of that would work. And just to be clear, I'm not actually advocating them putting a brown shed right next to Racer's station, especially under the assumptions that 1) they'll keep either a gaudy sign or facade up year-round like Slaughter House, and 2) it'll excuse th
  5. I haven't been up to the park yet this season, but if Field of Screams isn't still in its normal place with all the land clearing in that area, then that concrete pad in between FOF and Racer will more than likely be its new home. Speaking of which, using the old Firehawk queue as an extension for FOF is a good idea come next Haunt season, as the crowds having to contend with two coasters and a Haunt maze accessible through a single cul-de-sac will be terrible (potentially two mazes if Field's relocation needs to be accessed through X-Base). EDIT: Chaos shouldn't be affected too much
  6. The problem comes twofold: the first was having five seasonal amusement parks under their belt that each received attractions every operating year, meaning that capital expenditures had to be dispersed almost evenly amongst the former Paramount Parks (most major installations never seemed to exceed north of $20 million, at least I don't think they did). The second, and slightly more important issue, fell on maintenance. More specifically, special effects and thematic maintenance. It's an issue that plagues even Disney and Universal (see Disco Yeti and the Jurassic Park rides) with funds b
  7. Having not been to Haunt since roughly 2012, I think my opinions differ a bit more than others here; I found there to be quite a lot of monsters out on the streets compared to in the past. At least Coney Mall finally had more than four actors for the entire strip as I had counted at least 15 or so milling about (at least that was with the combination of Maul, the creepers/sliders, and the queue line entertainment for Kill Mart). And I finally didn't have to deal with the one-two punch that was CarnEvil and Tombstone Terror-tory staying unchanged for almost ten years and refusing to fix major i
  8. First things first, I am so unbelievably giddy upon news of the 'Tiques returning to the Island. Secondly, now I feel a weird suspicion as if this addition is part of a multi-phase expansion that would see the addition of a brand new area to the park where Dinosaurs Alive! once stood. See crude blue-sky plans below. Essentially a path reaching from Firehawk's exit/photo booth that snakes around the maintenance buildings almost mirroring the maintenance road and merging into the former path of DA. The original entrance to DA would serve as the second access point to the new area, wit
  9. CarnEvil is the oldest haunt in the lineup. In terms of attractions under the "Halloween Haunt" moniker (haunts that were installed from the 2007 season onward), Urgent Scare is, indeed, the oldest; Club Blood was re-designed as Blackout, and Slaughterhouse was relocated and re-worked.
  10. In its original form, the entire building housed the Enchanted Voyage boat ride. The photo booth for Great Pumpkin Coaster is where the load/unload station sat, setup similar to Disneyland's it's a small world attraction (loading/unloading outside while the "show" is completely indoors). Once the water track was removed and the Omnimovers were installed, the building essentially split in two as Phantom Theater took up less space than the previous attraction. The other half became the Enchanted Theater and ran until 2003, I believe. CarnEvil originally took residence in the Festhaus wh
  11. I'd say it's possible to get through the park without getting scared. Just be wary of what you're near and know your route. Avoid the scare-zones at all costs (they are labeled on the map). Also if you don't necessarily look scared it's less likely they will come your way. To add to that, there are a few routes I know of that folks can use to get to major coasters/attractions from the main entrance with minimal monster interactions: To Action Zone (Banshee, Delirium, The Bat, etc.): Head into Oktoberfest beside Starbucks and cut through Festhaus. This eliminates having to go thro
  12. I have to agree. Let's remember that Urgent Scare has been around since 2008... To put that in perspective it debuted when I was in 8th grade. Now I can legally drink. And CarnEvil has been a part of the lineup since 2001 (formerly Circus of Horrors). Granted, they gave themselves a "reset" in 2007 under the Haunt moniker, but even still, this year will be the 16th season for CarnEvil (10th if you exclude the FearFest years).
  13. Well, you have to realize that they (Tim & Jen) live in Orlando and that the only wooden coaster experience they have was Gwazi and maybe a Stricker's Grove-esque coaster here and there. They're more accustomed to steel coasters, and even then, the ones they ride are (mostly) smooth Beemers, custom Vekomas and the lone Intamin. They were probably also shocked at how much cheaper everything was at Kings Island compared to, say, Busch Gardens. Sent from my SPH-L710 using Tapatalk
  14. ^ Yeah, well, after that incident in the Mess Hall, I don't think Fort Kinzel (or is it Ouimette now?) is gonna allow its prized possession out of the hangar anytime soon... - Me, still wondering what the blazes was that after all these years.
  15. In terms of the train itself, there's a possibility we could receive a brand new train station, given the close proximity to Misty's first act. Maybe the Soak City drop-off could also receive a proper station and tie in with the fort that sits immediately behind it.
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