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  1. Saw this today.....http://www.latimes.com/travel/themeparks/la-tr-mystic-timbers-wooden-coaster-kings-island-20170413-story.html
  2. Does anyone remember Cedar Fair obtaining the "rights" to the name Centurion? I have to wonder if this will be the new name of the old Mean Streak?
  3. Keep what you have. The more variations on a "roller coaster" a park has the better. Sure, it's a little rough, but what the heck do you want - it's a friggin' roller coaster!
  4. Great video! Now, make one with smaller squares, each having one of KI's costers in it.
  5. You know, these types of rides are basically elevators. I live in Toledo, which is the home of Haughton Elevator. There are inherent problems with elevators, but I have to ask why a company like Intamin is bothering to "get into the business". Why not let an established company build the guts and then Intamin can design and build the gingerbread?
  6. I rode this coaster several times - all with the loop. It was very rough and neither myself, nor the other riders on my train, were smiling and happy when they were departing their ride. THEN - my best friend injured her back on this monster. She still has problems to this very day! I never rode it after that.
  7. Well, today's Point Blog states that CP bought something at the IAAPA convention, but labeled it vague. Also, the camera can't turn to something in Frontier Town because "the motor is broken". (if that ain't the biggest pile of happy horse sh*t I've ever heard!)
  8. Another thought.......maybe you get caught in the middle of audio animatronic Mr. Ouimet and Mr. Kinzel having a french fry food fight.
  9. My two cents as to what's in the shed.......everyone gets squirted with blue soft-serve for a refreshing experience!
  10. Just sayin'..... Ever hear of a "plug and play" coaster? Doesn't need a whole lot to set it up. Just saying"
  11. I haven't been on here for a while, so it wasn't until I saw the posting of the fence on FB that I thought I'd see what's going on. My money is on a new woodie. Terrain, record breaking in some sort, I REZLLY don't care who builds it (as long as the bast**** who built SOB don't get their paws in it), and a TRUE woodie - not that twisted "fake" track that's all the rage these days. Don't like what I said? Tough cookies! Live with it.
  12. Say...maybe they could build a Western Cruise boat ride in its place!
  13. Hank

    Fast Pass

    OK - Fast Lane passes used to be advertized on the ticket page. Maybe they will put them there later, but nothing was seen - even doing a search on their sites yielded nothing.
  14. Hank

    Fast Pass

    I've been away for quite a while. Did Cedar Fair do away with Fast Pass? I don't see it advertized on the KI website (nor on the CP website). It used to be an add on, just like the meal thing or now the picture thing.
  15. In today's Toledo Blade....http://www.toledoblade.com/business/2015/12/24/Coaster-reaches-maximum-altitude.html
  16. In Today's Blade newspaper... http://www.toledoblade.com/Economy/2015/12/10/Cedar-Fair-pursues-new-strategies.html
  17. In today's Blade.... http://www.toledoblade.com/business/2015/12/05/OSHA-fines-Cedar-Fair-over-injury.html
  18. http://www.toledoblade.com/Retail/2015/11/05/Cedar-Point-owner-posts-higher-profits-revenue-boosts-dividend.html
  19. This just in..... http://www.wtol.com/story/30295037/breaking-the-sandusky-register-is-reporting-a-rape-of-a-14-year-old-girl-at-cedar-point
  20. Just have the riders put their feet through the floor of the train - ala Fred Flintstone (assuming they are "floorless trains")
  21. I have a hunch that track is gonna be a bit noisy.
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