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  1. Top Gun will stay. My bet is FX Theatre will be for sure axed, because this is the only opening left for them to expand to the rest of the property the park owns. PLUS that area of the park is dead and i feel will be getting the most attetion in the next few seasons.
  2. Why wouldn't they remove Days of Thunder? It's a waste of valuable space!
  3. So I was at the park the other day and made my usual trip up in the tower to survey the park form a birds eye view. Like every year, I find plots of land that a new attraction could fit in and I get to thinking. The 3 area's that struck me this year are.... (1) Removing Days of Thunder and making use of it's land and all that is left over from King Kobra behind it. I Think either a flat or a compact coaster would be perfect there. (2) The old Paramount movie park plot of land, which is a nice size area. I Think they could leave a lot of the tree's around the perimeter and put a sky hawk or fly swatter in there. (3) Coney Mall where the stupid bungie jump attraction is. I think it would be a great idea if they cleared the area from the bungie to the old laser tag building and put a giant ferris wheel or brought back the eagles on that plot of land! Another idea that would definately bring people to that back corner, would be to remove the fx theatre and make that a station area for a big Millenium force type ride that would go out and back by Firehawk. Only problem being is that area is occupied by all the storage buildings and the fire works launch pad. What are your thoughts?
  4. Even before CP bought KI, I always stuck with the idea that all KI needed to be perfect to me would be for them to build a ride like Millenium Force but tuck it back behind The Racer so your flying back in the woods!. Other than that my second choice would have to a B&M Floorless.
  5. I agree i was thinking the same thing! Hey with all this new theming going on, Did they do any thing new in front of Beast, now that the gaudy cool zone is gone? I think it would cool if they put a Beast logo statue to take pictures with in that area, kinda like they have in front of SOB.
  6. I have been kinda disappointed that Firehawk doesn't have a Construction Cam for fans to watch the progress???? Maverick has 2 cameras on it right now at CP. All they gotta do is mount one on top of FOF. I don't understand why they haven't done that yet.
  7. I think it would be awsome if we relocated the flying Eagles to that location!
  8. IMO they need to relocate the helipad by FOF and exted out back there and make another type are like Action Zone but with big rides. They have so much property back behind The Racer especially where the old animal habitat thing was. They could put a huge smooth steel coaster in that area.
  9. As many of you may know, There is now a giant open field where white water landing once stood in CP’s Frontier town. Plus the fact that this is Kinsel’s last year and with the problems and complaints that TTD has had and received…It is no secret that he wants to go out with a Bang with his new Coaster! So far things are already getting to be secretive and full of Rumors….Cedar Point is already keeping the site protected from viewing, even though the site won’t be protected come summer where it is very possible depending on the coasters size that we will already be able to view some of it’s construction. Apparently it’s rumored the new 2007 already has a name as well “Maverick†which will fit perfectly with Frontier town and for a Large new coaster as well!. The biggest question mark remaining is what type of coaster “Maverick†will be. It’s is already clear that with the complaints of TOP Thrill being to short and Down time, The next Coaster will not be about Speed and Necessarily not height either. Rumors have are flying that “Maverick†will most likely still break records of course!, but it will be either a B&M Flyer or my choice which is the worlds tallest and longest Dive Machine! Just think of it this way…If any of you have seen Sheikra at Busch Gardens, picture that but longer and taller! That would be sick! What are you thoughts, and what have you guys heard?
  10. I agree, CP is known for it's Thrill rides and are limited on space so they just neglect the family stuff and focus on using space for rides that will attract people from all over the counrty. That is their target market. PKI on the other hands Target market is everyone or all ages. Right now they are putting the finnishing touches on their already amazing ked area in the country. After that is when they need to fucus on the thrill rides to make the park absolutly amazing. I'm not saying CP style but at lest 2 rides like a Millenium and a TD and some more flatts.
  11. 1) Vortex will not be taken down! 2) All it needs to be an even better ride in my mind is new wheels or something to reduce the roughness 3) If and that's a HUGE IF the y took it down, they would have to put something big, cuz it sits on a large chunk of land and it is in a valley.
  12. Any more info about this BIG PROJECT RIDE FOR 2007??
  13. Giggling green ghost...How tall and fast would the coaster be????
  14. If not a B&M, then what!, an out door FOF? Whay does it sound like you know something more than everyone else about this ride? Launch? Twists? The is this thing?
  15. Unbelievable! I just went to Busch Gardens Tampa Bay site and saw their Vertical B&M Drop coaster “Sheikra†That thing is so sweet! We have to get that ride, (1) because it has a 200 ft 90 Degree drop and I bet it would so smooth which we need at PKI and (2) The thing is a people eater! From looking at pictures of the train, It seriously has 3 rows of 8! It takes 24 at a time, that is perfect. I want this ride next, Just picture this thing built back in that wooded ravine behind FOF with a Hai=unted manchine as the station and all fogged fogged out at night...Gives me goose bumps thinking about it! B&M Verticle drop Coaster Adam's Family FOR 07 PLEASE!
  16. Back to the Adam's Family coaster...So it was or will most likley be located by FOF? And does any one have pics or a description of what this ride would look like or be like?
  17. I've read so much about this possible new coaster, Supposedly the next ride....Verticle drop coaster...Located by FOF....Great theming...But i have never seen anything on it. Does anyone have a link to view renderings of the ride since i've herd that PKI did have pics of what it would look like in a poll that they had avalible to the public for the next possible ride choices? Id really like to see what it is sketched out to look like.
  18. I honestly think that PKI dosn't want a ride like Top Thrill Dragster...To me it's a great ride don't get me wrong but it's too short and the lines are too long. If they want something that will attract way more people and be worth the money, then they need to build a ride like Millenium Force. That is the greatest ride in the world i think. Don't remove anything just branch out a new area out back by FOF and put a Millenium ride and something really different like the Adam's FAmily ride that has been mentioned and in my eyes the park would be very well rounded.
  19. Themes for a giant hyper??? Try Brave Heart - Star Trek
  20. I was just at PKI on the 20th, day after fathers day and since it was so empty i was able to ride everything 3 or 4 times each! The time though i was loving everything, even ITJST I rode it 3 times, Short but awsome. Delirium was closed so i missed that but i the whole time when ever i was on Drop Zone or SOB i kept looking around to where a new big Ride could be put in and i just felt the day would have felt complete if i could have rode a fast Hpyer coaster. To me i love what PKI is doing with the park but i feel what they really need the most to make the park well rounded would be Millenium styled ride. I was thinking it could go either where days of thunder is and back behind SOB cuz who really wants to pay money to ride go carts at PKI. If not there then make another path by Flight of Fear and have it back there. What do you think? Any other ideas?
  21. felix


    new colors or new coat???
  22. Wicked twister like a lot of rides a CP are down a lot becuse of lake effect and bad winds or weather not because of mechanical issues like TR
  23. Cedar pint is running out of room and aparently original ideas as well! I went to there site to find that they are competing with PKI buy using our own ride against us! In 2005 Max Air will be their new ride to compete with IJST...well turns out Max Air is an exact replica of our won Delirium!!!! That is bull ****!!! Cedar Point blows!!!
  24. So if they are owned by a large corporation with lots of money and have so much land...I mean don't get me wrong, i love PKI and have made a visit every year since 88' But why don't they build some coasters or maybe even one big world record steal coaster??? I'm not saying a drastic expansion but more less a new up to date ride that can compete with Cedar Point's Top Thrill Dragster or Millenium force. I think that If they did that people will choose the bigger and more family oriented park.
  25. Ok so this is the 2nd time i have heard about this Adam's Family ride...Is it a coaster, an Outer Limits, or WHAT???
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