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  1. When my wife was 6 months pregnant we went to Tweetsie Railroad and the local County Fair, she rode anything and everything she wanted. The Zipper, Round-Up, Tornado, Musik Express, Chairlift, Skycoaster. 11 years later and the only side effects was the child is a coaster enthusiast and isn’t scared of any ride at Carowinds.
  2. Copperhead Strike is near the parking lot but not next to it. There is maintenance areas surrounding parts of the ride and the parking lot butts up against those. I haven’t been to Carowinds this season to see for my self but from POV videos it looks like the Waterpark bathrooms are close to the second launch. I couldn’t afford to renew my Carowinds season pass this season because I need a new vehicle, kinda sucks I actually have a good vehicle and can afford to go no where. I am hoping to get a visit to Carowinds at the end of summer.
  3. That is inaccurate, It was designed by Intamin. Carowinds built the original rafts in house that were used until 1983 when Intamin rafts replaced the original rafts that had design flaws. Intamin was unable to supply rafts in time for 1982 so Carowinds made their own 8 passenger rafts.
  4. I waited well over an hour for Rapids summer 2018, it is always one of the rides with the longest lines unless it is cold. Carowinds doesn’t open Rapids until the waterpark opens and closes with the waterpark. This had became normal operations. Back in 2006, Carowinds opened Rapids on Opening Day in March and ran it all the way through the season. There was a five year gap after 2006 that I didn’t go to Carowinds and at some point Rapids became “seasonal” for lack of better term.
  5. Cedar Fair owns the park, Santa Clara redevelopment agency owns the land.
  6. If they sell it then atleast the one slide section pictured will need replaced. Which part of my statement isn’t true? I didn’t say it is being removed because of the investigation just that there was one. Cedar Fair also removed the one at Knotts, what other Cedar Fair park’s have this type of slide, KI is the lasting remaining one I can remember at the moment.
  7. The slide pictured is being removed following an accident and investigation.
  8. This has turned into nothing more than a witch hunt, absurd. Schlitterbahn is one of highest regarded(or atleast was) waterpark chains in the country and has decades of experience designing and building slides. I ain’t saying someone shouldn’t be held accountable for the accident but it isn’t like they just designed it in RollerCoaster Tycoon and opened it.
  9. Busch Gardens Tampa seems to be having their budget cut more than the SeaWorld parks and BGW.
  10. That is very worrisome, I dare guess that a hairline crack was found during ultrasound testing. I also dare say that this is a band-aid fix that will replace one rail joint with two. Without reprofiling the track if I am right then problem will likely reappear and the extra joint may also cause problems too.
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