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  1. To be fair, milk has faded out of popularity over the years anyways. I have had problems finding cheese, toilet paper, eggs, grits, tissues, paper towels, deli meats, soup, etc. But the milk racks are still full, I remember when a gallon of milk was $4. I can get that same gallon of Milk for $1.29 right now up from 99 cents.
  2. If the US peaks in Mid-May then we will be looking at around 6 million cases in the US alone and based upon the current rate of deaths compared to recovered 2.75 million deaths. Of course, this is assuming a very sharp peak which is unrealistic but is the worst case scenario based on the numbers I have been watching. I hope this Social Distancing non-sense starts working but based on the last 2 weeks and a fairly steady multiplier of 1.3, in my non-expert opinion the government waited too late to start these measures. I do also want to note that if the US peaks on Easter Sunday then the US will still have around 2 million cases. my opinion is based upon facts but is solely a non-expert opinion.
  3. Hanesbrands in Winston-Salem, NC has converted atleast one of the factories from underwear and socks to N95 masks. So yes some industries are stepping up to the plate to help 3M or other companies. https://www.wfmynews2.com/mobile/article/news/local/hanesbrands-producing-face-masks/83-d0d46c7b-31e8-4903-914a-c8d991cafd55
  4. More testing has also become available and at a faster rate.
  5. I have, I have a personal friend that lives and runs a business in Australia. The Australians aren’t really any different than Americans.
  6. Save for Fury for later in the day, the line moves extremely fast for Fury. The rides may want to ride early are: Electrospin Ricochet Flying Cobras Vortex Mountain Gliders maybe If you will be staying after dusk I recommend waiting until last for Copperhead Strike.
  7. There is a bunch of hotels around Carowinds Blvd, there is a few fast food places to eat, Culver’s and Cracker Barrel. Enough gas stations too. If you go past the park then you will see industrial warehouses.
  8. disregard I did the math wrong, I forgot about Scooby-Doo.
  9. What an odd large purchase for a tiny little water park and family fun center. I wouldn’t bat an eyelash if it was a flat ride or kiddy coaster. Being that we are talking about an RMC Raptor it raises questions: Where are they getting the money? Is this a part of an expansion that includes more dry ride? What is their expected impact on Attendance? Did/will they ask for tax incentives? Are they going to be able to keep this running? And my final statement, someone says Go Big or Go Home!!
  10. Disney tried to buy Knotts in the mid 90s.
  11. It was far more convoluted than that. To make a long story into a short story. Improper maintenance for a decade+ lead to the entire structure needing replaced, Carowinds spent 5/7th of the money required to do so before deciding it wasn’t worth the last two million in 2013. The water park expansion was after Carowinds gave up on Thunder Road.
  12. Probably one of the roller coaster “museums.”
  13. Right.... Hasn’t anyone learned you can’t trust what amusement park’s PR and Social Media says yet. While it could be true that there is no plans for The Vortex site, I highly doubt it. What the park means is they have no plans that are far enough along that they can announce them. Much like Volcano at KD, this wasn’t a last minute decision to remove a major attraction because they discovered a major problem. Planning for Copperhead Strike started in 2016 during planning for the 2017 County Fair expansion, Carowinds originally intended to expand the original County Fair in 2017 but plans changed when planning started for Copperhead Strike so they moved the 2017 expansion to the Carolina Cobra plaza. Hindsight is 20/20, parks change their plans sometimes at the last minute. If Kings Island follows the Fury 325/Thunder Road in 2015 and Copperhead Strike in 2019 timeline similar to Carowinds then y’all may be looking at Vortex closing 2019, Orion opening in 2020 and another coaster in 2022 but more likely in 2023.
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