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  1. RollerNut

    Track Spotted In Ohio

    Steel Curtain
  2. RMC makes their own track.
  3. RollerNut

    CGA hinting at something big?

    Cedar Fair owns the park, Santa Clara redevelopment agency owns the land.
  4. If they sell it then atleast the one slide section pictured will need replaced. Which part of my statement isn’t true? I didn’t say it is being removed because of the investigation just that there was one. Cedar Fair also removed the one at Knotts, what other Cedar Fair park’s have this type of slide, KI is the lasting remaining one I can remember at the moment.
  5. The slide pictured is being removed following an accident and investigation.
  6. This has turned into nothing more than a witch hunt, absurd. Schlitterbahn is one of highest regarded(or atleast was) waterpark chains in the country and has decades of experience designing and building slides. I ain’t saying someone shouldn’t be held accountable for the accident but it isn’t like they just designed it in RollerCoaster Tycoon and opened it.
  7. RollerNut

    SeaWorld Shakeup

    Busch Gardens Tampa seems to be having their budget cut more than the SeaWorld parks and BGW.
  8. That is very worrisome, I dare guess that a hairline crack was found during ultrasound testing. I also dare say that this is a band-aid fix that will replace one rail joint with two. Without reprofiling the track if I am right then problem will likely reappear and the extra joint may also cause problems too.
  9. RollerNut

    Racer runs backwards?

    PTC recommends that their coasters do not run backwards, I got the answer from PTC. Ohio, NC and SC all require amusement parks to follow guidelines set by a ride manufacturer. So either PTC flipped on this or Georgia law is different or Six Flags isn’t following guidelines/law(highly unlikely). On to a more important issue: If someone doesn’t mind, fill me in the missing poster I haven’t been reading and posting much lately but have thought I noticed an important user missing from the boards. I hope I am mis-Interpreting.
  10. It will take Carowinds years to restore the Carousel close to original condition and undo the abomination that Paramount Parks did to the poor Carousel in ONE offseason. I was really hoping that Carowinds could repaint and restore the Carousel all in one winter but now I am hopeful that Carowinds will take their time and make our PTC Carousel look like a proper PTC Carousel not a modern fiberglass one. Back to the Flyers, I said back in August when the announcement came that wouldn’t believe Flyers was being relocated until I seen the permits. I did see the permits but the state of SC didn’t approve the permits to relocate the Flyers. So now that Carowinds says they are supposed to reinstall Flyers in 2019 I worry that they are just trying to keep the fans calm and hope we forget about the Flyers. Similar to how Disneyland did the Rocket Rods and Subimarine Voyage; two very different endings to similar stories.
  11. Carowinds confirmed today that Flyers will not operated for the 2018 and will remain in storage. Steve Jackson(I forget this title) claims Flyers will reopen in 2019.
  12. The listing for the Boomerang coaster appears to be The Flying Cobras at Carowinds, the pictures of from when it was Head Spin at Geauga Lake.
  13. Correct, Flyers has been removed. Carowinds says Flyers will be installed near the 2017 Rides but no permits have been filed for Flyers. Carousel and all other Camp Snoopy rides have permits for changes and new installs.
  14. Carowinds did a Winterfest event in 1983 but no rides were open and the event did not return the following season due to low attendance.
  15. RollerNut

    Haunt and Winterfest update with Don Helbig

    I was told by Carowinds Management when I was Winterfest 2005 that OddCoaster(now Woodstock Express) couldn't operate because of moisture in the wood freezing. This is 12 year old information and park management has changed for Carowinds and KI. In addition GCI I assume KI knew Winterfest was coming while MT was in design stages, is it possible that MT was designed to be capable of running in colder temps than older wooden coasters like Woodstock Express and Racer? Maybe additional supports and bracing? I have read multiple reports of Dollywood closing Thunderhead at certain temperatures, I have seen anywhere from 30.5 degrees to 40 degrees.