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    I like everything about PKI and I love heavy themed coasters. I attend UC for Architectural Engineering Technology. My long life dream is to work with the designers of coasters and help in creating a coaster, or at least themeing it. <br /><br />I'm currently the founder of Southern Ohio Paranormal Research (SOPR) which we will try to debunk some hauntings and explore Southern Ohio (Dayton, Cincinnati, and Columbus). There are 8-10 other members in this organization. If you know of a place that we should and could investigate, please let me know by PMing me.

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  1. Here's a nifty little fact. Half of the Flight of Fear tracks at Kings Island belongs to the Kings Dominion's Flight of Fear and half of KD's FOF tracks belongs to KI's FOF.
  2. Everyone is correct. FOF does not have a vertical loop. Also, FOF used to launch the riders at 60 MPH, but they fine tune the launching to slow it down a bit. The launch was soo intense that they at one time thought that was what was giving the riders the headache. As of today, the launching speed depends on the weight of the train. As it's going thru the launch tunnel, if the launching speed isn't correct (going to slowly), then it will jerk foward and pick up speed right before it enters it's first "loop". If it doesn't do this, then the train will not make it all the way thru the 1st loop and roll back and stop in the launch tunnel in the breaks. Yes, I've worked on the ride for 3 years and was a sup on it for 2 years.
  3. Sorry, meant to say Son of Beast, not The Beast. I just saw that tent and got a lil' excited :-)
  4. I think they were planning on adding a tunnel since the beginning of SOB.
  5. Has anyone even noticed the tunnel on The Beast?!? http://photos.pkicentral.com/displayimage....m=177&pos=3
  6. Well, I didn't think there was any truth in it, but wanted to check here. I couldn't see them removing a coaster like The Beast.
  7. Hey guys, I've haven't been on in some time and I've tried to see if there was another topic created, but couldn't find one. The other day, a friend of mine told me that starting tomorrow, Cedar Fair was going to start demolishing all wood coasters. I told him that it prolly wasn't true, but I wanted to check on here 1st to make sure. So, is it true or is it not true that Cedar Fair will be removing all wood coasters? Thanks, James
  8. I thought that the train was open for Fearfest?
  9. Best. Post. Ever! About time someone posts something like this... Lets say some of us do have a car payment, dont live with our parents, have to pay for college & have a PKI season pass on our credit card. I'll stick with my view..I wouldnt sue I know happens and I understand that. I'd find another way out thank you very much. I'm with Scooby on this one.
  10. How would you or Interpeter be able to tell me how much these claims will go for?
  11. It doesn't limit the injury though. It just says Personal Injury. What happen on SOB, Personal Injurys. In my book, they are off clear. Everyone who was at the park that day and every day are always taking their own lives into their own hands. You are taking your live into your hands when you walk out of your door and head to the park. Are you going to sue the park b/c you got into an accident on your way to the park? I think not.
  12. I dont understand how they would even think that they will win a lawsuit. It clearly states on the back of their Season pass and Day tickets that they "Assume all risk of personal injury..." I just think that some of these people are just out there for the attention and to make a fast buck. I am sure most of them are fine. The only ones that should even consider sueing are the ones who were taken to the hospital, and that would just be b/c of the hospital fees. Just my 2 cents.
  13. They should build a monument so that we can always remember SOB. Why does it feel like we just lost a family member or someone of great importance?
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