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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. You see, I consider Flight of Fear a near-Disney quality experience. With just a few updates (like on-board audio and such), it'd be on par with Rock 'n Rollercoaster. Good theming doesn't always entail massive amounts of detail. It really depends on the theme. My main beef with it is that it doesn't fit in with the surrounding area but regardless, it's still a well done attraction with a clear story from the moment you enter (well, unless they've changed it since I was last there in 2004). Yeah, that ride requires being secluded. It would be like building a wooden coaster next to Jungle C
  2. Yeah, not the best quality but thanks all the same. Just grateful to see it Was that the only pick? Does anyone have the description they gave for it? Was there concept art for Italian Job too? Sorry for all the questions.
  3. Hi KIC members. Its been a while to say the least. I'm back with a request. If anyone has the Addams Family Coaster Concept Art or any other concept art that was featured in that first survey, I'd really appreciate you sending it my way (email it to me if posting it here is against the rules). For years I've been trying to find it but its no where on the net and everyone claims to not have it on the computer. Just really curious as to what others saw that I've been unable to see. Please cure my curiosity! PLEASE AND THANKS!!! PS: Sorry if this is in the wrong forum or if this request is ag
  4. I don't know if you heard/saw any of the Geauga Lake commercials this year but X-Flight was equally marketed with Wildwater Kingdom The theme was "What a Surprise" and it was to help push the new birthday parties. The Radio Ad centered around a child opening his present and then being, of all things, surprised to find out it was Geauga Lake. Then he asks his Mom if he gets X-Flight too, after which she confirms that, and goes on to mention Wildwater Kingdom and "other great attractions" as they put it. The TV Ad had a guy handing his girlfriend a present and the Geauga Lake bursting out
  5. Here's a better question: What affect do you think the removal of Geauga Lake's most marketable attraction, along with the rumored no-new addition in '07, have on Geauga Lake and it's attendance figures? So yeah, I'm against PKI getting the only thing holding Geauga Lake together. With multiple ride-removals since the Cedar Fair take over and no new attractions to replace them, I'm having a hard time seeing how this could end well. Then again this is just from a Dominator employee who received complaints, claiming that there was nothing to do, almost everytime X-Flight was closed. I c
  6. It looks great Finally a coaster that can satisfy everyone (almost): people who want a lift hill, people who want a launch, people who want inversions, people who want airtime-filled hills, people who want a low to the ground terrain coaster, people who want tunnels, people who like their coasters to last more then 13 seconds, and people (such as myself) who just want theming! No records broken here except for most fun (maybe). Personally, this is the coaster I've been waiting for since Millennium Force. I also love how they are paying tribute to Whitewater Landing by using the former que
  7. Or their trying to extend the lisencing for the brands (i.e. Nickelodeon/Paramount) to be introduced outside the Paramount Parks and into some of the Cedar Fair parks
  8. The attendance drop during the Six Flags era was nothing compared to the 75+% drop it experienced under Cedar Fair ownership. People couldn't take the loss of the animals and all the Time Warner properties. Even to this day we get asked where the animals are, where the Looneytunes are, and we still have people calling our rides the Batman and Superman. Where theming once was we now just have a water stained mark, concrete, or visible wires and metals. Geauga Lake has become very BLAND without it's theming. I have a feeling the loss of Paramount properties will leave a similar mark on the
  9. Well, for me it's not as much the employees as it is the management I've really never had any problems with the employees. While Epcot has been my favorite since day one I can't help feel that park is slowly fading away with recent additions like Soarin' and Mission: Space. Slowly the park will become a giant Disney Quest where all you do is ride simulators and stare at projection/television screens all day. Bush Gardens Africa seems to know what they're doing. It's a fantastic park! I really wish you could remember his name as Geauga Lake takes compliments just a seriously as they
  10. Sounds like you almost had as bad a time as I just did at Disney After being in the park after only an hour with all the smelly obnoxious people, I was ready to go home. Half the good attractions have been taken out for crap that I'd never ride EVER again. Disney is a waste of money IMO. After going there every year for the past sixteen years, I've got to admit, they've hit an all time low. Did I mention the HUGE price tag on everything (merchandise, food, drinks, etc.). Universal may have ****ed me off with that POS Sneech monorail attraction that I've been waiting seven years for, but
  11. Hellz yah That was really clever and well crafted! I'll be down there in a few weeks and will be sure to talk to the Skippers involved. BTW, is it just me or do those Orlando Park employee's have way to much free time? Click here to see what Disney-MGM Studios' employee's have been up to. I don't think any of the employee's in any of the Ohio Parks (now all Cedar Fair) have done anything like these before. They may never considering the stricter managment Cedar Fair brings in for standards. Then again, they could just be more out going then us...or are they?
  12. Does that include ALL of the Cedar Fair parks? That would be unfair to compare seven park's combined attendance, one of which is year-round, to five seasonal parks. In my eyes, Paramount Parks is more successful!
  13. ^Good question, I'll be sure to find out I know I currently get into all Cedar Fair parks for free, excluding Castaway Bay, and that includes free parking.
  14. So they finally announced it Sorry guys, but when I said I was going to see if it was true, Cedar Fair already having bought Paramount Parks, I didn't expect a confirmation! So I couldn't get back to you on that, but I guess it pays to have friends in high places. We're all part of the same Cedar Fair family now so I expect alot of visits from guys this season at Geauga Lake & Wildwater Kingdom BTW, from what I've been told, Cedar Fair has put a GREAT DEAL of thought into this to make sure not to repeat Six Flags, and in no way expects to ignore any of parks. So prepare for stricter m
  15. In the article posted on Point Buzz, that Browntggrr links to, it mentions Cedar Fair recently trademarked the name, "Maverick." An unbranded range animal, especially a calf that has become separated from its mother, traditionally considered the property of the first person who brands it. So whatever it is, it's sticking with the western theme. BTW, don't ask employees what it is, because they still think it's either a 600 ft coaster or a Dueling B&M Flyer...which it's not!
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