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  1. Thank you for reposting one of the pictures!
  2. Yes, Kiss 107 FM had a deal at the park last weekend: Go bald, get a free 2005 gold season pass. PKIU member PKI Man now looks even more frightening! Picture 1 Pic 2 Yet another one Here's a look at pure evil!
  3. Topic has been split, please keep on topic.
  4. lol @ winner of poll so far. This has got to be a joke.
  5. Very nice update. The Spaland one is the best IMO, because of all of the Steel Dragon jokes and the hilarious t-shirts. "This is something!" I so want one of those shirts.
  6. Sorry about the lack of polls lately, but as you know there is a little thing called a life. Right now my life is really busy with work, school, theater, applying to colleges, I think you get the idea.
  7. *saw the sign today* Yeah, text looks just like it used to. Looks like the same software. Only difference was FearFest ad had the words rippling like waves.
  8. 1. Yes, Sparky is getting much better at leaving topics open, which leaves the rest of us mods with less complaining from posters. 2. I would be going about the same, because of work.
  9. StXBomber

    PKI On Fire

    That picture is a classic. I didn't hear about this, as I wasn't in the park when the path was open. I worked an open on sunday (because practice got cancelled), but left as soon as my shift ended.
  10. Yeah, Dracula was in there.
  11. Nickelodeon Wins! Sorry about the lack of polls lately, I've been busy and hadn't thought of many good polls recently. A frightfully new POTW will be up after the next weekend.
  12. Yeah, it was really good. I finally got to meet Hoskins (well, just say hi as he left). Here are my reviews: Psycho Path: Some parts were different (corn field at start), some parts stayed the same (talking head guy). It was my favorite maze/path thing last year (Route 666 not included, I liked that the most, but it wasn't a maze or path really), let's see how it compares with the other ones I did this year. Curse of the Crypt: This was the first time I had been through this maze, and I liked it. I had heard about the crawl space part, so I knew what was coming, but I was still freaked out about the girl there. The mummy coming out was a cool part, I got a good look at the costume, and it was really well done! I liked this much more than Maze of Madness last year, but not as much as the Path. House of Darkness: Very cool and creepy. I liked how they kept stopping you in different rooms and had the creatures talk with you. The execution scene at the end was ok, the live actor getting sawed by the buzz-saw was cool, but the electocuted guy was obviously fake, and not to mention I had seen it at an online store. The ending was kinda anti-climactic though. Also, the baby-doll girls room was cool, yay for blacklights! They were cool, in a split-personality kinda way. So now, 2 years, and 5 mazes/paths/rides later, my top 5 of FearFest! 1. Route 666 (RIP) 2. House of Darkness (anti-climactic yes, cool scenes, yes) 3. Psycho Path (nice additions, not as much "lost in the woods" as before, which is what I liked most about it) 4. Curse of the Crypt (Too predictable, not as scary) 5. Maze of Madness (NOT SCARY)
  13. Yet another uncreative ride. A clone of an uncreative ride, what is this industry coming to?
  14. I split the topic. From now on, only IJST talk goes here. FoF talk goes to the new topic I made. Stop Whining.
  15. What exactly would be the cost of this event?
  16. Yeah, what he said. The Italian Report! The BMW's out front were replaced by Toyota's for Toyota weekend this weekend. Also, as Hablo now said, both stations are now gone. Not all of the trees seem to be going away, as not all of them have the orange mark of doom on them. From the tower you can see that the dug up track is now in two large piles of concrete. Also the water in the lakes have been completly drained now, no more water remains. And as a final note, it really smells when you walk by construction.
  17. We now have a second ex-FoF ride operator confirming it is 54 MPH. Give it a rest, or I will close this topic. This is to be about IJST, not to whine about FOF.
  18. I know the PKI fan boys are looking at all the "BEST OF THE BEST!!!" stuff and thinking "uhhh... no". Time for the person who has been on half of the top 10 wood coasters (according to Golden Tickets) to step in and give his unbaised opinion. It truely is the best park I've ever been to. The park deserves the friendliest staff and cleanest park awards, as (almost) every employee greeted us with a smile and was friendly about us being there. At my trip to Michigan's Adventure, I only saw about 2-3 employees that stuck out in my mind as friendly employees. HW on the other hand had 2 from EACH coaster that I remember as being friendly, the Liberty Launch ride ops were very nice too, and even put up with my confused guest jokes. Merch people at the store where I bough my Legend shirt, also very helpful. The only employee that I remember for not being friendly was their eagles ride op, but he had a reason (I didn't know snapping was illegal there). Raven is very good, especially the 5th drop, but IMO is just a bit overrated. It still isn't a bad ride, still in my top 10 fav coasters, just not #1 as it was last year on the Golden Tickets. Legend on the other hand is my #1 coaster. It's got airtime, laterals, and on one hill has BOTH at the same time. The race through the water park is also a plus because of the headchoppers. Basically, HW is the best park for a good time (not for 420 foot rides, theres another park for that Brandon)!
  19. GAH! 1. This isn't a trip report, this should be posted in the polls section. 2. We have had so many "whats your fav ride" polls on this site. We don't need 10 every year. 1 a year is enough. moderator/admin of this section, either close or send to polls.
  20. I already know PKI is gonna win this poll... so I voted for Wonderpark. Oh yeah Boa Squeeze!!!
  21. UPDATE: The metal guide track is now ripped up right in front of the old station. Sorry about taking so long, my comuter is having issues, and right now I'm on my dad's work computer.
  22. That's not right! I timed it as 55 seconds with my stop-watch! You lie! Actually, every time you ride a ride the time is different. The more people on the train, the shorter it is because the train goes slower.
  23. It really depends on the ride Face/Off if alone, ends, if a group, middle SoB: front car, second seat Top Gun: front Racer: front of train (front of Racer, back of recaR) FoF: last seat Vortex: last car, front seat Beast: front seat As you can see, they are all different, so I had null vote.
  24. I already recreated IJST on RCT2, if you want to see screen shots, feel free to IM me on AIM. I'm not giving the park it is in out yet.
  25. I don't know all of them, but I know it plays the Beetlegeuss (sp?) theme song and the Mission Impossible theme song.
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