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  1. The fleet began an upgrade to the current Mark VI fleet in 1989. Those trains have been in use since. Peach is currently on the beam testing after-hours, but does not currently have its colored stripe painted on yet.
  2. Jesse, congrats! You've always been a great member of this great community and a pleasure to talk to. Let me know the next time you're in Orlando!
  3. Fantastic read! Very interesting. Thank you for taking the time to do this. Very well-done!
  4. Cedar Fair fought hard against the wage increase a year or so ago, claiming they were exempt from such an increase. Great company.
  5. Very sad day for the entire industry. Will seemed like such a nobel person and really personified the amusement industry for what it is. He was a modern day Walt Disney in a sense. Walt and Will both were in the industry out of a pure love for seeing people happy. Seeing photos of Will, and seeing him one time on a visit to the park, you could tell just how happy he was. Such a genuinely loving, fun, honest person. I feel for the Kochs and their extended Holiday World family today. As a testament to just how far-reaching Koch and Holiday World have had, even outside of the midwest, look no further than Google: http://www.google.com/trends/hottrends?sa=X&oi=prbx_hot_trends&ct=more-results "Will Koch" is currently the #3 biggest search term on Google right now and "Holiday World" is #17. Known and loved by many, indeed.
  6. One of my greatest (yet also, most miserable) memories of KI was of BeastBuzz '06 when my friend and I skipped out on free dinner just to go to Boomerang Bay. We spent practically the entire time standing under the bucket at Jackaroo Landing. It was so hot and humid that day that water sounded much better than any amount of food.
  7. Sorry, but if you're looking for flaws, look in KI's direction and doing head counts of each train. Guesstimates aplenty I would expect. Sure people play with turnstiles but at least you're sure you're getting some sort of a count rather than depending on someone to say "that train looked pretty full." As for rerides, if there is nobody in line, many people will let you reride. Both seasons of my working at Wicked Twister we would allow rerides if it was dead and nobody else was waiting...you just have to ask nicely and not act like you're entitled to a reride. They don't always happen, but a little friendliness goes a long way. Heck, even at Space Mountain (where the load and unload areas were in two completely different areas of the building) we would allow rerides sometimes as a courtesy.
  8. Something else added today: On blog entries and on each individual attraction page, there is a Facebook "Like" button. If you're logged into Facebook and click the button, it will post a link to that page with a note that you now "like" it on Facebook. Similar to the way you can become a fan of pages on Facebook...but now integrated with the KI site.
  9. Holy ShamWow, batman. A very "un-Cedar Fair" move: "Christine. Just got a text back from our F&B director confirming we do refill cups from last season for just $1.99. See you Saturday!" -Kings Island Facebook Page
  10. Oh, I think it's a total joke, but I think Mr. Kinzel is all too serious.
  11. They could always give the basketballs away deflated and have "inflation stations" to fill them up....for a few nickels, of course. Kinzel gets to count a few more nickels and it acts as a slight deterrent to bouncing basketballs all over the place. (I joke, of course.)
  12. *sigh* Some people can't give up. Change is good. Snoopy is a fantastic addition to the park and, as has already been proven at Carowinds and Kings Dominion, this isn't just a cheap Cedar Fair 'retheme' but a true, well-planned overhaul that does the area justice. If they took out Nick and gave us a generic Kidzville, then you might have a valid argument. At this point, you're just trying to make noise.
  13. It's a navy blue background. Looks very nice.
  14. That link is accessible simply by clicking "Live Entertainment" on the site, so yes, it is officially available information. Honestly, though, if the park were to publish information in a manner that the page was live and just not "officially" available yet, it is still fair game. Once online, always online, no matter your intentions.
  15. While KI is a regional park and it's not quite as big of an issue as something like Walt Disney World, how would you feel if you visited Kings Island on your only trip of the year only to find out you're there on one of the fireworks "off nights". Just a thought. I know you're just stating hypothetically.
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