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  1. Gordon Bombay

    Kings Island Removing an Attraction?

    Thanks! Always noticed the strange footings when I was around the ride, but wasn't sure if that was due to the site placement for relocation, or, the "original plan" (although, I also had heard a VFD was slated for the tiques spot). King Cobra site would've been interesting as it would've really needed to be crammed/wedged in there. KD could very likely have been a possibility as the Carowinds reasoning I had heard was from a different source. Interesting that they were going to go with "Stealth" as the branding and not try to tie in to a movie franchise (no matter how loose). Paramount seemed to go through a spell where they were like "Ah, screw the movie themes, let's do it Six Flags style" and out came "Son of Beast, XLR-8 I mean Hypersonic XLC, Stealth, etc." Hell, even Drop Zone, Face/Off, and Congo Falls were only very, very loose themes punctuated by posters of really bad movies placed within proximity of the ride. Ah, Paramount, I truly do miss them.
  2. Gordon Bombay

    Kings Island Removing an Attraction?

    In the words of the internet: "BIG IF TRUE." If this is true, I'm both surprised and not surprised (is that a thing?). On one hand: this coaster hasn't been around all that long (not just in KI terms, but in its overall lifespan as well). It's a crowd pleaser, a relatively fun ride, and popular. On the other hand: it's a maintenance headache, complex to operate, has terrible capacity, etc. Wonder what the reasons could be and how that will affect the other Vekoma Flying Dutchmen at Carowinds and Six Flags America. Heard a rumor once that Paramount Parks was so amped on Stealth at PGA that they essentially told Vekoma: "get some more ready for other parks." Then, Stealth debuted as the maintenance nightmare that it was/is and they went back to the Dutch with: "not interested anymore" while Six Flags was more than happy to buy anything at a bulk discount thus grabbing the other two. Also heard that Firehawk was able to be erected at Ki easily because its current spot was always going to be "its" spot, or that it would've gone where Backlot/Antique cars resides/resided. Heard something similar for Nighthawk/Borg Assimilator - that it was able to be placed so easily because one was always "slated" to go there. Would love to hear if there's any truth to that. Someone here knows.
  3. Gordon Bombay

    By 2035 Kings Island Will Have What?

    It will be. But not at Cedar Fair parks. Even in 2035
  4. Gordon Bombay

    Can anyone identify this building?

    I'm not sure which particular animals the building in question housed, but as far as I know - there were still two animal keeps still standing (along with a few other random structures) as of a few years ago. The building in these photographs was mainly used as storage and accessible via a very eroded and overgrown pathway. For years after the first Winterfest revival was cancelled, it was used to store a ton of WF decorations that never made it into that crappy haunt thing with mean Santa. It also had several of those classic HB benches that were installed circa 2001 and removed for Nickelodeon Universe. The heaters for the animals were still hanging from the rafters the last time I was in there. A second pen, known as "The Bolt Barn," was just up the hill from Son of Beast and had most of the surrounding brush and trees removed. It was also somewhat renovated. Inside were aisles upon aisles of tools and parts specifically used to maintain Son of Beast. The pond itself is very random to see in person, but still cool, and behind Adventure Express on the hillside there were (was, maybe with Banshee now there) some other structures. I think they may have been some sort of stations with phones. The former monorail maintenance shed (which could house one train indoors on special track and allow maintenance staff to work underneath) eventually became part of the facilities for Steel Coaster Maintenance. In the yard out front, that once was the switch track for the monorail, several things were stored there such as FoF's original OTSR trains (at least one of them). Underneath all the random stuff you could still find a monorail footing or two. Hope that helps @Bansheeback, I've got photographs somewhere.
  5. Yeah they don't need to worry about this. This isn't happening.
  6. Gordon Bombay

    The love for Son of Beast

    Son of Beast always seemed like it was just so short of being great. The park planned it... ...and the only manufacturer they could get was RCCA. The park wanted a loop... ...and the only interested train manufacturer was Premier Rides. The thing opened... ...and frankly, it was awful. In 2006, they removed a car on each train and rumors swirled that it was going to get better. I remember someone here claiming that it was going to be "a wooden B&M." ...and frankly, it was still awful. After the incident, they removed the loop and announced "new trains." They turned out to be used, repurposed, "crappy even if they were new." Gerstauler trains. ...and frankly, it was still awful. Then all of these RMC wooden coaster revamps debuted with things like Topper Track and steel conversions. ...and SOB was already gone.
  7. There were? To my recollection, that idea hasn't been proposed for The Banks development. However, a quick Google search is only bringing up the most recent news of the temporary one, so who knows. As highlighted in this thread, Newport's been trying to build one for the last few years. In my opinion, Newport's a better location due to the views, an existing year round tourist attraction in the Aquarium, and a regular schedule of special events and festivals. The Banks is more of a mixed-use development not wholly geared on tourism.
  8. Gordon Bombay

    Ability to become a Flagship Park

    Expanding into new areas not only requires new rides/attractions, but expanding infrastructure and operation as well. They won't even put bathrooms in X-Base.
  9. Gordon Bombay

    Ability to become a Flagship Park

    ...I thought Kings Island already was considered one of the chain's flagship parks? The scuttlebutt I always heard was that CF wanted KI, but had to pick up four other (relatively good, but not as good as KI) parks to do that. • Wonderland ended up being a blessing in disguise who's potential was never truly realized by Paramount. • They ended up making significant investment in Carowinds and Kings Dominion to try and unlock a bit more potential. • Great America they were than happy to sell to the 49ers, but when they didn't: "eh, I guess it works."
  10. Won't be as good as the awesome Johnny Rockets restaurant that was down there. Outstanding.
  11. Gordon Bombay

    Kings Mills Antique Autos Path Discussion

    Wow, thank you, @KingsMills79. So Franklin was the manufacturer, not Arrow Dynamics?
  12. Gordon Bombay

    Kings Mills Antique Autos Path Discussion

    Thank you! I think I was getting confused because the park had held on to one or tow for awhile. They'd wheel them out for the 2005 Winterfest parade and then a few other special events (plus I'm sure to be thrown into the potpourri that is recycled crap/haunt decorations). The ones they always brought around, though, had the roof removed. Thank you! Stirring up a ton of memories for me. I remember riding both, but being very confused as a young kid when the Rivertown side was closed. One last question: Do you know if it was a permanent shut down or more of a staffing/capacity situation? I.E. Did they just keep one side closed unless it was really, really busy or was it always mothballed?
  13. Gordon Bombay

    Kings Mills Antique Autos Path Discussion

    Any idea which one was Rivertown and which was Coney Mall? Also, didn't one close a few years before the other? Edit: followup question, did the OG ride have different style cars on each track?
  14. Gordon Bombay

    Nick Universe Remembered (photos)

    Wow, thanks to OP for the photographs and to @Hawaiian Coasters 325 for bumping this topic. Total nostalgia trip. I grew up with HB/Nick Central, but Nick Universe rolled around when I first joined this site/was much more active and was still an area when I was a manager. I remember having to try and remember all those weird names when working in the area. "Can you meet me at Backyardigans?" "Sure. What the hell is that?"
  15. Gordon Bombay

    Question about Kings Island's Monster

    Wasn't the "monster" from Geauga moved to KI as well when that parked closed?