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  1. Knowing Cedar Fair, they'd probably opt for the deal on used Gerstauler wood coaster trains. ;-)
  2. If it improves the ride, I'd be all for it. Beast and Racer are both great coasters, but the rides are a bit hampered by the fact that the experience is so dissimilar depending on where you sit (middle row of a car above no wheels is great, front row on a wheel is ok, back row on a wheel can be awful) and that the individual lap bars are awkwardly shaped. Not sure about the engineering behind it all and how articulated trains would run, but even the visual appearance of some fresh trains would nice alongside a general revamp of The Racer.
  3. I'd love to see something like Millennium Flyers or Trimberliners on The Racer along with a refresh of the original paint scheme, some retracking, re-vamp of the station, etc.
  4. I’m not sure you grasp the concept of irony. And if you’re going to reference @Shaggy, I’d sincerely recommend a deep look at the way he authors, references, and discusses things. Quite a few things you could learn.
  5. ^ This. There are two members here. One who likes to make wild claims (and hey, if they're right, many here love to read about it, just show some work) and another who has to come around after to say why they're done with this site (yet keeps showing back up) or hint that they have some exclusive information. We get it. Someone slid you some behind the scenes stuff. I, for one, find this little tidbit about The Bat to be fascinating. However, in a day and age of misleading content all over the internet (especially on social media), I want to ensure that what I'm reading is true. It's g
  6. I've always been curious as to why this model always had so many lift hills.
  7. Per Dale Brumfield's blog: Brumfield was a 20 year veteran of Kings Dominion's maintenance staff. Today he's an author and I highly, highly recommend his book and blog, both called "Theme Park Babylon."
  8. Orion is great, but I feel like it was designed for a smaller American park and just copy/pasted here.
  9. Gotta keep that speculation and those clicks going, eh?
  10. Not to mention, even if you don't die—there's a myriad of other reasons that make this a serious issue whether it's long term effects or simply not spreading it to those who can't afford to be out of work or are the only ones providing for a family, etc. Wash your hands. Wear a mask. And just give a darn about your fellow human. The more we do all that, the sooner this is all over.
  11. Yeah, the difference here is that we're not talking about matters of simple opinion. We're talking about the recommendations of educated doctors and scientists vs those informed by their (this is the kind of their you meant to use, by the way). Facebook feeds.
  12. I disagree wholeheartedly. Did you ever visit the magical, totally-immersive, one-of-a-kind themed experience that was "Power City" at Geauga Lake?
  13. On the subject of a floorless—one in Vortex's former spot wouldn't necessarily be a bad fit. You'd get a nice, smooth, reliable B&M ride that could feature multiple inversions (a marketable aspect). Could also be cool to see the return of the normal B&M sit-down model. A smooth-as-glass multi-inverter would "round out" the park's lineup so to speak, replacing something that's now gone. In terms of a Dive Machine or Wing Coaster—that's a prominent spot of land and a large attraction there could really be a neat postcard spot/marquee ride for the park. A dive coaster would also seem
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