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  1. Orion is great, but I feel like it was designed for a smaller American park and just copy/pasted here.
  2. Gotta keep that speculation and those clicks going, eh?
  3. Not to mention, even if you don't die—there's a myriad of other reasons that make this a serious issue whether it's long term effects or simply not spreading it to those who can't afford to be out of work or are the only ones providing for a family, etc. Wash your hands. Wear a mask. And just give a darn about your fellow human. The more we do all that, the sooner this is all over.
  4. Yeah, the difference here is that we're not talking about matters of simple opinion. We're talking about the recommendations of educated doctors and scientists vs those informed by their (this is the kind of their you meant to use, by the way). Facebook feeds.
  5. I disagree wholeheartedly. Did you ever visit the magical, totally-immersive, one-of-a-kind themed experience that was "Power City" at Geauga Lake?
  6. On the subject of a floorless—one in Vortex's former spot wouldn't necessarily be a bad fit. You'd get a nice, smooth, reliable B&M ride that could feature multiple inversions (a marketable aspect). Could also be cool to see the return of the normal B&M sit-down model. A smooth-as-glass multi-inverter would "round out" the park's lineup so to speak, replacing something that's now gone. In terms of a Dive Machine or Wing Coaster—that's a prominent spot of land and a large attraction there could really be a neat postcard spot/marquee ride for the park. A dive coaster would also seem
  7. Did some digging (aka I looked on Wikipedia). This seems to be how it went... 2002: "Batman - The Dark Knight," a B&M Floorless roller coaster debuts. 2003: No significant wild mouse nonsense 2004: No significant wild mouse nonsense 2005: Six Flags New England gets "Mr. Six's Pandemonium," a spinning Wild Mouse coaster. 2006: Mr. Six's is simply renamed "Pandemonium" because, go figure, the "Mr. Six" character means nothing. 2007: SFNE announces "The Dark Knight," an indoor wild mouse roller coaster themed to the 2008 film of the same name. 2008: "Batman - The Dark Knight"
  8. I think that's a different coaster. It looks like SFNE was building the indoor Dark Knight coaster, stopped, and then that went to Six Flags Mexico. Later, they got the relocated Roadrunner wild mouse from SFKK (and named it after the Dark Knight as well, but not the same Dark Knight from the films/2008 movie that the indoor ones were themed after). All this on top of already having a spinning wild mouse coaster from 2005... and now two boomerangs. @SonofBaconator am I getting that right?
  9. Just read your post and then had to look that up. Wow—they have both the sit down and giant inverted model. Give them the Invertigo from SFA and let them complete the trifecta! Also, because I went down an SFNE rabbit hole—they started building a Dark Knight indoor coaster and then.... never opened it? Edit: the rabbit hole continues, how many wild mouse coasters does this park need? The hell‽
  10. Because they don't harp enough praise? Please. Anyone who works with the public would know that the small complaints (no matter how valid) on an enthusiast forum pale in comparison to the general public enjoying an attraction, web feature, etc. To blame small comments on removing a perk (that could otherwise net tons of free promotion and goodwill) sounds like something else. Maybe when those comments show up, someone from the park could pipe in with a positive spin—a fresh outlook, a chance to share something cool. Has anyone ever heard Tony Clark speak? P.S. Is this all w
  11. Couldn't agree more. Just look at South Korea and how they've handled this pandemic. They regularly distribute N95 masks to their populace on a consistent basis. The real measure of a man is how he scrounges for basic supplies his wealthy nation can't provide.
  12. Uh, yeah, that's not the problem with that movie. And if this film "highlighted Walt's genius," I don't think a corporation that values its reputation and business would be so quick to ensure that this film is not distributed or acknowledged. Splash Mountain itself has a bit of peculiar situation tied to much large situations and conversations. Whether you agree with it or not, maybe a few folks here need to "read the room" (or, rather, look at what's going on across the nation and listen to voices they don't normally hear). You might learn something.
  13. Hi the89thdegree

  14. Hey @Shaggy, just clarifying—this is in reference to the bridge seen in my above photograph from 2018, correct? So, even with... ...that would mean the bridge is the last remaining structure from the ride? Just want to make sure I'm understanding clearly. Thanks!
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