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  1. Gordon Bombay

    Re-Visiting the Story of the Kings Island/Jungle Jim's Monorail

    Thank you sir. I hate to admit it, but I haven't been to the Eastgate location still. Yep, that new shed is for monorail maintenance/storage. The existing "Snake" building/station is having its maintenance/track storage converted to event space. Thanks, @beastfan11, hope you're well!
  2. I wonder what this means for the Northern Kentucky one that's long been touted, but never particularly close to reality.
  3. Gordon Bombay

    Re-Visiting the Story of the Kings Island/Jungle Jim's Monorail

    Thanks, @IndyGuy4KI!
  4. Hi everyone, Back in 2008, I visited Jungle Jim's and wrote a story for this site about the park's former monorail which was (at the time) being repurposed there. I was accompanied by Keith, a KIC member and former monorail operator. Years later, I finally got to ride the thing with @BoddaH1994. I dug up some of my old photos, cleaned em up, and put together a new story that tells the tale of the monorail at both Jungle Jim's and Kings Island. You can read the full thing here: http://queencitydiscovery.blogspot.com/2018/12/jungle-jims-monorail.html There are also some fantastic resources out there that helped me cobble together the story (admittedly it's a bit brief on my site, but these two links are GREAT reads): 1) Ty's thread from 2011 2) This great piece on the KI website by the talented @Shaggy.
  5. Gordon Bombay

    The Amusement Park Railroad Thread

    I can't remember: do certain coaches only run with certain engines or do they shuffle it up from time to time? It annoys me that the green coaches aren't with the green engine in that photo.
  6. Gordon Bombay

    Lion Country Safari Mauling: An Untold Story

    Totally cool once you’re 21, though. But not a second before 20 year olds are notorious for not respecting lions. Typical millennials.
  7. Gordon Bombay

    Some history of the "International Air Show"

    @Robiet This is incredible! Any chance you’ll be breaking it out or unfurling it at some point in the future? I’d love to do a follow up to the original article! I can bring you some beer for your trouble/help fold it back up!
  8. Gordon Bombay

    A blast from KIC’s past

    I know he was kidding, but Scott was a bit hurt by that. They weren't a joke and his connections with Comp USA made all the difference.
  9. Gordon Bombay

    A blast from KIC’s past

    A little backstory: KIC wanted to keep costs low for attendees and Comp USA stepped up in a big way. They were able to fund the buffet lunch and extra staffing for ERT. The family shown on the lanyard were The Schiaffos. They had won KIC's "Father's Day Fun Post" contest here on KIC the year prior. Not sure if Steve or any of his family members still post here, he eventually took a job in his home state of New Jersey and now works in the drone industry after years of being a film producer. Wonderful memories. Edit: The "Stardate" was put in place because it was rumored that Paramount's former Star Trek The Experience was going to be relocated to KI's picnic grove. Cedar Fair had extended licensing use for this attraction, but the park's track record of maintaining themed experiences was called into question. The announcement was going to be exclusive to KIC event visitors, but was called off at the last minute.
  10. Gordon Bombay

    The End of Americana/LeSourdsville Lake

    Thank you so, so, so much for keeping up with the site! I really appreciate it. I'm definitely going to keep writing and shooting and adding to it, but I need to update it, get a better interface, etc. It really needs to be better for mobile use as well. Blogger is a dinosaur that Google never updates.
  11. Gordon Bombay

    The End of Americana/LeSourdsville Lake

    Thanks, man. Not sure what's going to happen with the site in the next few months. Appreciate you checking it out and hope you're well!
  12. Gordon Bombay

    The End of Americana/LeSourdsville Lake

    Ryan! Glad you're doing well! I remember you talking about the Little Dipper when we visited Americana/LL back in 07. While it was similar to Great Pumpkin, I don't think it was an exact clone. I never rode The Serpent, but if it's anything like The Python at Coney, it was probably terrible. I still have never ridden the Electric Rainbow, despite all the times you and I went to Stricker's. I remember being at Americana as a really young kid, then going once in that 2002 season as well. Like you, I remember the Eagle being really good. I had assumed that it would be "bad," since it was at a small park. Progress definitely comes at a cost and I'm sad to see this place go, but there certainly was ample opportunity to save it if the right person was interested. It just seemed that person never quite came along. In the original 2007 article, the comment section has been filled with people claiming all kinds of conspiracies about how things happened behind the scenes to keep the park from returning, but I don't believe most of that is true. The park had been struggling since 1996.
  13. Hi folks, So, eleven years ago, I was a lot more active in this website. Not just the forums, but its production, content, etc. as well. Helping out with that shaped a lot of what I studied in school and what I do now. Love that this site still has an active, great community. Made a lot of good friends from here, have met a lot of great people over the years. Back in 2007, myself and some of KIC's staff had the chance to visit Americana/LeSourdsville Lake five years after its last season. We documented the closed park and what might become of it. That story launched my website: http://queencitydiscovery.blogspot.com/2007/10/lesourdsville-lakeamericana-revisited_29.html Since then, I've had the chance to photograph a few other abandoned amusement parks (among a lot of other subjects). With the demolition of Americana/LeSourdsville almost complete, I decided to go back. My buddy Scott helped out with his drone. Thought some of you might enjoy the video, photos, and history. Ryan, Dane, Gabe, Robbie (and yes, even you Bill (but not you Dan*): hope you're all doing well. Here's the story: The End of LeSourdsville Lake/Americana *Just kidding, Dan.
  14. Gordon Bombay

    The Firehawk back-story...

    @MBT: Thank you, thank you, thank you! I'm getting everything wrong in this thread, but learning so much haha. I appreciate the insight. Was there some sort of wireless transmission or component to Firehawk, though, other than what I thought there was? Or am I completely off base on this? In a way, given the back story on how it got to KI, that'd be totally appropriate!
  15. Gordon Bombay

    The Firehawk back-story...

    Thank you! Thank you! Not sure why I thought that was flipped? Totally forgot about that. I believe Nighthawk was the first to get the external apparatus that raised and lowered the seats (modified after its relocation to Carowinds from PGA as "Stealth"). Then Firehawk received a similar system when it moved to KI. Anyone know if that's correct? Totally forgot about that! And no one else bothered us the whole day about taking photographs while in line. Funny story: I'm pretty sure that ride op was a member of these forums, really nice guy. Haven't seen him on here in years. He was adamant that X-Flight's removal wasn't a signal of the end for GL. I felt bad when it was... ...there was also another member here who claimed Kings Island's lot was a staging area to move the ride to Michigan's Adventure. Because, you know, if you're gonna move a coaster North of Geauga Lake - the best thing to do is move it hundreds of miles south, let it sit in a parking lot, then take it North again. Whaddup, Brian?