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  1. Why go with quality when you can probably just scrounge up some second-rate Gerstlauer trains for cheap?
  2. Thanks for this photograph and your continued insight, @BSBMX. Off-topic question: The re-tracking of The Racer seen in that photo-has the ride improved at all and was it done by a particular company? On-topic question: One of the comments repeated on KIC since 2007 has been that XBase needs a restroom. Have these blueprints revealed the potential of any restrooms being constructed? On-topic followup question: If the park does build restrooms in X-Base to go along with this new ride, will they be somewhat shorter, abbreviated, and only almost as good as their Canada and Carolina counterparts?
  3. I notice a severe lack of wings that have a little kick to them. Will not be attending.
  4. There should be a book one day, because man oh man.... you wouldn't believe.
  5. haha, totally get it. And I hope they pull it off well. Food at the park should be unique and an experience just like everything else. They've made great strides over the years. Just need to maintain and deliver on their goals.
  6. Hope it has a little kick to it. Yes, but will the food... Actually be any good? Actually be available? Be prepped and delivered by adequate staffing?
  7. Thank you, @AZ Kinda Guy. Any insight on generators and power redundancies?
  8. Depends on the ride model (@pkiridesmaint please correct me if I’m wrong), while most are pneumatic, I don’t think Diamondback/Banshee’s are? Or they may be pneumatic, but are configured differently than “pinch brakes” seen on rides like Beast and Racer. I also believe that the Arrow coasters (AE/Vortex) don’t have default position of closed. I.E. in some areas of the ride (stations I believe), the trains have to be chained up at night because the air drains from the brakes (by design) and is no longer holding the train in place. That’s what I remember, but again @pkiridesmaint—feel free to correct. I’m also not sure that the generators automatically kick on? By default, the coaster’s will come to a stop at their prescribed brake locations, but even if a generator were to start up, the ride does not continue operating as normal. In the event of a power outage, they’d be more likely to evacuate the ride rather than get it running again. Not to get way too off topic, but I’m not sure which rides have generators. I know Diamondback has the Kohler that’s visible by its lift hill. I believe Flight of Fear has one too. The Crypt/Tomb Raider had one as well.
  9. Diamondback has a Kohler Diesel Generator situated nearby. Several other rides have a similar one. However, these are rarely used. In the event of a power outage—so long as the trains are in a normal stopped locations with proper accessibility—they’d most likely just evacuate the guests and wait for power to be restored before firing up a generator.
  10. That's my bad, @BSBMX. I mistakenly thought "Hot Shot" was "Big Shot." Could totally be a similar/updated product, but I was remembering the wrong company.
  11. You mean Grand CarnEvil, a season long celebration of the classic Haunt maze.
  12. Edit: Don't listen to my ramblings. Go to the park and have fun.
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