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  1. Are these even your photographs/is he even asking for the proper person to credit?
  2. No doubt, just curious if I was understanding it properly.
  3. Question regarding the perception of the “height:” if I’ve understood this thread correctly, the top of the lift measured to the ground it sits above comes in at “296 ft,” correct? And the drop, by virtue of plunging into a ravine, technically comes in at “301 ft” right? If I got that right—and you were to build out this coaster on a completely flat and level plane of earth, wouldn’t that technically make the ride a “giga” in that it would be over 300 ft tall? I know the “giga” and “hyper” terms are arbitrary, just trying to think how the ride may be promoted. In that above scenario, could you technically state that the ride is 300 or 300+ feet tall?
  4. Gotta pay the piper if you want exclusive, lights-on tours of Wolfpack. I know you wouldn't offer up any alternatives names for the Halloween Haunt anyways.
  5. Kings Island doesn’t get to dictate what happens in “its” airspace (no matter how much they really, really want to believe they do), but the FAA does. It’s been posted here before, but there are rules and restrictions imposed by the FAA for flying a drone over areas where people are gathered. What those entail and if the videos posted here actually violate any FAA rules, I don’t know. Someone else can jump in on that. If you wanna see the footage, just google “Kings Island drone.” As for KIC removing the videos—if you want them backstage Beast tours, you gotta play ball.
  6. Even the heavy duty golf carts could only get so far...
  7. Dubious on the WaterWorks Waterspout component of this recollection.
  8. It is, in fact, my real name. Imagine my confusion and excitement as a kid when I saw those Mighty Duck movies (some friends had to tell me about them).
  9. Must be a stark contrast when the seat's warm.
  10. "Teasers" By: Gordon Bombay In the backstage area of the park, within a warehouse nestled between the parking lot, Planet Snoopy, and a security post—there is an office. It's a quaint space, an older area that's a nice respite from the heat afforded to whoever is on duty at the time. A man sits there among the hum of a struggling window a/c unit, the din of the water park, and the faint whistle of the train passing in the distance. He slinks down onto a desk chair, one probably as old as the park itself. The well-worn coveralls he dons are speckled with dried paint. On the walls: remnants of a proud park's past are hanging in posterity: signs dating back to the halcyon days of Son of Beast's announcement (before it all went wrong), posters highlighting the first Winterfest revival, and wooden smurf characters outlined with a faded blue. His desktop computer struggles. Recently loaded with Windows 10, its hardware hails from a software edition that debuted just prior to the new millennium. He squints to see the screen in the warm afternoon light of a muggy midwestern afternoon. In his glasses, words reflected... "KICentral.com," "Forums," "Decoding2020," and... "teasers." Confidently, he pushes back in the chair, propping his feet up on the desk. He sips his coffee and glances over at a stack of freshly printed signs sitting against the wall—the ones waiting for their day in the park. Chuckling, he glances back at the computer screen and mutters: "When I'm darn good and ready you impatient, 'Acers.' When I'm darn good and ready."
  11. The best part about this ride is even during the extensive downtime and low capacity it would have, it's still cool to look at. You'd think that whatever's going behind Racer would've been better plopped down there. Timberwolf is an eyesore. Congo Falls is. Well, it's there.
  12. In 2000, the year Son of Beast debuted, it would've been the fourth longest roller coaster in the world, but the second longest wooden roller coaster in the world. When Voyage debuted in 2006, it fell just behind Son of Beast. So, during SOB's lifetime: World's Longest Rollercoasters: 1. Steel Dragon 2000 2. The Ultimate 3. The Beast 4. Son of Beast World's Longest Wooden Rollercoasters: 1. The Beast 2. Son of Beast 3. The Voyage
  13. Wonderful. Thank you for the insight!
  14. I love this thread. There is some great information in here. There's also some silliness. You guys are way overthinking the this whole notion of reasons as to when, where, and why the track would be moved/show up.
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