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  1. That’s fantastic! Beast’s is variable (to a point) but that’s just for blocking, not racing of course.
  2. Somewhat topical question (and maybe this is covered in the podcast (haven't had a chance to listen yet)): why do the B&M gigas utilize the "4-across" trains as opposed to the Diamondback style "stadium" seats?
  3. I think your point is valid, but I'm going to fix one thing:
  4. I feel like they did it because the existing structure offered up the best space to be converted in to a sit-down experience and since it was being underutilized. I don't think the theme played in to it at all.
  5. Love the elaborate menu descriptions as if the food won't be slightly below Applebees quality served by the park's renown food service staff.
  6. Ah, I didn't realize the installations were that far apart. I thought they were back to back, season to season. Actually, I think they're both the same model/type with a few physical differences (KD's has more seats and a different gondola). Both rotate (or are supposed to) during the ascent. Also, I think Intamin calls them "Gyro Drops," the "Roto Drop" is a Roller Coaster Tycoon term.
  7. I've always been curious: KI had slated a Drop Tower for the Flight Commander area a few years before Drop Zone debuted in Action Zone. Any idea what model was planned for the FC spot? Also, anyone know why KI got one particular model and KD got the other?
  8. You know, I'm not entirely sure. If I recall correctly, I remember reading that Spielberg controls a good amount of the rights associated with his films, which is why we never saw much Indiana Jones in the Paramount years aside from posters, the theme song on I street, etc. AKA why we had "Tomb Raider" instead of "Indiana Jones." WHat's interesting, though, is that Adventure Express was planned, designed, conceived, and opened a few years before Paramount took over the park. So I think in that case, it was simply just a matter of the Indiana Jones films/franchise being incredibly popular for the time (Crusade opened in theaters in 1989) and KI knew what they could do with a mine train coaster. It seems like KECO was in to theming for a moment. Phantom Theater seems a lot like Haunted Mansion, no?
  9. Except they weren’t. The ride wasn’t fun, but the State investigation found that the accident was due to a design flaw.
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