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  1. Gordon Bombay

    Lion Country Safari Mauling: An Untold Story

    No. Outpost 5 is in reference to the recordings that used to play in Adventure Express' queue line. "All aboard the express for Outpost 5." The loose storyline to AE was that you were boarding a mine train to that specific outpost and interspersed were reports from the "station master" who mentioned that one track was closed, one expedition had gone missing (and that the search was called off), etc. I think it was "track 2" that was closed (and there used be a sign reading something like "Track 2. Closed. Do not enter!" when your train entered the first tunnel. And the expedition was... the "Richards Expedition?" Anyways, yeah, that's what Outpost 5 is in reference too on the side of Son of Beast's old station. Fun Fact: for years, Adventure Express had the Indiana Jones theme playing in its queue line between announcements from the "station master." This music, along with the ride's general theme, gave the distinct impression that the ride was Indiana Jones themed. However, it never was directly. Paramount's Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (the one that features a mine cart sequence) debuted in 1984, and the final film in Paramount's series (Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade) debuted in 1989. Adventure Express opened in 1991. Paramount acquired the park in 1992/1993.
  2. If you ever visited Americana/LeSourdsville Lake or Fantasy Farm in Middletown/Monroe back in the day, you may remember them fondly. Americana’s demise in particular was incredibly sad. While both that park and the neighboring Fantasy Farm are gone for good, there’s a new business in Middletown that keeps their history alive. And the ice cream/food are darn good. Here’s a post on it, if you’d like to check it out: http://queencitydiscovery.blogspot.com/2019/01/fantasy-diner-and-ice-cream-parlor.html The diner is actually built into Fantasy Farm’s old gift shop. Tons of cool relics from both parks on the walls.
  3. Due to budget cuts that year under CBS, nameteags were not produced for (not sure if all, but at least line) employees. Instead, employees wore their badges on their belt loops as a name tag.
  4. I particularly like “one uniform shirt per employee” and “just wear your ID badge on your belt as a name tag.”
  5. Couldn't agree more.
  6. That's a really good and interesting read. It's interesting how all of this would come to effect Paramount Parks as a company as well as the regional/seasonal parks they took over. The acquisition of the properties would've taken place before Redstone's acquisition. Had he not come into play, I wonder how different (for better or worse) they would've been. There's a great vintage video from a news station in Columbus covering the KECO/Paramount transition in 1993. I love hearing the optimism and bold vision for Paramount Parks, just before what truly altered any "best laid plans" as Viacom came into play. On one hand, the addition of the Nickelodeon properties was probably a huge boost. On the other, Paramount didn't really have any great movies that could become rides/attractions and then failed (or couldn't) leverage the films that were truly popular/good. Contrary to popular belief, Adventure Express wasn't "truly" themed to Indiana Jones (and never marketed by Paramount as such, just implied), Titanic never became any real attraction, Spieldberg associated films went to other parks, and Top Gun/Days of Thunder were already well beyond their best years of relevance. I remember taking a Paramount Parks survey once, asking if people would be interested in a ride themed to the film "The Core." I had to look up what movie that was. Oh, and Tomb Raider—yeah. Italian Job: Stunt Track. Piecemeal ride, forgettable film. While I think Cedar Fair gets far, far, far, too much praise as a company, it certainly has a better vision for the parks than what Paramount/Viacom cobbled together whenever they occasionally remembered that they owned theme parks. It always struck me that PP would offer up a themed attraction one year (seemingly doubling down on the theme park business) and then do a "amusement park" ride the next. It was like they couldn't decide between going full theme park (Tomb Raider, Italian Job) or traditional regional amusement park (Son of Beast, Delirium, Drop Tower, etc.). In the end, they always seemingly missed the mark of both categories. And that woeful CBS year... good Lord.
  7. Gordon Bombay

    Re-Visiting the Story of the Kings Island/Jungle Jim's Monorail

    Thank you sir. I hate to admit it, but I haven't been to the Eastgate location still. Yep, that new shed is for monorail maintenance/storage. The existing "Snake" building/station is having its maintenance/track storage converted to event space. Thanks, @beastfan11, hope you're well!
  8. I wonder what this means for the Northern Kentucky one that's long been touted, but never particularly close to reality.
  9. Gordon Bombay

    Re-Visiting the Story of the Kings Island/Jungle Jim's Monorail

    Thanks, @IndyGuy4KI!
  10. Hi everyone, Back in 2008, I visited Jungle Jim's and wrote a story for this site about the park's former monorail which was (at the time) being repurposed there. I was accompanied by Keith, a KIC member and former monorail operator. Years later, I finally got to ride the thing with @BoddaH1994. I dug up some of my old photos, cleaned em up, and put together a new story that tells the tale of the monorail at both Jungle Jim's and Kings Island. You can read the full thing here: http://queencitydiscovery.blogspot.com/2018/12/jungle-jims-monorail.html There are also some fantastic resources out there that helped me cobble together the story (admittedly it's a bit brief on my site, but these two links are GREAT reads): 1) Ty's thread from 2011 2) This great piece on the KI website by the talented @Shaggy.
  11. Gordon Bombay

    The Amusement Park Railroad Thread

    I can't remember: do certain coaches only run with certain engines or do they shuffle it up from time to time? It annoys me that the green coaches aren't with the green engine in that photo.
  12. Gordon Bombay

    Lion Country Safari Mauling: An Untold Story

    Totally cool once you’re 21, though. But not a second before 20 year olds are notorious for not respecting lions. Typical millennials.
  13. Gordon Bombay

    Some history of the "International Air Show"

    @Robiet This is incredible! Any chance you’ll be breaking it out or unfurling it at some point in the future? I’d love to do a follow up to the original article! I can bring you some beer for your trouble/help fold it back up!
  14. Gordon Bombay

    A blast from KIC’s past

    I know he was kidding, but Scott was a bit hurt by that. They weren't a joke and his connections with Comp USA made all the difference.
  15. Gordon Bombay

    A blast from KIC’s past

    A little backstory: KIC wanted to keep costs low for attendees and Comp USA stepped up in a big way. They were able to fund the buffet lunch and extra staffing for ERT. The family shown on the lanyard were The Schiaffos. They had won KIC's "Father's Day Fun Post" contest here on KIC the year prior. Not sure if Steve or any of his family members still post here, he eventually took a job in his home state of New Jersey and now works in the drone industry after years of being a film producer. Wonderful memories. Edit: The "Stardate" was put in place because it was rumored that Paramount's former Star Trek The Experience was going to be relocated to KI's picnic grove. Cedar Fair had extended licensing use for this attraction, but the park's track record of maintaining themed experiences was called into question. The announcement was going to be exclusive to KIC event visitors, but was called off at the last minute.