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  1. Only about 1/4 through so far after this weekend, but wow this book is great so far. Learning so many great things.
  2. So what you're saying is... that ride was the best themed attraction Paramount ever made?
  3. I'm very interested to hear @Shaggy's take on this, but in the meantime here are my thoughts... Culture, industry, geopolitics, economics, and entertainment trends have changed A LOT since the "heyday" of Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom—an era when SIX was truly invested in that park and its potential. A time back when there were talks of big-budget investments that forced then-Paramount's Kings Island to respond in kind (i.e. SFKK's plans for a "Gotham City" that allegedly led to the creation of "Action Zone" up north). Since then, KI flourished and SFKK, well, we know how SIX treated that pa
  4. ^ @TombraiderTy, as always, thank you! Would love to see that blue vinyl one, I never knew it even existed. I'm also mad at myself for never having gone to look into that old laser tag building/cinema building when I worked for the park.
  5. Thanks to all who have shared such great information in this thread. Maybe I'm getting confused, but wasn't there some sort of other inflatable building near where Tower Gardens is now? For some other attraction?
  6. "B&M is too expensive..." ...so let's buy Intamin to appease some ACERs and spend infinitely more on maintaining it the next ten years while getting less in return?
  7. I think a lot of it comes down to (for many not just OP): preference for rides, especially if you've ridden quite a lot. If you've made your rounds to a few parks and love coasters, you'll find that Intamin, RMC, etc. have some unique rides that often differ from the "types" offer by B&M. But, and this gets said year after year and post after post, it's clear that what parks choose to invest in is not based off ACEr preference or Roller Coaster Tycoon style objectives. Why do parks keep building with B&M? Because the company makes thrilling rides, that are comfortable and app
  8. Bummer. By that logic it’s bad news for Intamin too since park’s wont want to spend a big up front cost followed by years of maintenance and constantly having to print “sorry, this ride closed” signs.
  9. The Villain at Geauga Lake. Worse than Son of Beast, even on SOB's worst day.
  10. Thanks, @Sixflags82 + @FUN&ONLY!! Those look A LOT better than the previous trains. Still, I'm a bit surprised they're investing so much into it. Although, with how much it costs to ride and the fact that it's such a tourist attraction—it probably still makes the casino a decent amount of money. I've been on this ride twice (both times in the front) and found it to be... pretty good. That roll into the half loop is fun. Thought it was all very intense more so than rough. But, I was sitting in a decent seat. Fun Fact: It's my understanding that ride was designed in TOGO's former
  11. Does anyone have a photograph of this new train? Curious what the restraints are like. If it wasn’t for those weird shoulder harnesses, the ride would be pretty good.
  12. Thank you, @Klabergian Empire! Thank you, @Dj325 and thank you for sharing some of your photos! Thanks, @CoastersRZ, hoping we can meet up for lunch again soon once the pandemic winds down. Thanks, @TombRaiderFTW! So, when it comes to 35mm cameras—I've mainly decided what to use based on what I randomly had. Via family, friends, and some other folks—I wound up with a Nikon N80, Pentax K1000, Minolta XD-11, and Canon AE-1. The N80 was the most like a digital SLR in both quality and use. But it broke. The Pentax and Minolta had a very vintage feel/easy metering, but the M
  13. I originally tried to make this a trip report/photo post, but had some issues with the forum and getting the photos posted. However, I did share all of the photos on my website. Went to KI in July, first time in a long time. Some observations: Appreciated the good COVID protocols and enforcement. I was hesitant, but truly felt comfortable. Staff I encountered were excellent. Ate some food at the Coney BBQ—not bad, but nothing special. Rode Orion and while it's really good (wow, that wave turn), it is super short. A bit disappointing if you've enjoyed other rides aro
  14. Would love it if they just abandoned the "Action Zone" facade and made the whole area Oktoberfest. Refresh AE with some new theming and lights + all the other non-Bavarian rides with "German" names.
  15. Was this the campground already under construction near 71/Wendy’s/etc?
  16. Knowing Cedar Fair, they'd probably opt for the deal on used Gerstauler wood coaster trains. ;-)
  17. If it improves the ride, I'd be all for it. Beast and Racer are both great coasters, but the rides are a bit hampered by the fact that the experience is so dissimilar depending on where you sit (middle row of a car above no wheels is great, front row on a wheel is ok, back row on a wheel can be awful) and that the individual lap bars are awkwardly shaped. Not sure about the engineering behind it all and how articulated trains would run, but even the visual appearance of some fresh trains would nice alongside a general revamp of The Racer.
  18. I'd love to see something like Millennium Flyers or Trimberliners on The Racer along with a refresh of the original paint scheme, some retracking, re-vamp of the station, etc.
  19. I’m not sure you grasp the concept of irony. And if you’re going to reference @Shaggy, I’d sincerely recommend a deep look at the way he authors, references, and discusses things. Quite a few things you could learn.
  20. ^ This. There are two members here. One who likes to make wild claims (and hey, if they're right, many here love to read about it, just show some work) and another who has to come around after to say why they're done with this site (yet keeps showing back up) or hint that they have some exclusive information. We get it. Someone slid you some behind the scenes stuff. I, for one, find this little tidbit about The Bat to be fascinating. However, in a day and age of misleading content all over the internet (especially on social media), I want to ensure that what I'm reading is true. It's g
  21. I've always been curious as to why this model always had so many lift hills.
  22. Per Dale Brumfield's blog: Brumfield was a 20 year veteran of Kings Dominion's maintenance staff. Today he's an author and I highly, highly recommend his book and blog, both called "Theme Park Babylon."
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