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  1. Using a name that immediately calls to mind Disney’s well regarded event. Pretty gutsy move for a company that tends to fall well short of Disney quality.
  2. Should've just torn it down and installed something reliable. CP gonna CP, though.
  3. Formatted like a recipe website too. The kind that are filled with fodder to make you scroll to the part you want thus boosting ad impressions. And this was clearly AI generated with a few (very poor) human touches. Inside The Magic is straight trash.
  4. I think you're right as they appear to be able to move, I just find it odd that they're in a "locked" position that almost looks like a windmill. Seems... like a bad idea?
  5. Correct, but the question is: what purpose do the “paddles” serve?
  6. That's not a bad guess, but... per some folks on Facebook it appears to be there for a carnival/festival this weekend held for CSX worker's and their families. However... does anyone know why it has "paddles" on it instead of seats? Very curious.
  7. Was rolling around tonight running errands and thought I was hallucinating when driving on I-75 North. Figured users here might appreciate this. Anyone know why there’s a Ferris Wheel in the Queensgate rail yard to the west of Interstate on the border of the Queensgate/West End neighborhoods?
  8. If that’s the case, then why not just demo it now and be done with it? I bet they’re at least going to look into it. Unlike the pool, Moonlite Gardens might be something they could actually use and let’s remember—the CSO/MEMI aren’t the ones who let it get into this condition in the first place.
  9. Hang on there, cowboy, I'm not offering a "counter-argument." Those people are gonna get drunk and fight whether they're doing subway shots with mayonnaise floaters and Italian BMT garnish, or, slamming back pints of that weird blueberry ice cream beer. Not so much a Southern Ohio thing, more of a... human thing.
  10. I think you're giving people WAY too much credit. Beer ain't cheap at Bengals games, but the paddy wagons are always filled.
  11. Ohhhhhhh, I'd have to disagree here. Worked at the park for a long time and I'd wager that the Venn Diagram you're envisioning looks more like a circle, especially during Haunt. @teenageninja would you agree?
  12. I’ve got no love for MEMI after what they did to MidPoint, but this shouldn’t surprise you considering they’re not in the business of operating pools. Sunlite (and by extension, what was left of Coney) got spared by a stroke of luck in 1971. There’s been ample time to revive the park into something more, but no one did, even after the death was hastened with the removal of rides in 2019. At least they intend to keep the main gate and possibly even Moonlite Gardens…a venue which the previous ownership let rot.
  13. While this is true, Timberwolf doesn’t even compete with or compare to the existing venues at the land formerly known as Coney Island. And on top of that: the Lindner Tennis Center has announced plans to use their stadium across the street as a concert venue after a series of renovations. Timberwolf’s only draw is that it happens to be connected to one of the nation’s best amusement parks. On its own: it’s been outdated for decades. Which is why it’s HILARIOUS that they thought they could charge a SEPARATE admission for it to a series where the beer ran out and had issues (while being sponsored by a beer company (one that was already on shaky ground and is now gone), the bathrooms were old, and the acts were… well, probably didn’t need all those seats for what they’d draw.
  14. I mean, you could summon a wizard who can raise people from the dead and then book Paul McCartney and the resurrected Beatles at Timberwolf and the reception would still be: “It’s a miracle, but man that venue sucks.”
  15. Correct me if my understanding is wrong, but this seems like more of an upside for SIX shareholders and more of a gamble for the CF side of things?
  16. I missed it because I got enticed by the headline at the bottom: “this one secret doctors don’t want you to know.”
  17. To clarify, I was referring to "Facebook Nonsense" in the sense of click bait news fodder (like when a certain local tv news station posts "they said WHAT" over the a headline about a b-list celebrity), not necessarily sharing Coney stories.
  18. I mean, it’s probably way more hassle than it’s worth. Both of those structures probably require additional infrastructure where if you’re going to put a new pool/plumbing in — why not just spend the money on new attractions at that point? And we’re talking about two attractions that, while great for Coney, would be relatively unnoticed among the swath of KI offerings. Also, yeah it would be a good PR move in the sense that a few local tv news stations might use it as feel-good-fodder for the older crowd still watching the news and spreading Facebook nonsense, but how much is that really worth? It’s tragic what happened to Sunlite Pool and hopefully MEMI preserves Moonlight Gardens/some history, but the park truly died in 1971, not 2023.
  19. Exactly. It's also a kids ride that was omitted from a clickbait list on USA Today. Don't think this is a "Dewey Defeats Truman" situation here.
  20. I would, no joke, buy a season pass for 2024 if they just showed the Days of Thunder movie again.
  21. Holy s**t, this is so perfect it makes my head hurt.
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