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  1. Many Moons ago-- the Screamin' Demon, Lion Safari, the ACTUAL Scooby Doo(my first coaster), The ORIGINAL Enchanted Voyage, The Clown parades, the Wheel Of Fortune trabbit over by Kings Mills Flume, the air shows that used to appear in the sky about 4-5 pm, The UNPAVED parking lot (that was dubbed the Free ride of Kings Island), the tower sitting in a pieces out in the parking lot, The Tower when it had a longer lightening rod on top, Witches Caldrons over in HB, the dolphin show, the Hanna Barbera characters that used to walk around International Street. Thanks for letting me go down memory lane.. Ah yes, I remember it well
  2. Indiana Beach is a great place. The earliest you can get in is about 9:30, although rides wont start until 11, but the shops and food places are open then and so are the arcade and game machines throughout. Dont miss the water show, best its been in years! Yes the new owners have really cleaned it up and made it look real nice. Its not expensive, ($2.50 to get in, FREE PARKING, and you don't have to ride if you dont want to. You can either get a combo pass (which is ride and swimming area) or you can get 7 hour ride pass (11am - 6p or 3-10pm) or single ride passes. Just go and have a good time! Hope this helped. If you need anything more, PM me (I work there Have a safe trip!
  3. Yes they were over in that area where Adventure Express is now at. I remember that one--that was a fun ride after being thrown around on all day by The Racer and it was gentle and relaxing. Ah yes, I remember it well....Thanks for the trip down memory lane! LOL!!
  4. pkikid


    SPY dont worry about it. How many times have you heard The Racer was getting dismantled at seasons end, and low and behold--its still there. Heck even a few years back I heard AE was getting torn down---its still there. So its just a rumor Im sure.
  5. He wont survive jail time.. True Shaggy---that really is ICK!!
  6. when I rode it yesterday (5/21), I thought it was smoother than it ever has been, but I rode almost right in the middle of the train, so, that might have alot to do with it, but all in all, I thought they did an excellent job on redoing the whole layout.
  7. It have to be a tie between The Beast and Adventure Express--they both make you feel like you're out of control and the next turn could be the last...
  8. the Hanna Barbara one was playing at about 5:00ish and the other side was closed---it was a nice touch for us old foggies that still remember The Flintstones, Yogi Bear. Boo Boo Bear, and The Jetsons. But all in all--everything was ok even when FOF went down about 2:30--it was reopened within 5 mins after people just flew the coop. And yes-- I rode my AE--11 times thus far this young season. But it was a great trip--well worth the 3 1/2 hours to drive there!
  9. ^^ Agreed!! You cannot base anything on polls. Its the $$ that counts, not the polls.
  10. Great video! Maybe you can talk to someone and have that playing on the QTV screens every once in a while! That would be something to think about. Anywho---great job!
  11. I was at the park today as well--but didnt see nor hear of any fights. Today was just a perfect day to be at the park--no exceptionally long lines to deal with!
  12. besides Kings Island----it would have to be Indiana Beach---clean park--not to pricy on things---family atmosphere---yeah its right up there with Kings Island!
  13. Hmmm wonder which one I voted for??? j/k Combat---if you have ANY pics of AE let me know please & thanks!
  14. Exactly--and I think people should know that "woodies" are not the smoothest in the world. I agree, Son of Beast is a good coaster !
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