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  1. I can't help but love watching this company struggle. They are a dismal company that deserves every bit of their financial struggle.
  2. My thoughts exactly, I don't know how you can get away with saying that paramount didn't cater to thrill seekers. I would say they weren't as focused on just coaster thrills like Cedar Fair seems to be so desperately focused on. I would say Paramount was dare I say much more creative in the variety of thrill rides they gave us. I'm not arguing that FH or DB haven't been cool but I wish we had some creativity on Cedar Fair's part which is certainly lacking in that company. In word they have no imagination. Also I don't see how the statement "Families are where the money comes from" is anyway shape or form insulting. As a single 20 something individual I can easily see this is merely a true business statement, so what you would have to be a dummy to not realize 4 people are gonna spend more money than 1 person on average.
  3. Haha you wanna talk about a ride that had people's hopes up high look at KI and Diamondback. While I would not consider it anywhere near a flop, it for me at least was a bit of a letdown, Manta however looks like a winner just based on its spectacular theming alone. If you take away Diamondbacks theming your left with.........well wait there isn't much theming to begin with is there
  4. Actually they got new ones last year and they have remained the same this year.
  5. It will certainly be interesting to see what happens, I just hope the area doesn't lose its color as it is extremely colorful through there.
  6. 1. Beast 2. Goliath (SFOG) 3. Thunderhead 4. Raptor 5. Mind Bender (SFOG) I haven't rode Maverick or Voyage yet so well see how those break in their after this summer.
  7. BLSC looks terrible without the water in the splashdown, how hard is it to fill that thing honestly. Hopefully they'll have it full by weekly operation.
  8. I'm pretty sure the former Flight Commander que is used for storage in the off season for items such as trash cans etc. Hence the reason for the trash cans.
  9. Sure I can give you a few reasons. First of all the air is ok but your defiantly not floating the entire ride as on other B&M hypers I've been on such as Goliath. Second the ride lacks a true helix, the spiral into the midcoarse is pretty decent but not tight enough to be considered a real helix and the last helix is a joke. Lastly the braking climbing the hill coming out of the hammerhead really kills a lot of the momentum the ride had up to that point and though the mid-coarse isn't to bad as far as breaking goes the ride post it is fairly tame. I've rode the ride 6 times now from nearly every spot on the train and nothing has changed my mind it simply doesn't quite make it to my amazing coaster list. It's a good ride(like I said probably second best in the park) but its not great either and as far as hype goes this was expected to be the best coaster to open this year and after riding it I'd put my money on either Manta or Prowler taking top honors in best new coaster category. I must like floater air then because I could barely feel that kind of air at all. As far as ejector air goes I would argue that Diamondback in no way shap or form has ejector air but maybe I need a few more rides. However somehow I feel my opinion has been solidified after 6 rides, though I haven't rode it with shorts on yet so that my change my mind but we'll see. Edit: The Hammerhead was also pretty weak in my opinion, just don't feel many forces within it.
  10. I for one was fairly dissapointed with Diamondback. After all the hype and notice it's recieved around the country it certainly isn't all it was craked up to be. In comparison to say Goliath at SFOG it can't even begin to compete. It's still a great addition to KI but i really have a hard time seeing it making it on any repected top 10 list I would say it's certainly the second best ride in the park but Beast is still king and Diamondback can slither right back into its den when it comes to being a top rated steel coaster
  11. Don't get your hopes to high though go into thinking "this will be the crappiest ride I've ever been on and then you'll almost be guaranteed a great ride. Though I'm sure it will be better than SOB!
  12. Actually Crypt does have bins for storage in their rendevous point and when it comes to lockers I would go with the X-base lockers or the ones near I-street and I have a feeling that the lockers at crypt may not be there this year no matter what the map my say now.
  13. Tomb Raider will forever be one of my favorite rides when it had first opened that is. It was truly a remarkable achievement for the Kings Island and Paramount parks in general. It's a shame that Cedar Fair has let the ride go to crap and merely made it a hybrid Halloween Haunt-esque attraction. Laziness is what i call there retheme. In my opinion as much as they have damaged what the ride originally was they at this point should just remove the ride.
  14. They are not getting new trains because of any problems, their getting new trains because they are being rethemed and renamed. The new name is Bizarro and the trains have built in sound that will mix with visual effects throughout the ride. It actually looks pretty cool but well see. I'm suprised to see Diamondback on number 1 but this is sort of a lackluster year for new coasters. Hopefully Diamondback delivers on everyone's expectations as they seem to be getting bigger each and everyday
  15. Actually Deja Vu was built by Vekoma not B&M and I wouldn't say MF runs efficiently as they still have problems frequently with the cable lift system. MF is still no where as efficient as a B&M.
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