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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. I remember working a BAFF day and it was fairly nuts. I have had busy days, but when you struggle to get through the crowd of people because it's so thick, it's exhausting. I remember staying at the park until like 5 am that night just to try and get ready for the next day...
  2. I dont ever remember getting quarters back, but I just bummed a locker with someone else. I can tell you this for sure though, before anyone can ride Borg, they do make you secure all loose articles. If that means you need a locker,then you get a locker. There was no holding your hat, or sandals, or whatever in your hand. They dod let you put a few small things in a bin though, but nothing expensive.
  3. cewldre


    It was about 3 or 4 years ago when I worked there with them. Then that guy was indeed most likely me. I am, by far, no where near as good at the game as I was then. I am out of practice.
  4. cewldre

    Top Gun

    I have to make a quick note to Marty McFly, the original downtown idea poster said it would be outside the park, hence no paying except for shopping. It's not a bad idea, but just not for KI, IMO. Just not a nig enough park. However, it could allow for some interesting things to go there, like more franchised restraunt type deals. As far as Top Gun, it needs a good cleaning. It may be a bit short for a coaster, but it's a fine ride. Just clean it up and fix it up and it's good to go.
  5. cewldre


    You guys are getting ripped off if you're going to concerts over $40, IMO. I spent $43 to see no less than 12 bands play at ozzfest just last year. You don't need to play the games while at the park. We are there to provide a challenge, some more so than others, and a chance to win some prizes. Sure, someone may walk away with a small prize after paying a bit, but others win on just a few dollars. This is true for kids and adults. It is always hard to tell a kid they didn't win, but as I said, adults continue to spend after losing 5, 6, or 7 times as well. They want to prove they can do it.
  6. Maureen's a very helpful person. I gotta thank her for the help on my senior project last semester. She called me while away on business to help me get it done. Thanks a bunch Maureen.
  7. Cory, you can never say you won't have problems. I have been with the park and I sometimes think I've seen and heard all the complaints, but then something happens. You will have upset folks and you will have folks yell. You just have to deal with each situation as it comes. As gamesguy08 said, sometimes you just have to keep moving on. Don't let one thing bother you, if you do, inevitably it will drag your whole day down.
  8. Now, as bad as this is, that's hilarious
  9. Depends. Usually, the first full week is kinda slow, but it has had its busy moments.
  10. As some of you said, Cedar Point brings in more money. While i am not 100% that it's true, it only makes sense if it is, since KI doesn't bring in nearly as many outside visitors as CP; visitors who simply come in one or two days and spend lots of money. KI has a lot of pass holders. They don't spend as much money. A record breaking coaster may bring in those one time visitors, but that's debatable, I think.
  11. As far as I have understood the law, we should still allow smoking. Basically, we are not surrounded by walls on four sides as an open air stadium is and we are outside. I am not sure how it will or will not work at the park though, we will see. Either way, doesn't bother me. The signs on all the buildings dont say no smoking in the park, just no smoking in the building. People may just have to walk a bit farther to do their smoking.
  12. I don't remember it tasting that bad, but the problem was, it was clear Pepsi. Now, that being said, most folks drink soda/cola/pop from the can. Why would I bother buying crystal Pepsi would I could have regular Pepsi? I had it out of a can once, couldn't see the clear part, wasn't concerned enough to put into glass and actually look either.
  13. I used to have a really favorite spot that was destroyed by the building of IJST. Before the park starts for the year, walking from right behind the Eiffel Tower towards the floral clock (which wouldnt usually have it's floral yet). You could see some of the trees starting to bloom again right around the Antique cars. The grass was starting to warm up from a long winters rest. Everything just looked so peaceful. Of course, as soon as the park opened, the image was lost, but I always enjoyed working on setting up the park and walking down that path, but it doesn't have the same pizzaz now that
  14. Billy, when I was at the park today, it appeared they were cleaning the track. I cannot confirm track is going up, but I know they are at least prepping track it seems.
  15. I am not positive, but I do believe that's the Ohio, but down the river more. By the way, its still there as of 1230 pm.
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