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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. Thanks for the pics! Somehow brings me back to the arrival of Stealth... http://good-times.webshots.com/album/550684237BsiCCs It's kind of funny how they are reusing the Stealth colors on Firehawk, just on different sections of the track.
  2. So did anyone find out if it's actually a coaster or a modified Disk-o? I've heard that PGA is getting a W shaped Disk-o this year, so that would make this make sense.
  3. Hi all, I was just curious if any of you had come down Saturday for C3 (Carolina Coaster Classic) at Carowinds? The ERT on the flyers was truly INSANE! I've never been that scared before just standing in the que line! I heard noises from that ride that I've NEVER heard all year! lol Here's the group photo: http://www.acesoutheast.org/C305large.jpg
  4. Better park, but not better coasters unfortunatley lol. Top Gun beats Batman of course, but most of the coasters are a far cry from the ones at SFOG. Although our rideops know how to run them better at PC. lol
  5. I personally loved every one of my 4 rides on it in May. I was there for Media Day and got 1 ride (before the monsoon came). Then 3 rides the following day. I perosnally prefer to have the lights off in the tunnel. It's much more intense. With the lights on (the cars) it's fun, but not as "scary". Have they gotten the theming for the "stairs" installed yet?
  6. ^ Actually no. It's the opposite. Racer does not have a clone. I've been on all 3. Thunder Road and Rebel Yell are exact copies. Racer is the only one of the 3 that splits out at at an angle at the end before the turn around. TR and RY do not do this and stay together all the way until the turnaround/fanturn. Racer - http://www.rcdb.com/ig69.htm?picture=1 Rebel Yell - http://www.rcdb.com/ig88.htm?picture=2 Thunder Road - http://www.rcdb.com/ig84.htm?picture=2 I actually prefer Racer over the other 2 for some reason. It'd be nice if they actually let Thunder Road race. They h
  7. ^^ Dude Rebel Yell is at PKD not PC. PC has Thunder Road.
  8. Howdy, PC is my home park and I must say you'll probably have the weird feeling you've seen the place before somewhere (PKI). There are a couple places where they look kind of similar. PC is more of a family park than PKI. PKI would have more thrills I'd say, but PC isn't this huge park where it takes forever to walk around either. PC is slightly smaller parksize than PKI, but acerage PKI has PC by about 500 acres I believe. Which is agood thing, you don't have huge que hikes like for Top Gun at PKI. The park seems to be well run and you'll find your beloved flyers are running gre
  9. Tuskin I don't understand how Carowinds "ruined" the ride? From reports from this very site, I've read a review that said it actually was running BETTER at Carowinds than it did at PKI. Is it the paint job, or what that you so dislike?
  10. I know I know, it took forever to upload this but here is a kid snapping up a storm on opening day at PC. http://uploadhut.com/view.php/90313.mpg The file is very large (17mb). We dubbed him "The Kid". He was really insane on that thing, and only about 9 years old!!!!
  11. Rollernut don't start picking fights over here, you do that enough at Carowinds Connection, lol I'm glad to see someone finally say something positive about the flyers being at Carowinds. All the moaning and groaning was kind of rediculous. I can totally understand you being mad at losing this great ride, but the whole thing of assuming Carowinds was going to ruin the ride was kind of hillarious. Today I was at Platinum Pass ERT and I must say those things being on top of the hill like that are creating a WICKED chance for some crazy snapping. When braking on my 3rd or so ride (no
  12. I've wanted to see that episode of Brady Bunch for some time just to see King's Island in the old days. I've seen a ton of BB episodes, but never that one. Does anyone know what season it was? They just released season 1 on dvd.
  13. Well I'll be there for Media Day w00t! I'll be doing an article for Thrillnetwork.com so that's how I got a pass in. I can't wait to ride it. And if media day is like it is at PC, I'll get a ton of rides on it that day.
  14. ^^ LOL!!! ^^ Well I'm sure we can't compare to the PKIers, but we might surprise you. I've got some killer video from Saturday of this kid about the "snap" the cables. lol
  15. This thing is looking better with each update. I like how that helix is looking. They've got a lot to get done in the next 2 months. Really month and a half because you really need about 2 weeks of testing and fixing bugs.
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