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  1. Because people are traveling so much more than even last major pandemic in 2009, this Covid 19 is spreading faster than any other pandemic in history. Obviously, this is extremely contagious with human immune systems not seeing the virus in the past. Therefore, encouraging social distancing is the right thing to do. It is a well known phenomena that every fast spreading infection will be undercounted because many people will not know that they were exposed. This will also reduce mortality rates in retrospect. Like many of the past pandemics, the peak will be around 3 months long and start to mature. 1918 1919 Spanish flu had triple peaks, but the world population was weaken by WW 1 and killed over 50 million people. Great Britain is taking an interesting approach. I hope they work for their own sake. They want as many people to get exposed so that their immune system can get built up.
  2. From Korean government website daily briefing: 3/15/2020 update: 76 new cases, 8162 total 1362 Less suspected cases, 16172 total 120 recovered, 834 total 3 new death, 75 total Third straight day of higher recovery than new cases. This is a great sign. The outbreak of Covid 19 happened almost at the same time as Italy. Stark difference between Korea and Italy was that Koreans started testing and treating quite seriously. Many in Korea took this extremely serious as everyone should have and followed guidance for the most part except one cult church in Taegu. The epicenter was there because of it. That city is totally locked down still.
  3. An update from South Korea has that suspected cases are dropping rapidly and recovery outpacing new cases. At least, there are some positive news out of all these. Not out of woods by long shot but very positive development. It is day 16 since what is considered to be an acceleration phase in South Korea.
  4. Very informative article on this topic. It is always better to overreact than not in these cases. Be sensible and be safe. https://www.forbes.com/sites/kenrapoza/2020/03/12/china-and-south-korea-models-seem-like-only-way-to-contain-covid-19/
  5. Absolutely right. Important considerations are that slowing the spread will help treating people easier. Think about traffic. Driving during rush hour is far more stressful than other times. Another consideration is that people are learning about this new virus everyday. We already know more now than a month ago. Mortality rates are going down rapidly. Even if same number of people get infected, it is far better to have them get infected over 3 to 4 months than they get infected in 3 to 4 days. Limiting social contact works. It has been proven to work throughout history.
  6. Here are the latest statistics from South Korea as of 3/14/2020. Source: ncov.mohw.go.kr (Korean government update link in Korean) Confirmed: 8086 (+107) Other suspected: 17634 (-306) Recovered: 714 (+204) Death: 72 (+5) First time since the outbreak in Korea about 2 weeks ago, the number recovered is outpacing new confirmed cases for 2 days in a row. This should be a model that the US should follow. One major problem in the US is that the population density is so much less so that mass tests can be impractical. Having said that, a spread can be limited here for that same reason.
  7. I am not sure if the links are allowed but here it is. https://www.businessinsider.com/south-korea-launches-drive-thru-coronavirus-testing-facilities-as-demand-soars-2020-2 I can say for sure that the US response has been slower than some would like but this spread was inevitable regardless. We all knew it was coming. Now, it is here. Anyway, I can provide updates from Korea if anyone wants it.
  8. Dollywood, Busch Garden Williamsburg, Carowinds and Kings Dominion openings are delayed. I assume the first rider auction for Orion is not going to be held.... I will donate regardless. These are disappointing but totally understandable. Let us all hope that have plenty of time to enjoy these places later. I have been monitoring the situation in South Korea very closely considering I have many family members there. It has been 2 weeks since the escalation of the Covid 19 in Korea. The things are starting to peak out with more people recovering than the new cases. They are definitely out of danger yet, but this is a great sign that things can get better relatively soon if everyone does his or her part in preventing and containing the spread of this disease. Some of the measures being taken by the US officials are modeled after what South Korea has been doing. With more knowledge we gain everyday, this disease will be easier to treat and contain sooner than later, I hope. Stay safe everyone.
  9. It is the busiest I have seen in Dollywood on Black Friday. Wait for Lightning Rod is 105 minutes and Blazing Fury is 45 minutes. In the past, this is a good day to come. Lightning Rod - This is by far my favorite RMC coaster. A distant second is Outlaw Run at Silver Dollar City. I still have not been on Twisted Timbers yet though. That 6 hill combination at the end is absolutely incredible. Still, I have El Toro and Voyage above this as a wooden coaster. Drop Line - Since Drop Tower is not a frequent option for me now, this is my go to drop rides. They cycle this ride so much faster than Drop Tower so it is much easier to wait. I still miss Drop Tower a lot. Thunderhead - Still running very nicely. First half of the coaster was retracked this year and running so much better. About 30 minutes wait for this ride. This coaster provides so much floating air time. This is a great substitute for Mystic Timbers for me. Wild Eagle - 45 minute wait? I got to appreciate this ride over the years. Not a big fan of wing coasters except for Skyrush but this is probably my favorite of the B&M wing coasters. It is practically required to get a cinnamon bread at Grist Mills when we come to Dollywood. For those who never had this, do yourself a favor and try it. Dollywood has become our favorite park over the years. With the park being only 2.5 hours away for our house, this became our regular stop.
  10. WindSeeker seems to be down a lot. There was a sign yesterday that the ride was closed for the day. Park was really empty yesterday. We rode Fury 11 times with 9 re-rides. Carowinds allow re-rides.
  11. I checked with gift shops. They said they do not sell patches. I did not see them in Fury shop. Sorry. Also, WindSeeker is not working again after running during Labor Day weekend.
  12. I cannot go this weekend but will check out what was done to the train next week. I will also try to find out what happened. I can bribe operators.
  13. I rode Maverick last week. It is not the same light show, unfortunately.
  14. That is the reason for Maverick making a big leap on my coaster ranking. I love that coaster. Only if they bring back the original light show inside of the tunnel......
  15. I agree. These are really personal tastes after all. I did not think Steel Vengeance as anything really special. As I ride more, this may change. In fact, many coasters do. Maverick has been climbing. There are very few coasters that take my breath away when I first ride them. The last one was Lightning Rod. Before that, it was Fury 325.
  16. I have been on 394 so far. The last new coaster was Dragonflier at Dollywood. 96 wooden coasters. My top 10 steel and wooden coasters are listed on my signature. Since many people like these CP rides, I will add Steel Vengeance at #16 and Millennium Force at #21. Also, The Beast is #11 on wooden.
  17. The original Maverick restraints were not very comfortable. Skyrush or Green Lantern (SFMM), which are even newer design, are somewhat painful. Most I can ride Skyrush is about 5 in a row. Too bad since I love Skyrush.
  18. The restraints for Copperhead Strike is not the most ideal one. I can see how this could happen. I always have my hands and arms up when they check the restraints and let the attendants bring down the restraints. It reminds me somewhat of Skyrush system. This coaster, newer Intamin rides, and RMC trains all could use redesigned restraints.
  19. Sorry that you had a difficult day at CP. CP is a great park to visit normally. Intamin coasters are down a lot although MF and Wicked Twister became much more reliable over the years. For future reference, Saturdays are really busy. For a strange reason, Fridays are not as busy as Mondays. Sundays in September and October are the best time to go. My annual trips to CP is the second Sunday of September. Very nice weather along with small crowds every trip since 2009. We normally get around 16 to 20 rides by 3 pm in those days. 2 years ago, we got 1 MF, 8 Maverick, 5 Magnum, 2 TTD, 2 GateKeeper, 1 Raptor and 1 Wicked Twister and left by 3 pm. Last year, we got 1 SV, 8 Maverick, 8 Magnum, 2 TTD, 1 MF and 2 Raptor and left at 3:30 pm.
  20. I do not know. As of 8/18, WindSeeker is still not operating.
  21. I wonder what type of "auction" or "fundraiser" event will be held for this coaster. Local Make-a-wish or special needs children funds will be outstanding. I will definitely participate on that.
  22. I do agree with many of what you said. Height does add fear factor although my love for drop rides tell me that I do not fear heights much. I never say people being wrong about their opinion though. I just do not understand how people say they are disappointed about a coaster they have never been on and not even built yet in this case. Well, my ride totals on DB 7500+ Magnum 2500+ and MF 1200+ tell me that I love all theses coasters even though I joke around calling MF, Millennium Forceless. I just prefer DB and Magnum over MF every day of the week. DB #6, Magnum #9, and MF#21 are on my favorite steel coaster list. Steel Vengeance knocked out MF out of my top 20 steel coaster list.
  23. MF is 310 feet tall BTW. Intimidator 305 is 305 feet tall. MF is far longer than I 305. I adore I305. Other than the first drop, MF feels very ordinary. I305 is the most intense coaster I have ever been on.
  24. I have been absent for a long time from here due to my work situation but I am back now. I just want to provide a review for Copperhead Strike. The train could be better. It reminds me a little of Skyrush restrains but not as rigid. The queue is VERY long. Just like most recent coaster additions, no one can bring bags or leave anything on the station. There is a sign for Centurion Motor Oil and small homage to Miami Valley Lumber for those coaster junkies like me. First element is a Jojo roll. This is very slow heartline roll or inline twist. With Hydra at Dorney, Jojo roll is very pleasant. With Copperhead Strike, this is slightly unpleasant due to restraints. After the turn around, you enter the shed. The shed reminds me somewhat of Mystic Timbers. The launch is like the second Stunt Coaster launch. It is more gradual than Flight of Fear launch. Now the loops have considerable amounts of "hang time" do that there are some reverse airtime on just about all of the loops. Right before the second launch, there is a serious airtime hill with head chopper. Airtime hills are very strong. It is a cross between ejection and a float air. The second half of the ride is mostly lateral except for the very last hill that provides good air time. Then the train enters break run. "Oh Shucks. We lost them." This is a great addition to Carowinds. When I first saw this POV last year, this felt more like Maverick. Not even close. I will say this feels more like Verbolten at BGW than Maverick but that still does not compare. This is a very unique experience. Also, I am very happy that "Flying Eagle" is back. It is located right in front of Copperhead Strike. Of course, my son and I ride this as much as possible. The operators encourage people to "rip" the cords. Another thing that really made me nostalgic is that they started to play Top Gun sound track on Afterburn station. Top Gun/Afterburn is 20 years old!!!!
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