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  1. Tracks behind Dragonflier. This coaster foot print is extremely large. Many footings are placed. These pictures are from 10/26/2022.
  2. Thanks for posting this. I hope they will get this fixed. Grizzly was the first wooden coaster I rode as well as my first coaster in the US. I was there on the opening day for that coaster at KD.
  3. I started to see footings for the new coaster. Also, some structures are being built near the entrance of Wildwood Grove. The foot print of this coaster is extremely large. These photos were taken on 9/11/2022.
  4. Nice trip report. We were at Carowinds on Sunday. Even though it rained off and on, the park was really busy. Monday was extremely rainy so we stayed away.
  5. Construction well on the way at Carowinds. These are taken on 9/4/2022.
  6. I really like Mr Freeze. One of those coasters that are unexpectedly good. Knowing SF, they will retheme the Ride.
  7. My son and I visited SFoG on 8/28/2022. This is our "home" SF park and visit here about once a month. Unfortunately, Acrophobia is closed for the day. Twisted Cyclone always opens early before the park officially opens. This RMC is one of the better ones. These smaller RMC retrofit coasters are much more re-ridable than larger ones. Dare Devil dive coaster capacity is very low so that wait time is normally quite long. I always try to ride this early. Mindbender is my favorite Schwarzkopf coaster over Scorpion at BGT, Revolution at SFMM or Sooperdooperlooper at Hershey. This is much smoother since refurbishment in 2021. I love Goliath. This almost hyper B&M coaster has been growing on me. I love the double helix and triple airtime hills at the end. This coaster is getting somewhat rattly. Batman the Ride and Superman Ultimate Flight are clones of the rides at other SF parks. I do find this Batman to be more intense than others for some reason. Great American Scream Machine was retracted this year and much smoother. I wish they kepted 3 row PTC trains for this coaster. Nevertheless, this is an enjoyable wooden coaster. This park needs some TLC and in need for a new coaster. Many rides need new paint job. One positive is that it was cleaner than my other visits to this park. This park certainly has potential. There are some unique coasters along with good flat rides. They do need to expand the kiddie section.
  8. Thunderbolt is still a nice little wooden coaster.
  9. I have not been to SFNE in over 10 years. This park has one of my favorite steel coaster (#2 after Fury 325) that was known as Bizarro when I last visited here. I had about 4 hours to spend here. I headed over to Superman the Ride (Bizarro) first. This is quite probably the best Intamin designed coaster. This coaster has everything that I look for on a coaster: extreme airtime, lateral, speed, intensity and re-ridable. Even though this coaster is "only" 221 feet tall, I feel that this coaster is better than any other coaster except Fury 325. Needless to say, this is my favorite hyper coaster. The latest Six Flags cookie cutter coaster is Joker. I rode this at SFGAm last week and at SFNE (#417). I think this one was slightly better than the one at SFGAm. Not much difference between the two. Riddler's Revenge is the new name for old Mind Eraser which is Vekoma Invert. Another cookie cutter design. Batman Dark Knight is a decent floorless coaster. Dominator at KD is a far superior floorless. I enjoy this one more than Kraken at SeaWorld Orlando or Rougarou at CP. Wicked Cyclone (#418) is quite good. As with other RMC retrofit coasters, the restraint system is terrible and thus not comfortable. This feels more like Twisted Cyclone than Steel Vengeance. I actually liked this Six Flags park. The atmosphere felt much better than SFGAm last week. It is entirely possible that shooting at SFGAm night before negatively impacted the park. As I have done a few times, this park is worth visiting just for Superman alone.
  10. I enjoy Whizzer but did not have time to ride it today. I do love the history behind that coaster. Very unique one at that. I really did not like Iron Wolf. For that matter, I am not a fan of stand up coasters. Goliath is a good wooden coaster. I still like Lightning Rod and Outlaw Run better though. This will get the longest wait out of all rides here.
  11. I was planning to come to SFGAm for over a month since I was going to be in Chicago area. I had about 3 hours to spend at the park. With the shooting last night in the parking lot, I really did not know what to expect. I got to the park around 2 pm. There was no parking lit attendant. No one was collecting $35 parking fee or checking parking pass. It may be that they are having staffing issue or something but not expected. There were several Gurnee police cars patrolling the lot though. About 1/4 of the rides were closed including Maxx Force, Viper, and American Eagle. I was looking forward to Maxx Force. Oh well... Only new coaster credit was The Joker (416). Interesting coaster but not something impressive. Goliath is still a wonderful coaster. I enjoy these original RMC wooden coasters much better than retrofit steel RMC coasters. X-Flight, Batman and Raging Bull were just as I remembered them. They are enjoyable B&M coasters yet none of them stand out. Later on, Viper opened back up. This is an underrated wooden coaster. Another one of those Cyclone clones but it this is much better than original. Overall, I was not really impressed with this park. This park used to be one of the better run SF parks but not sure anymore. This is my last trip to this park for 2022. I am hoping that things improve for Six Flags and see new investments in these parks in the near future.
  12. My Six Flags gold season pass for 2022 was $39.99 plus tax. Dollywood gold pass and CF Platinum pass were over $200.00. How is this sustainable for Six Flags? Also, Six Flags have parks near many large urban area that are experiencing surges in crimes. They will need to make some changes to improve. I am visiting SFGAm today; the day after the incident in the parking lot last night. No one was at the parking station. No one was checking parking passes. I see some Gurnee police presence though. There are some great parks within SF Park chain. As a coaster enthusiast, having well run Six Flags will be a welcome development. I am willing pay more if I can get better experiences.
  13. We visited Dollywood on 8/14/2022. Of course, Lightning Rod is the first ride of the day. We ended up riding this coaster 5 times. This is no longer a wooden coaster per se. 60% of the track is unfortunately now I-Box tracked. I definitely prefer wooden tracks but understand the reasoning for this. This is still my favorite RMC coaster by a long margin and still my 3rd favorite wooden coaster. Once this coaster is converted to steel coaster, this will still rank within my top 10 favorite steel coaster. We got 2 rides each on Thunderhead, Drop Line (of course), Wild Eagle and Mystery Mine. We got 1 ride each of Fire Chaser and Dragon Fly. Big Bear Mountain Coaster construction has been going on for many months now. Now, there are signs of what the new ride is. I posted the pictures on other Park section. Interestingly, there was a filming going on for a movie. Dolly Parton was there along with other celebrities including Jimmy Fallon, Miley Cyrus, and Billy Ray Cyrus. Some of them were riding Lightning Rod. Red Cafe was closed for the shooting. There were so many people standing around the filming area. The park was somewhat busier than regular summer Sundays possibly due to filming. As always, this visit was quite enjoyable.
  14. I am a season pass holder for SF and have been to 3 (SFoG, SFGAm and SFNE) parks this year. None of them were busy. Also, it has been my experience that the worst CF crews are better than any SF crews. The staff at SF seem disinterested except for very few. It has been like that for years. SF parks have some great rides but they never seem to promote them. Ironically, Six Flags season pass prices are much lower than others. Am I expecting too much from them considering their season pass prices?
  15. Looks like a trip back to WoF is necessary. I will post photos of Carowinds and Dollywood construction progressions anyone wants them.
  16. I respect your opinion about KI theming and all. However, I found Dollywood themes to be far more interesting and effective than KI. There is no coaster at KI that can match Mystery Mine. I do not find Dollywood theming repetitive at all. In my view, no CF parks come close to Dollywood in theming.
  17. We regularly go to 3 "home" parks since we moved to SC. I consider Dollywood as one of the best parks to visit with a first class ride operations. Honestly, I prefer Dollywood over Carowinds or SFOG. Lighting Rod and Thunderhead are two of my favorite wooden coasters. (Not sure about Lightning Rod being a complete wooden coaster though now.) Great themed park with very good selection of dining options. Do yourself a favor and visit Dollywood. You will be impressed with the park.
  18. Glad that you enjoyed Dollywood. One of my favorite park in the US. Dollywood is one of the prettiest park that I have visited as well as having great food options. We visit Carowinds and Dollywood equally. I love Lightning Rod as wooden coaster but this coaster, unfortunately, has been modified to I Beam steel coaster. Still, Lightning Rod is by far the best RMC creation in my view. Thunderhead was retracked in places this year so much smoother. My suggestion for Dollywood is to visit after Thanksgiving. They have quite probably the best Christmas set up.
  19. Rumor has it that Carowinds will get GCI woodie soon. RMC may in the future for Hurler although I wonder how different this can be refit compared to Twisted Timbers. I really hope that RMC can come up with better train and restrain systems. They are awful.
  20. Nice trip report. With Carowinds being my home park, it is interesting to see how people rate some of these coasters. Yes, Fury 325 is my favorite steel coaster. Back left is the best seat. It is kinds of sad to see Firehawk trains under the Fury lift hill. I liked Firehawk better than Nighthawk. Firehawk had double helix at the end that Nighthawk is missing. Nighthawk lift hill is so quiet though. If you are at Carowinds again, let me know.
  21. We are rotating SFoG, Dollywood and Carowinds. Obviously, Fury 325 is the reason we go to Carowinds the most. This park is also the closest to us. We love Dollywood for atmosphere as well as 2 great wooden coasters. (Is Lightning Rod still a woody?) Surprisingly, SFoG is quite enjoyable. We were able to get gold SF passes for $40 each for 2022. Goliath and Twisted Cyclone are the one we ride the most. We go up to KI about 5 to 6 times a year. My daughter is still in that area, so that we are semi regulars still. I ran into several coaster friends at KI last year. How about you? How do you like Orion? Also, have you rode the new Beast yet?
  22. Iron Gwazi is nice one although I am not a big fan of retrofit RMC. I love ground up RMC wooden coasters though. Like most RMC coasters, train design is terrible. More re-ridable than Steel Vengeance or Storm Chaser but still not the most comfortable ride. This coaster just knocked out Millennium Force out of my top 20 favorite steel coaster.
  23. Because people are traveling so much more than even last major pandemic in 2009, this Covid 19 is spreading faster than any other pandemic in history. Obviously, this is extremely contagious with human immune systems not seeing the virus in the past. Therefore, encouraging social distancing is the right thing to do. It is a well known phenomena that every fast spreading infection will be undercounted because many people will not know that they were exposed. This will also reduce mortality rates in retrospect. Like many of the past pandemics, the peak will be around 3 months long and start to mature. 1918 1919 Spanish flu had triple peaks, but the world population was weaken by WW 1 and killed over 50 million people. Great Britain is taking an interesting approach. I hope they work for their own sake. They want as many people to get exposed so that their immune system can get built up.
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