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  1. what does everyone think of the hijackers in tombstone?
  2. I was placed on the Firehawk crew before i got promoted and i would of loved to be on it still but i like where im at now , and i think that Hablo will be fine he knows how to keep his crew motivated throughout the entire year. If you need any help bud you know where you can call.
  3. And the weather finally on an opening day is suppose to be amazing!!!!
  4. Action Zone only has 3 coasters. If any area would be called coaster alley, it would be Coney Mall. Coney Mall now has 5 coasters, Racer, FoF, Firehawk, Vortex and IJST. Actually IJST is in Rivertown as show on the map, so in reality coney mall only has 4 coasters where as Action Zone has three so it could swing either way.
  5. I will be working on monster dodgems and scrambler, having a blast and getting ready for another awesome summer!!
  6. ^ Why would you say that, the weather? Yes the rain has been a factor, but still its been better than it was back in January and February. So I'm going to have to go with all of the people saying that its opening on time. Yes, I understand that the testing that the ride has to go through will take sometime along with all of the construction of the line, electircal work, and all of the mechanical work as well. But our maintainance staff along with tthe construction team, I believe is moving faster than they should. From those pictures they are flying, but I've never seen the ride fully constructed, never ridden X-Flight before. So I'm sticking with what I said before, it opens on time. :)
  7. I never knew about that the track flippingt over before and after the station, since I've never ridden it before.
  8. Why do you believe that, if they already have most of the footings in place, and they are starting to take back the track? I think that they are on schedule and with Italian Job, they ran into some technical difficulties with all of the effects. I think that Firehawk will open up Memorial Day weekend.
  9. Yeah that really hurts if you are really tall like I am its painful when you get up the next morning.
  10. Thanks guys I plan on having a blast over there i dont know where ill be working before it opens hopefully one of your rides so we can have a blast over at your home ride as well.
  11. I just found out today that I am going to be apart of the first Firehawk crew!!! I'm very excited to be able to work on the new attraction.
  12. i dont think any of us do... maybe maintanence maybe?
  13. I worked on SOB last year and I was very surprised when all of these rumors started going around I had no idea what was going to happen so all of this is news to me.
  14. More repairing sweet, maybe this time they will be done on opening day???
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