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  1. They do track expenditures on everything, when parts are replaced by any maintenance personal whether it be electrical, mechanical, tech services etc. we all had/have cards that are scanned at the tool crib/parts office in order to get parts. EVERYTHING from bolts, wheels, sensors, motors etc. are expensed to the ride in question. They know EXACTLY how much has been spent on the ride since it was built. I’m sure if chad or don was bored enough to research they could tell you how many road, up stop and side stop wheels have been replaced since it opened.
  2. Not likely, if they are creating an access point they would do it is the final break run gate next to troika. They wouldn’t be doing this pre work just to create access, they would have the contractor do that. There’s a reason they’re doing this ahead of time
  3. The fact that they are already demolishing the pre lift area tells me that they are removing the track through the station carefully as to preserve the station and prevent the hired demolition contractor from accidentally damaging the iconic structure
  4. You’re way off, scrap steel only pays on average .05 cents a pound. The average is price is 119 a ton
  5. The three ring bell was only when a train was stopped at the C block brakes right before the corkscrews
  6. This is normal practice, they close in where they are doing extended work to stay warm and out of the elements. They’ve been doing this for years
  7. I can confirm that almost all reusable hardware has been removed from Vortex, ride control systems, induction sensors, brakes, pneumatic systems and lift hardware.
  8. I have a feeling it’s going to be used to load the lift chain
  9. The only thing I mentioned was it appears that the concrete wall was removed, I’m willing to bet the dual storage tracks that were in the garage were removed and what you see in that pic with the trains and lift motor
  10. It’s still used for tech services in the basement, other than that the theater is used for climates controlled storage
  11. You can see fresh dirt in the circled area next to the transfer table
  12. It appears that they have removed the concrete wall outside of Vortex’s station at the transfer table
  13. The Bat isn’t getting slower and slower because of age, The Bat has a VFD motor or variable frequency drive and can be sped up or slowed down in the programming of its PLC. I adjusted some of its ladders logic back in 2002 and I’m sure by now it’s been modified many times since. There is multiple position sensors along the entire lift and I programmed the PLC to start slow up the lift until hitting the first sensor to reduce wear on the lift chain from the start then it was programmed to speed up and would maintain its full lift speed as long as the other train wasn’t occupying the block brakes before the station, if it was then the PLC would slow the VFD to allow time for the block brakes to clear and if by the time it reached the last sensor at the crest and the block wasn’t clear it was programmed to stop, again that was done to reduce wear on the lift motor.
  14. There’s a website called web archive that saves full websites periodically... Kings Island’s website has been saved 2,234 2,234 different times since 2007... you can even go visit the old paramount site pki.com
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