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  1. That was in 2002 and proper lockout protocol wasn’t used, the car that was ripped from the tracks was covered with a tarp that day until investigators from the state had inspected it.
  2. All of the rollercoaster in the park use inductive proximity sensors, pepperl & fuchs to be exact and you’re correct no power and they can’t tell. The major coasters are ran by SLC500 PLC controller from Allen Bradley.
  3. What FOF96 was trying to explain to you is that B&M is a design firm and not a fabricator, they contract out the fabrication to Clermont Steel Fabricators.
  4. Already been discussed a few pages back. They’re building what they call a tension fabric structure
  5. That building in the center of your circle is Carpentry, sign shop and training center as well as the boneyard. I highly doubt they will relocate all of that to accommodate a new ride when there is plenty of available land elsewhere
  6. I doubt it if it’s considered temporary, they’ll probably take the tent down after use and keep the pad for future use
  7. I haven’t worked in the park since the paramount days however I’m considering a return. My guess is that it’s going to be a storage facility for grand carnivale. The curved supports posted yesterday are more than likely going to that pad, they look a lot like supports for tension fabric structures like this...
  8. This structure was the monorail storage and maintenance facility, you can see all the trains parked to the left. This structure is the only remaining part of the monorail standing today. It now is steel coaster maintenance. Timberwolf stands directly to the left of this building. Take a ride on Drop Tower and you can still see the supports for the transfer table
  9. Actually this is exactly what we did when building Tomb Raider the ride, behind the building on the second landing of the staircase leading to the control room was a massive bank of capacitors to drive the great energy consumption of the motors on the gondola. Every time the gondola would dive you would hear a loud screech come from the capacitor banks.
  10. Markers for where to park cherry picker when inspecting track
  11. It hasn’t been “cut” it has been separated... most likely to make moving easier until they use it for intended purpose. I could even see them donating the train and track to the roller coaster museum if they don’t use it as a prop. Side note: Hey Don, if it’s needing transport some where I’ll do it for free just for the bragging rights, I have a commercial 52’ flatbed
  12. 5920 is the extension for King’s Island’s communications center. So if there was an in park emergency any employee would call that number from any phone in the park. It also can be reached outside too, 754-5920. The article speculates that it is related to Cedar Point but I disagree
  13. Unless they plan on building a new facility for Tech Sevices, action theater isn’t going anywhere. You may not know this, but in the basement is Tech Services along with a lot of storage that other departments use.
  14. Seeing how they saved half of the loop I see them using them as a prop for Halloween Haunt
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