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  1. If you work at PKI, get a chance sometime to look at some old coaster plans in a lot of the conference rooms, offices and such. Today, while doing some training in the maintenance conference room there were some old 3D conceptual plans for the Son of Beast. What it looked like were some basic structural printouts on clear over-head film, then cut into the shape of the ride. It was also on layers of what looked like cardboard to simulate the topography of the land it is on (like one of those Puzz3D 3D puzzles). Just an idea for your project if you need some physical plans.
  2. I went to Holiday World two years ago and I thought it was pretty good. The theming was ok, but the different areas got kind of cheesy. The Raven was great, quite jerky, but an excellent roller coaster overall. The hotel that we stayed in was excellent and was right down the street from the park. It was a fairly new hotel, I can't remember the name, but as I recall, it was all Christmas themed and a log cabin like motif. My only complaint was that it seemed like it was in the middle of NOWHERE. I wasn't entirely impressed with the park as the rides were small, but lines were pretty short when we went, but they went so slow.
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    I worked the carts on Int'l Street (Emporium cart that was moved right next to the Showplace stage) and the "Tuned In!" production was ok the first few times, but got a little irritating after a while. This was due, in part, to the lack of singing talent in my opinion.
  4. This smoking ban isn't going to catch right away. I know, and have been told that there is going to be a couple seasons before it catches on right away. We, as employees, just need to enforce it politely, and consistently. As a supervisor this year, I know that this is going to one of those things that some guests are going to be a pain in the ass about. Other theme parks, such as Dollywood, have enforced designated smoking areas and the other non-smoking and even some smoking guests found it makes the park better. Plus, hopefully there won't be cigarette buts everywhere.
  5. I got a look at the new control console last week and i was mad because i didnt have a camera, and by today, it had already been moved to the job site. It was really shiny for lack of a better adjective. It is all computer controlled and there are various remote operator stations that were mostly buttons. In fact i couldn't resist and i pushed the really big "DISPATCH" Button. Bygone are the days of analog keys and buttons. Just hope the operator remembers his username and password.
  6. I've been around the park recently, most recently today, and they have almost emptied out the parts stockpile under the entrance gate and construction seems to be coming along well. The track is getting there, but i havent seen anything as far as a docking station or queue goes. The "parking garage" section is almost completed. From what i've heard they may have to push the opening day for the ride back later. No one is really sure of a specific time, as construction has been stunted due to recent weather. As I have been traveling about the park there seems to be mud EVERYWHERE.
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