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    Backwards Racer

    off topic, I work at The Racer and i heard some changes will possibly be done to the ride next year. Such as removing the break sheds so both sides can see who really won. Also painting the blue side blue and the red side red instead of just leaving it white and lastly, taking the big fence that seperates both sides so anyone could just walk up and choose which side they want to ride. It may no longer go backwards, but dramatic changes may be happening
  2. Im on The Racer. I think i'm more enthusiastic when i work on the Red side because i dunno...the blue side just doesn't really get that much attention. Everyone loves the red side. But we often talk back and forth from boths stations telling each other to hurry up or which side can scream the loudest. it also depends on the day, since racer isn't as popular like the other rides, we kind of lack in speiling and do the normal "robot" speil.
  3. hahaha i know who said that on The Racer! Troy. thats so weird
  4. HI, i am one of the associates working at The Racer. During the morning, we only open up one side (usually red) because we only have 3 workers come in in the morning. During the day we run both sides and race them. And around 8 pm at night, we close the blue side down because Swings leave at 8 and only like 4 people work till close, which is enough to run the red side. Hope this helped.
  5. I guess i understand the way your feeling. If an associate said that to me, i would be embarressed... and kinda upset.
  6. Monster speil "Enjoy your ride on the monster, it goes under water ..or does it??....WHOOOOP!!" Racer speil "Enjoy your ride on The Racer it goes upside down not once, not twice, actaully none at all!"
  7. I am so sorry you had to go through that. I've had plenty of experiences with line jumping especially FOF. I work at KI and i will make sure no line jumping happens on my ride.
  8. I was super impressed by this year! First off, THE FOG WAS AMZING!! As soon as we entered the park, the fog really set the mood. The decorations were creative and the monsters at the entrance did a super good job. We were waiting outside of the park for 20 minutes for the park to open and there were like 10 rows of large lines of people waiting to get in. Monsters were even scaring people as they waited in line to get in the park...it wasn't dark yet so it was more like humor entertainment. we entered the park and headed to club blood first. I thought that haunt was pretty cool, i did jump many times because they stripper girls in behind the bars were grabbing at you and dropping heavy objects. I liked the one dude that yelled "WHERES YOUR ID!?!?!?" I was like "sorry, i left it at home...but i'm already in!" haha. My shorts got caught on the rolling tray where the woman was holding a nasty looking baby lol..i don't know how that happend. It was a good haunt, i did get tugged on alittle bit but i say it's worth going through. I wasn't to thrilled about Deathrow. The guy with the handcuffs interacting with people in line did a great job. The haunt was same ol'e, not to many actors and i found my way out way to fast and we kept bumping into other groups. It had better past years Massecre manor was probably the best one of all! There was like a scare actor every corner and just so much to look at. My favorite room was the babydoll room? i wasn't sure if they were baby dolls but they did a good job interacting with our group. There was a cute family that had like 3 small kids. I was hoping i wouldn't be in there group because i would had thought they would had have to keep the scare level on the downlow for the littles ones... luckily i wasn't in there group and i was the first one lol. The train haunt was acaully good this year. Last year seemed kind of dead but they had people jumping off the fences and lots of fog so it looked really erie!! I say this one improved alittle. The circus haunt seemed shorter than last year...but it was still great. I kept losing my way in the mirror maze lol. i wasn't to scared in this one... but i liked the optical illusions and the tunnel at the way end. The music was the same. The haunted trail was super fun!!! The chainsaw people at the end really got into there character. Getting all close up and personal. One dude started up the chainsaw right in a girls ear and she sprinted out haha it was funny. I liked the guy that popped out before you had to crawl in the tunnel. I think they should had a guy with a chainsaw pop out after you got done crawling. Better than last year, the line was slow but least no congo line! The worksite wasn't to impressive. didn't see much chainsaw action and all i head was "boo" I didn't get to do the pirate haunt...but i walked passed it and the monester banging on trash can lids were funny. He aciddently dropped his and made a grunt noise. The guy on stilts was pretty cool, overall HH did a great job as far as i know! very impressed and got scared alot. crowds werent bad because it was a friday.
  9. Grr it's killing me the fact i'm sitting at home at my computer while Fear fest is going on. I'm going next friday...but i can't wait to see what it's like
  10. you didn't stay for fear fest?
  11. Will Maze of Madness (now Aslym) have the same Sirens? or like music? just curious cuz the sirens made the maze more confussing hehe
  12. Aww i love SOB but i can understand why it's probably the least favorite ride due to the accidents and the jerkyness...i guess I just thought of this... they took away the name "beastie" and made it into a fairly Odd parent coaster, now SOB possibly will be gone...so The Beast family has parted??
  13. Tomb Raider Beast Flight of Fear Drop zone Vortex
  14. PKIbabe89


    Nooo!! that was the one ride i was proud to get on in the front seat with my arms up...they can't take it away
  15. Thats pretty sad... the theme is poorly done and unwelcoming like.
  16. I miss Flight of Fear because i can put my hands put through the whole ride
  17. You might be a PKI addict if your sitting in a room doing finals and all you think about is "man, i'm craving to ride The Beast right now!!!!"
  18. My friend works at PKI during the summers and she mentioned to me that Kings Island owners are selling the park to new owners and said that people were getting fired or something... And the park was going to run poorly on schedule... I just wanted to know if anyone else heard about this.
  19. I miss Angry Beavers, Doug, and Hey Arnold!!
  20. I can't see the videos I can only hear the sound
  21. WAIT! was she working Circus of horrors?? my friend told me she worked Circus or Horrors and got punched by someone. Just curious....
  22. Almost puked on the Tomb Raider after having 2 cheese coneys Still, had a good time!!
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