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  1. My question still stands... about the elevator two posts ago...
  2. What's the "elevator" the OP was talking about in Urgent Scare? I don't recall seeing anything elevator-like when I went...
  3. I agree. We did three: Massacre Manor, Trail of Terror, and Urgent Scare in that order. Massacre Manor was my favorite, and Urgent Scare was my least. Trail of Terror was definately WAY better than Urgent Scare. There were only 2 things that scared me in Urgent Scare. (Although the snake thing was awesome!) My vote went to Massacre Manor.
  4. I was with my cousin at the park yesterday, and I asked her if she remembered it (the large number of wasps at the top of "Drop Tower" last season), and she said that she did. What happened when we saw the wasps is this: We were on the ground and there were maybe three random wasps just hanging around the base of the tower. I remember specifically thinking to myself "There'll probably be less at the top..." Unfortunately, there were more. As we were going up, I saw one, then another, then a few, then five, ten, etc. I was afraid they would get behind my neck and I would squish them and they would sting me, so I leaned forward... Not my best Idea. So I spent that ride looking down, but I was more afraid of the wasps than Drop Tower!!!! Anyway, If it happens again, I'm reporting it....it was quite frightening!
  5. I have a park map framed and hanging over my bed with a picture of Drop Zone and Italian Job on either side (It is a 2006 map before Cedar Fair). Therefore, I had to get more than one.
  6. Wasn't this retracking etc. on The Beast going on last season? I specifically remember seeing the new handrails...
  7. Maybe I'm just naive, but I haven't heard of like any of these... would someone please explain what Crocs are? Are they those crazy shoes witht he holes in them? Thanks! P.S. Chuck Taylor All Stars are not good for theme parks (even though I still wear them to KI ).
  8. DAAAAANG! Now I'll be scared to even go near parts of the park. I don't like just about any outdoor critters...especially snakes and wasps/bees etc. (which is bad considering the stinkin' Wasp Infestation at the top of "Drop Tower" and the lift hill of SOB last season)
  9. Once, my mom and I were in line for The Beast and it broke down (we were the next people to go on...Grrrrrrrrr...). Anyway, we waited it out (like we usually do) and one of the employees was talking to us and he had to say "we aren't sure what the problem is" about 50 times. These early teen girls (you know the type) came up and started babbling on and on about what could have happened to the ride. They said something about Final Destination and went on to say "Maybe there's a candy wrapper stuck on the track! Or maybe a hip-hop rapper!" It may have been one of those you-had-to-have-been-there moments, but I found it to be halarious.
  10. I'm just making sure......They won't be taking out Skyline, will they? Skyline is true Cincinatti tradition and it would be AWFUL if they took that out....
  11. What band is their sound most like?
  12. I've actually seen him 2 times before, but he did the same set each time and it was STILL amazing.....loved it...
  13. Thanks! I STILL don't know which day I'm going to go to..... Almost all of them have good ones and unknowns (at least to me).... Here's my faves (in no particular order).... Casting Crowns Relient K Michael W. Smith (classic) Hawk Nelson Kutless David Crowder Band Newsboys Jeremy Camp tobyMac (my favorite out of all of them) I'm ticked that Third Day won't be there though and that was gonna be the day I probably would've gone...Darn.......I guess I gotta think of another plan.....I saw a few of them at Alive and Winter Jam, so that may be another factor.....anyone else have any favorites on the lineup? Thanks!
  14. Well, this is it so far...... Total Trips: 1 Aatar: 1 Rugrats: 1 Beast: 1 Face/Off: 1 Top Gun: 1 Vortex: 1 Viking Fury: 1 Backwards Racer: 1 Adventure Express: 1
  15. Just wondering what the lineup and dates are this season because I've always missed it..... I REALLY want to go with some friends this year and if we go, we'll have to figure out which day to go, so.....does anyone know the lineup? And also, has anyone thats gone before enjoyed it? Thanks!
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