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  1. Man, haven't you noticed how each car of the train jiggles back and forth?
  2. i still did not get enough air!
  3. Player


    mine is to ride beast at night.
  4. the fish tailing sucks then. SoB fishtails more. It's a brand new spring mechanism, it'll loosen up over time. Anybody else get a roll back? I was cheering, while everyone else on the ride had no idea what was going on,lol. After you went through the police cars and back around i got insane airtime!
  5. a parking lot coaster is better than no coaster! Besides its a part of the theming.
  6. the fish tailing sucks then. SoB fishtails more.
  7. I did not get enough air time!
  8. Player

    New area idea!

    you need to be in charge of paramount
  9. I rode about 6:45. You felt fishtailing and the steps? How the hell did you ride it five times?
  10. screw that assigned seating. I said i wanted the front and i went to the front row,lol.
  11. were you wearing the blue fleece. And got the lill girl off the ride cause she was too short?
  12. Player

    2006 Rumors

    PKD will get IJST or something similar.
  13. I got in the IJST line tonight. My girl and i walked into the loading area, the pretty blond said there was room for 2 in the back of the train. I said no thanks i want to wait for the front! Two train wait for the front. My girl and i boarded, i took the drivers side. Its cool how the doors swing. After they said clear i put my arms up and the launch sucked actually something happened to the lims and we only made it half way around the first curve of the upward helix. We rolled back to the straightaway and had to wait to be pushed back into the station. We then got out while they did a test run. We then boarded the 2nd train. During the launch i thought i was on TTD................maybe not,lol. The launch is not bad, it is intense going up the upward helix. After we went through the police car scene and came back around i got insane aitime before i got to the helicopter scene. The helicopter scene was boring, but the fire warmed us up. It should have been real gunfire. After the brief pause we launched into the tunnel. It was cool being dark and stuff. Then we dove into the unexpected splashdown, and got air time there as well. I felt no fishtailing, no vibrations in the tunnel. The speed felt faster due to it only being 40' tall at the most. The overbank was cool. All in all its a fun ride, i was impressed. Now i get to go ride TTD next weekend:)
  14. Player

    New area idea!

    put a rocket or a steel coaster over 250' in the parking lot.
  15. Employees here don't care. They are slow and don't give a f***. And i have noticed that the supervisors look like they encourage slowness. Whenever you go to Cedar Point, the crews are working like fine oiled machines.
  16. No it isn't... It might be based on Giant Top Spin, but it's not the same ride. Also, a few minor editorial comments regarding my last post. Six Flags no longer owns the park I was referring to (Six Flags Worlds of Adventure). The park is now owned by CedarFair LP (same group that owns Cedar Point) and is called Geauga Lake & Wildwater Kingdom. The ride I was referring to is now called Texas Twister. Player - I was going by what was on Huss' site, and didn't realize that Six Flags no longer owned that park. They do however have a small water park in the Columbus area (Six Flags Wyandot Lake). yes, and its a great waterpark! I have ridden the top spin at geuaga lake and it is more thrilling than trtr.
  17. It clearly states that delierium's swing is 137' while maxair is 140'
  18. oldies man you need to get back to reality. There is no Six flag ohio anymore!
  19. if FoF was at the point they could get at least 1500 pph! Cp's employees are more effiecent. Most employee's there are in college while the majority of pki employees are 16 year old punks.
  20. yeah as a whole paramount employees are better. PKD, PCW, Carowinds, and PGA needs to send some of those employees to pki.
  21. Player theres no way it was 2000 pph. If it was whoever figured the numbers couldn't have been older than 5. With 50 seats that means for 2000 pph there would need to be 40 cycles in an hour and if the cycle is as long as Delirium then it will be 2.5 minutes and 40*2.5=100 minutes which is well over an hour and a half and thats w/o loading people. And even a thousand people is impossible. That needs 20 cycles so 20*2.5=50 minutes. So that means that only 10 minutes would be spent in between 20 cycles. So in between each cycle would be 30 seconds, 15 to unload and 15 to load. Haha yea right impossible no way in he//. That is of course if the ride cycle is the same as Delirium and CP would be really stupid to shorten the ride cycle. sorry you had to do all that math. The 2000 pph was in relation to Flight of Fear. Sorry to burst your bubble. If you had read the earlier posts you would know that. PKI's is rated at 600 while maxair is rated at 1000. I explained how cp would hit that number primary because delerium has so many people with white shirts standing around with their thumb up their ***!
  22. You can ride those all day,lol. I prefer corksrew over Vortex, largely due to the great capacity.
  23. Pki already has the wood. Put in a batman the ride clone. A 500' Rocket, and a giga coaster. nuff said
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