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  1. Who wants a smooth wooden coaster? Roughness to me is what a wooden coaster is about. If they're gonna start making them as smooth as steel coasters, they may as well just build it with steel.
  2. I wouldn't mind a floorless at PKI but I would prefer something that provides a different riding experience. I've never been on a floorless, but they just look like sitdown loopers. I think PKI could deversify itself better with a flyer or invert.
  3. In no particular order: Flight of Fear Delirium Tomb Raider Drop Zone Son of Beast
  4. moore

    Fouth of July

    Er, I'm getting so frustrated with this. Our plans just changed again and now we're looking at the 9th (a Sunday). It shouldn't be that crowded should it?
  5. moore

    Fouth of July

    Well, I we were planning on going on a Wed no matter what. Really though next week or the week after is my last chance. I'm really busy in late July and school starts back up in Aug sometime. It'd be hard for me to find time in Aug otherwise I would go then. I guess if it comes down to it, I can handle the crowds because I'd rather go on a crowded day than not at all (and it looks like I'll have to).
  6. moore

    Fouth of July

    I really don't want to go if there is going to be a large crowd. Should the following week be less crowded?
  7. Looks like I'm the only person who wants a Dive Machine. Really though I wouldn't complain about any B&M that we might get (well as long as it isn't a clone).
  8. Ok, well it seems that the best chance for me to visit PKI is the week of 4th of July. Do you guys think the park will be packed still on the fifth? If so, will the crowds really die down much the following week? Thanks guys!
  9. No, we're only going for one day. What I meant by 3day advance tickets were the tickets you purchase online but are not valid for 3 days. How much are they at Kroger? The closest one is about 25 miles away so I don't really want to make a trip if it isn't going to save that much.
  10. I didn't really want to start a new topic for this.....is there a store I can buy discounted tickets cheaper than the online 3day advance tickets for 34.99?
  11. I always hit Drop Zone, FoF, and then TR:TR. After TR, I just work my way through the park since most of the other rides don't have terrible lines throughout the day.
  12. Well those are the common characteristics of a family ride
  13. I've only ridden Sling Shot but Skyflier looks like it might be more fun. I would think that Skyflier would have a lot more suspense considering you have to be hoisted up and it's probably a lot more 'free' feeling that SlingShot.
  14. Why do we need to remove/replace Top Gun? It's a great ride.
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