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  1. That was an enjoyable read, and I'm glad I got the chance to ride it while it was still Son of Beast Original Recipe. I'm having trouble recalling if I ever rode the non-looping variant. I probably wouldn't have rode it, but I went to Kings Island with two of my good friends and none of us wanted to admit to the others that we were scared to ride (we would have been about 12 at the time). That's the day I got over my fear of roller coasters.
  2. Yikes! I hope not! I'm joking, of course. Great pictures and thank you for sharing!
  3. Two things: 1. It's hard going back and reading posts I made almost 10 years ago. 2. I looked into the project a little more and found this blog post which gives a little more information about the development (or lack of, really). http://weelunk.com/wild-escape-why-the-highlands-theme-park-fizzled/ From looking at this, it seems as though the development was likely to never be built.
  4. I need to get down there, or else I fear one day I'll find myself replying to this topic saying "I wish I had made it down there before..." If I ever can find the time to do so, I'll try and upload some of our home movies of Camden Park. We've got one from when I was quite young (which would predate this video by two or three years) and we've got some from my parents youth in the 60s/70s.
  5. My family and I may be doing a Disney World trip late next year, so I'm pretty curious to see how it all works from a user experience perspective. I haven't been to WDW since 2004, so I should be in for quite a different trip.
  6. Here is a pretty interesting, albeit rather long, article about MyMagic+ and the related technologies. http://www.fastcompany.com/3044283/the-messy-business-of-reinventing-happiness#
  7. Or my personal favorite term for the late Senator's projects, Byrd Droppings.
  8. There were a lot of interesting transportation experiments going on in the 60s/70s and quite a few of them focused on the idea of an elevated guide way on which a vehicle could move on. Though seen as futuristic at the time, I think most of those examples didn't quite pan out the way they had hoped. As a result, the remaining systems seem to be expensive to operate vs. more traditional transport systems (cars, trains, buses etc.). Of course, my personal favorite example would be the WVU PRT (Personal Rapid Transit). Though, many people would argue that it isn't personal, it is seldom rapid, and hardly qualifies as transit. Look at that little guy go. He's adorable. Walt was definitely an incredible visionary. I'd love to have seen more of his ideas come to fruition. Side note: I've finally gone over 1000 posts! It only took me 10 years!
  9. In high school, I used to frequent a QSL on an almost weekly basis for their unlimited wing night. I only went because my friends did - I don't even care for wings that much (In fact, I'd be much happy with chicken nuggets dipped in wing sauce, but that's just me). Being honest, I was never impressed. The car theme elements were intriguing initially, but it wore out after a while. I'm sure it will have a lot to do with management, but the particular QSL I'm referring to almost always seemed understaffed and not particularly clean. I imagine that CP will be more attentive to those sorts of things.
  10. I've done the king's ransom package before - that was a heck of a trip. Of course, my grandmother paid for all of it... Also, if you want to tick off your waiter, go to a really nice restaurant in WDW on New Years Eve and ask for only french fries. You'll get an appetizer of french fries, an entree of french fries served with two sides of french fries, and a dessert of french fries drizzled in french fries. In my defense, I was in 7th grade...but man, that was a lot of french fries.
  11. Am I seeing Banshee lighting glowing onto The Bat? Image collected via the Kings Island Bat Cam. The aforementioned camera can be found here.
  12. I'm guessing it probably costs less money to use a smaller crane. So, if they can use a smaller crane, they probably will.
  13. Not too long. I used a picture that showed a very limited portion of the ride to make it easier. Then I selected and placed different elements (track, train, supports etc) on varying layers so I could adjust the hues individually but retain things such as glare and shading to make it seem more realistic. I tried to cover up some of the sharp edges by blurring them which worked so-so at best. I'm definitely very amateur with photoshop, but, I like doing things like these just to get a quick idea of what it could look like in the future. Yeah, I think you're right, but, I did it like this as kind of a cheat. The picture I used was from when the track was red. This made it easier to convert to orange. I went ahead and kept the band of color on the trains as well to make it appear a little more realistic.
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