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  1. I'm the full time manager of KCKC
  2. Delirium and Tombraider are both GIANT and made of steel, what more do you want?
  3. You're right the park is family oriented but it's also very oriented to thrill seekers with Drop Zone, Beast, Son of Beast, Delirium, TRTR. I don't see how you can say that guests wouldn't like a tall steel coaster and wouldn't fit in when they built the world's tallest and fastest wood coaster just 4 years ago and the world's tallest Gyro-Drop the year before that and 2 very exciting flat rides since then. All four of these rides are some of the most popular rides in the park. Also none of these rides are rides that the whole family can enjoy. Plus HB and Nick Central have been redone and added new attractions recently and with the BB expansion there are plenty of rides for the whole family to enjoy. Now is a perfect time to add a new coaster.
  4. A big coaster wouldn't fit in? I don't get it. We have plenty of room for expansion and the south-east side of the park i.e. Rivertown and Old Coney has no tall rides so let's just say hypothetically if the park were to add a tall coaster in that area it would even out the skyline of the park with Drop Zone in the north and tower in the middle. So why exactly wouldn't a tall coaster fit in and why wouldn't the guests like it?
  5. All the cheerleaders I saw seemed to be Middle School - High School age.
  6. Why isn't Face/Off on this poll? I think it's the smoothest coaster in the park.
  7. Timberwolf doesn't have concerts when the park is closed, probably because when the park is closed, it's cold outside and no one wants to go to an outdoor concert when it's cold.
  8. Days of Thunder was so much better than Bond, it was the best FX Theater movie.
  9. There are plenty of Intamins at PKI: Eiffel Tower White Water Canyon Congo Falls Viking Fury Pretty sure Paramount's Kings Island spent a hell of a lot of money on Tombraider and the Boomerang Bay expansion is the most Paramount has ever spent on a water park. Just because PKI hasn't built your beloved B&M floorless or Giga Coaster doesn't mean they aren't willing to spend money. PKI is obviously trying to attract many different age groups as they always have.
  10. I think Delirium will be the next thing to go.
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