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  1. According to the WeatherBug camera there is a crane behind the lift hill as of 9:00a.. no doubt up to some nefarious activity.
  2. I am no engineer, but run on the assumption that track being pulled down from a train running below receives more stress than track that runs under a train. I think I said that right...
  3. what will be interesting is that "The Bat" is only six years "younger" than Vortex is was. The track receives a lot more stress from the trains hanging instead of sitting. My guess is that service life timeline conversation is nearing as well.
  4. hopefully theming involves.... a restroom!
  5. The corkscrew, or parts of it, may have had to come down first.
  6. first loop was a shade taller.
  7. me thinks both loops are down now.
  8. Anthony worked as Chief Creative Officer/SVP Guest Experiences for Herschend under their CEO at the time, Joel Manby. When Manby was offered the CEO position at SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment- Anthony accepted a lateral move to join him in Orlando. Unfortunately, Anthony became part of the (one of) many executive expunges SW has participated in recent years.
  9. maybe O'Rourke will release images of the demo later a la Son of Beast.
  10. The sections to come down are the tallest and most complicated. Much like the Son of Beast i could see sections of the lift hill sectioned and brought down separately.
  11. I could see 2020 having the area mostly just cleared. 2021 having the elements of what the pedestrian traffic flow will be and maybe a flat as well as future expansion infastructure. Then, 2022 introducing 'next.' A watchful eye at iaapa a few months ago may have spotted CF folks at the Jack Rouse booth. Not saying that happened... This was the first year in the last 4 I didn't go. But they design environments and I'm thinking that footprint will become an environment.
  12. wow. looks like they administered some Windex to the webcam.
  13. doesn't curiosity count for anything???????????, and my constitutional right to know?
  14. hmmm. Vortex barley... that sounds gross.
  15. so... will there be a beach this summer? I hear conflicting reports and there's nothing on the website or FB page to indicate one way or the other.
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