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  1. Outdoor Man

    Its Finally being Worked on...

    video cameras back in 1990 sucked. Any of these still operate?
  2. Outdoor Man

    Vortex 2 or 3 train operation, better experience?

    I remember years ago that ride ops used to check the over-head-restraints... as the train was going past on its way out of the station. would NEVER happen today.
  3. Outdoor Man

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    no... keep it there. By exhuming a few of the cemetery residents perhaps the mystery of Missouri Jane can be resolved.
  4. Outdoor Man

    Antique Car Tracks

    come to think of it- take a look at some of Paramount's additions: Action Theater... gone for the most part Son of Beast: terrible layout, overall ride, etc... gone Tomb Raider: excellent addition, de-themed- now gone Scooby's Ghost Coaster: gone Italian Job: meh addition. still there- special effects never tended to. Scooby Doo and Haunted Mansion: still exists- but far inferior to ride it replaced They had some successes: Nick Universe Delerium Drop Zone Flight of Fear
  5. Outdoor Man

    Winter Fest

    excerpts from "Funworld Magazine"- IAAPA's monthly magazine.
  6. Outdoor Man

    Official looking men between The Racers

    parts of it look like they are using the oil/grease as a paint color. Several of the coasters there could use a good bath and paint job. Firehawk's mask is meticulously being pulled back to reveal X-Flight.
  7. Outdoor Man

    Kings Island Steakhouse

    Two opinions: 1) I-Street wouldn't really be successful open during off-season times as a shopping district. Many factors. Parking. too far a walk to get there especially when the weather is <30 degrees Retailers wouldn't "fit" during in-season dates. Only one entrance/one exit. 2) Steakhouse... at an amusement park? Not sure about that one. Coney BBQ had GREAT food... for a weekend. It's OK- its still the place I choose to use my meal plan- but the meat quality has taken a bit of a dive.
  8. Outdoor Man

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    Interesting concepts and seemingly serious rebuttal.... At the depot and awaiting the arrival of the reality train.
  9. Outdoor Man

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    hmmm... this all reminds me of a song:
  10. Outdoor Man

    WCPO: Kings Island rides we wish had never gone away

    you don't know what you're talking about- it would be like putting Vinyl Siding on Lady Liberty. Too much Friday's.
  11. Outdoor Man

    New Music throughout the park

    I like the new music setup. Though the Coney area music seems to be the same roll that has played for a few years- i HATE some of those songs. Anything by Sam Smith causes me to want to lunge at a speaker in anger...
  12. Outdoor Man

    Future changes to the shed?

    Worst coaster ending since Adventure Express.
  13. Outdoor Man

    Kings Island Announces 2018 Changes

    someone made mention of it on page 1- I'm not reading dozens of replies to get up to speed just to make my own comment. I hope this hire is a move towards improving what has been terrible for a very long time. The food service area seems to be where they place the least talented and motivated people.... and a step below that seems to be the ones that run the check out area. They are either too concerned with flirting with co-workers or "can't find the buttons"... there's really no in between. I, for one, am a proud family that has meal plans... because if I had to cough up $15 everytime we opened our mouths for mediocre product and lower-than-that service... I feel for Kings Island management. quality employees that are >22 years old simply don't apply to work there and unlike Disney... quality college age employees aren't beating down the gates to work there. I still think that they'd dramatically improve the overall guest experience by hiring half and paying them more. it seems like their solution has been to hire quantity. You don't hire a dozen "3's" and somehow end up with an 8 or 9. Instead of hiring 10 kids to work the skyline location where one or two of them is actually working, hire 5 and pay the same aggregate total. I don't work in the HR there- so I know there are more moving parts to it than my "simple" solution.
  14. Outdoor Man

    2018 Construction in Coney Mall

    I would love to see the Maintenance team at KI take a couple of their trucks, lifts, etc... out into the park and randomly place them together in front of a ride, coaster, building, etc... and watch these forums explode.
  15. Outdoor Man

    Could Flying Ace be updated to be like Freedom Flyer?

    VR would cause a longer longer. Not enough capacity