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  1. Friendly. What planet are you on? They, unfortunately, had a GM since 2014 that was decent fiscally but a PR nightmare which everyone but ownership observed. Middle management staff was largely a revolving door. It could have been much better than it turned out.
  2. Here's hoping that the Eiffel Tree star is bright enough to be seen beyond the parking lot. And, the lighting program for the tree is less "busy".
  3. Something will take the place of Vortex eventually, if not sooner. The space is too visible to leave empty for too long. I do hope though that they put some "creativity" into the replacement. Orion seems like a really tall/fast coaster with no character. Simple elements to make it unique- go underground through a tunnel, fog tunnel, slip in a loop- something creative. On the surface it just seems like a taller version of Diamondback. Like a refresh of a model year for a vehicle... its updated, but it's still a (name your vehicle). I like the focus on "experience" over thrills. Thrills fade over time. But immersion into an experience keeps a line for an attraction longer. ie- if Tomb Raider was still there operating in its original format- it would still have lines. As an generic indoor topspin... it had 10 minute waits. Gone are the days of 150 minute waits for Diamondback; and soon, so will the 20 minute waits. Then as time goes on, the 2 hour waits for Orion will be replaced as a newer, taller version with more zing and more pep is built.
  4. maybe someone mentioned (didn't look through posts)- note the use of words: Not a "thanks, but no thanks" but used terms like "inadequate" - and Cedar Fair responded that Six Flags’ bid was too low, (Reuters) Something tells me this isn't over yet.
  5. Actually, if not mistaken, the park has mentioned "final" rides. If it is more of a maintenance/cost issue to open next year than timing- it could theoretically be SBNO for a season (2020). SOB was SBNO for almost three seasons while "next" was created/finalized. The original Bat (in that plot) was SBNO for at least two seasons. If nothing is going in there until 2022... I could see it SBNO for 2020 and construction zone for 2021. Just saying I've seen the word retired... not demolished. And you don't just spend millions of $ to refurbish a steel coaster like you would a wooden coaster.
  6. My guess is that its removal times out with something that will be coming for the 50th anniversary. that said I have two observations. if not mistaken, and someone correct me. The original press release time-stamps were like 4:30am. is that curious to anyone? Most of the news releases mention "retiring the coaster" I haven't seen much of the term "remove"- though I'm pretty certain that's implied I haven't seen the term "demolish" in any of the articles I've read Just two observations I've seen.
  7. Isn't 2022 the 50th Anniversary? The "plot" is too large, visible, and "prime" to leave empty long term. When the (original) Bat was built, it spent 18-months in design, 2 years constructing. It closed after the 1983 operating season but did not come down until after the 1985 season. Empty lot for 1986- Vortex for 1987. My guess is new attraction for 2022 to book-end a remodeled Coney Mall in time for the 50th anniversary.
  8. also, isn't there a certain 50-year anniversary coming up in 2022? May have to put up with an empty lot for a couple seasons but if I were a betting person, I'd guess that they knew exactly what's going there and may use Summer 2020 as a "tease" season + 2021 as a development period to tweak a lot of interest. Anyone with half a brain knew by late 2011 that Son of Beast was returning to the earth, but it wasn't until August 2012 that it really became apparent and mid-2013 before "next" began to take shape. The corpse of SoB was destined to remain where it was until "next" was finalized. Building coasters, from initial call to first rider, is probably a 4 year process, especially a custom-build. My guess is that the contract for Orion became official in Orlando circa November 2017. What will eventually replace Vortex sans 2022 may have likely had it's genesis in 2018. My only question is- what becomes of the "haunted house" other than a *** NEW *** Haunt attraction?
  9. technically accurate though- it has given rides to more than 45 guests.
  10. yes. yes. and yes. If you get much past the parking lot you can't see the star at all. Though, I saw the same rod/hook on top of the tower yesterday, so it will likely not happen. Also, FoF is likely closed so the area can be revamped.
  11. It's been a while since I've visited Coney- but if not mistaken (and correct me)- but the pool admission was separate from rides anyway wasn't it? I could be wrong but I dont' recall it being one price for all. If so, why would Coney need to reduce the price of admission to the pool?
  12. I remember riding Vortex back in the day and they would release the train out of the station and check the over-the-shoulder harnesses as the train rolled by. Safety first.
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