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  1. wow. looks like they administered some Windex to the webcam.
  2. doesn't curiosity count for anything???????????, and my constitutional right to know?
  3. hmmm. Vortex barley... that sounds gross.
  4. so... will there be a beach this summer? I hear conflicting reports and there's nothing on the website or FB page to indicate one way or the other.
  5. I would think they'd solve a lot of headaches by positioning a camera squarely over the action. I can about guarantee unauthorized drone fly-overs or even borderline-trespassing may take place to grab a photo.
  6. Not sure why they would move the webcam away- mourners could just view from the website as opposed to terrible attempts, and at times, questionable tactics. Seems like they would just leave it where it was for the duration, but who am I?
  7. for the most part it seems like Winterfest was well attended this year- perhaps more than the first two?
  8. didn't make it to New Years eve. What were the crowds like?
  9. It looks more like some idiots took liberty to kick in a few railings to grab their own souvenirs than actual deconstruction.
  10. I think its a safe assumption that it's days were numbered, BUT- this wasn't the anticipated timing.
  11. only to say that Vortex won't be "dismantled" and demo last long enough to have a reverse construction map
  12. My best attempt at a Mike Baxter Vlog entry. You know what one of the best Christmas-time jobs is? No, I’m not talking about the corner Walmart Santa- I mean, who would want hundreds of snot-nosed kids sitting on your lap telling you all of the multi-hundred dollar things they want that their parents will never buy? I’m talking about the theme park Christmas show cast. Years from now kids will forget the giant, elegantly wrapped box that contained the ugly sweatshirt mom liked but they’ll never wear- but things kids will remember long into adulthood right until dementia sets in are the sights and sounds they experience in their childhood. There are probably 50+ individuals on the payroll of Kings Island, or some 3rd party company that participate in this every time they take to the stage. Kids from 1 to 92 adore you, sing your songs in the car coming and going from the park. Yes, they’re campy shows with goofy storylines- they’re Christmas shows, they’re supposed to be. Just watch any Hallmark Christmas movie. However, some characters seem to have lost sight (not all) of what their “work” means this time of year and come across as they are too busy to come out and make some kids night with a photo op. Maybe not kids from 1 to 92, but definitely 1 to 10- your physical presence is as real to them as the fat guy himself and they’ll remember you a lot longer than a Christmas sweater. So, for the cast of Tinker, Charlie Brown, What the Dickens, and all the others- before or after your show (if you’re on here)- take a moment to come out, smile for the camera and be part of someone’s memory for a lifetime. Remember, you’re in your 20’s now… won’t be long and you’ll be in your 30’s and 40’s writing messages to those in their 20’s to remind them of these things. Oh, and to the Santa’s workshop Elf that stayed in character to break the news to my daughter that Tinker couldn’t come out for a picture because he was making cookies… well done. The picture of you and our daughter will be in our Christmas memories for years to come; and archived in Google Photos beyond that. Baxter, out.
  13. Banshee took several months to build. My guess is that Vortex isn't being dismantled piece by piece. Demo will take a few days, maybe less... And with any luck, since that land is apparently sinking- once the coaster falls to the ground it could get swallowed up and they wouldn't have to worry about hauling it away.
  14. Friendly. What planet are you on? They, unfortunately, had a GM since 2014 that was decent fiscally but a PR nightmare which everyone but ownership observed. Middle management staff was largely a revolving door. It could have been much better than it turned out.
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