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  1. sorry... i've been keeping you busy. Conference call at 2. Looks like they're keeping this one...
  2. Outdoor Man

    Kings Island Removing an Attraction?

    Fluctuating attendance is an ebb/flow. A robust economy means the local population is more mobile. I know of a of families who traveled extensively over the summer and didn't get KI Passes for the first time in years because of it. I know of seven families representing 31 people in just my tiny sphere that this referred to. If they averaged 15 visits over the summer (likely more) that's 465 times the gate didn't click. If the average spend/person was $7/visit (i don't know if that's high or low), that is close to $6,000 (including season pass $$) that didn't go to KI. If 100 people share a similar story- then you have over 45,000 people missing from the park that would have been there and about $600,000 missing from the coffers. Simple math, I know, but it illustrates a story.
  3. Outdoor Man

    Kings Island Removing an Attraction?

    uh oh... Declining attendance. Budget cuts. Ride removals. Only 11 (of 12) chairs for the funeral... Crap; I've seen this one before. Weren't they trying to "right-size" Geauga Lake before killing it? According to Wikipedia (the #1 source for all accurate information...)- Cedar Fair has 12 "dry" parks- if you count Gilroy Gardens... So... 11 chairs. Funeral for one. "it's big. It's gone." RIP KI. Maybe we can get discounts to local destinations in lieu of those purchased 2019 Season Passes. (Sarcasm just doesn't translate well on a computer screen)
  4. Outdoor Man

    Kings Island Removing an Attraction?

    Probably not, but could be Vortex. I haven't waited longer than 5 minutes at any time in the last decade, it's been about as long since it has received a coat of paint, and you can see rust-like colors on the bottom supports from The Beast line. Plus. it is a marquee location with great visibility for a large- something. As a side note, as a 30+ year old steel coaster exposed to the elements 24/7/365- how much longer does it have? There are a lot of Arrow coasters out there of that age and older still operating- but the herd is thinning.
  5. I'm just spit-balling here- but begin construction by the end of the month? They could conceivably construct in 60-days... are they trying to have open by Winterfest by chance?
  6. Outdoor Man

    Coney Mall Concept 2022

  7. Outdoor Man

    Coney Mall Concept 2022

    I normally scoff at excessive effort spent on things like this... that YouTube was pretty good. Like the concepts. 2 of the 8 have a shot at happening: Racer and Monster refurb. The museum is a good concept... the skyride would be a nice touch to tie in the historic aspect of Coney. I don't see either happening though.
  8. Outdoor Man

    Which Coaster needs a Paint Job?

    Firehawk by a LONG shot; this summer it was REAL apparent that it was formerly X-Flight. I like the Black/Red color scheme much more than the highlighter green... but with such an obnoxious color under the red it wouldn't take a rocket scientist to know that chips in the paint will be VERY noticeable quickly. 2nd place: The Racer. Instead of all white, maybe they could paint The Racer a black/grease color. Then, in 2 years you won't be able to tell.
  9. Outdoor Man

    Kings Mills Antique Autos Path Discussion

    based on the description of the layout... they've got some work ahead of them. Has the area started to be roped off yet?
  10. Outdoor Man

    Should they expand the bathrooms up front?

    I feel bad for the employees that have to clean them. I mean, really, it's not like its a rare occurrence. There will be 8 empty urinals and invariably some stooge is "behind a closed door" standing up. If there is no vacancy in the lineup, OK, but why make the conscious decision to do that? At a minimum, clean up after yourself. It was terrible when our girls were young and the only option was to take them into the men's to use a stall. I followed on person out of the Coney area restrooms and publically shamed him into going back to mop up. I had cleaned one up from prior use before one of my (2-year old) daughters had to use. As with some kids... half way through washing hands she realized she wasn't done yet. So we went back to the stall I knew was clean'ish and passed by said Stooge as he come out- and had yellow sprinkles all over the seat... and didn't flush. New hastag... #dontbeajerkusetheurinal
  11. Outdoor Man

    Should they expand the bathrooms up front?

    On the surface I agree. However, deeper into the park some of the restrooms have twice as many stalls as they do urinals. Now, can anyone tell me that when stalls are outnumbered 2:1- what should NEVER happen? URINE ON THE SEAT. If you are one of the "ack-Jasses" that have "****-poor" aim - use those porcelain appliances on the wall. I can't tell you how many times I've had to enter the sacred throne room after someone uses (standing up) and had to mop their miss off the seat. I mean, really, use the frick'in urinal. And for those who use the urinal and leave a puddle on the floor. REALLY???
  12. FUN Perks was intended to be more than it was- 2012 was just the beta. ... BoddaH1994... remember when a certain KIC site members crashed a certain organizations server? uh huh; me too.
  13. agree. solid addition; but tone-deaf on the hype.
  14. Outdoor Man

    Its Finally being Worked on...

    video cameras back in 1990 sucked. Any of these still operate?
  15. Outdoor Man

    Vortex 2 or 3 train operation, better experience?

    I remember years ago that ride ops used to check the over-head-restraints... as the train was going past on its way out of the station. would NEVER happen today.