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  1. Coaster blue prints are submitted to Zoning Departments and are usually in public domain. usually. One snafu may be, and someone can correct me- but is KI technically in Deerfield Twp.? I know they are surrounded by DT on all sides- but don't know which side of the line they sit.
  2. The whole masking thing is maddening. The way 95% of the population wears them- they're not protected from anything. I don't know that I can recall a news story where an outbreak was traced to outdoor activities. In addition, I don't know how you regulate it- but if you've had COVID or have had the vaccine- your immune system should be put back into use to protect from all the old gross things that were crawling around the parks. As it pertains to the vaccine- if there's no discernable difference in lifestyle after I've received... I'll just take my chances with the virus. I've read journals that say after the appearance of antibodies the best way to maintain immunity is subtle, consistent exposure- continuing to try and sanitize your existence will eventually lessen the effect of the antibodies. my $0.03.
  3. Holy thread bump... We'll see. Vortex lasted 33 years and the problem referenced was the stress on the unbanked track. If it had been banked it would have lasted longer- even though having the pendulum weight of the trains hanging/swinging as opposed to riding on top would seem to be stress of its own. that said, the present day iteration of The Bat opens it's 29th season this year.
  4. Let's not forget the server you were responsible for crashing, circa 2012.
  5. CF could buy the Seaworld parks and convert the marine life areas to a water park. I think I saw that strategy play out somewhere before; it didn't turn out well as I recall. CF would have zero interest in any parks of the brand (SW or BG); they have no history in dealing with animals (marine or land)- or complicated landscaping designs. That's really not a knock on them- it just isn't part of their DNA.
  6. We're going back at the end of Feb. I hear they've increased capacity- is that right?
  7. It would be a unique/innovative addition. However, a couple things come to mind. At knott's, the utilities (electric) is fairly accessible because the course runs close to the main areas of the park. KI would have to do quite a bit of rigging to get power lines where they would need to be. Cost/benefit would likely come into play. Secondly- KI doesn't have the greatest track record when it comes to maintaining theming elements. That said, next $30M project (you know, in 10 years- long after pandemic...)- don't. spend half of that and create a themed immersion experience in the TRTR building. Create something no one has seen before that you have to ride more than once (or three times) to get it all. Orion is a great roller coaster; it's tall and fast... but so is Diamondback. realistically, the park doesn't need both. and that is in excess of $55M in steel coaster track that is redundant... meanwhile, there have been two large buildings on property that have sat empty for close to a decade. I vote to maximize use of what is currently there and being under-utilized before trying to add something new to the skyline every couple of years. Sorry, sort of went off-topic a bit.
  8. we do... but transmission for Polio is a "little bit" different. COVID is an airborne virus and transmits as easy as the Common Cold and Chicken Pox, for instance. Common cold predominantly treated with therapeutics and over-the-counter, but still very present. Chicken Pox is very contagious but mostly contained... they used to have chicken pox parties when I was younger- it's mostly uncommon and prevented by a vaccine. COVID will probably land somewhere in between the those two. Both are viruses that are still around, but risk-managed. Herd immunity, prescriptive medicine, and continual exposure to the extend its affect is blunted- will be the future. Once this current wave is back below the Mendoza Line, over-protection needs to begin shifting to those who are most vulnerable and those who are healthy otherwise let their immune systems work.
  9. Oh, and a few posts ago- Disney's MK had passengers on all rows of their rides when we went in September. I don't think that's changed.
  10. https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/us/ and https://www.cdc.gov
  11. Truth is, we will never be fully "rid" of COVID. So... we're going to have to learn to live with and manage it. We can beat it down with herd immunity- but it isn't something we'll ever be 100% rid of. Measles is still around. Mumps is still around. Common Cold (a coronavirus) is still around. The best thing that has happened is the development of the Vaccine, yes- but also therapeutics have come a long way in a short time. For some- the treatments, when addressed immediately, have resulted in the virus being neutralized within 2-3 days- in otherwise healthy people. Going forward, the vaccine and current infections will get us to a herd-immunity level that will be sustainable. However, we will need to "ditch" the social distancing, mask wearing, over sanitization, etc... that have been present to allow the population to have a continuous, ongoing exposure to it to keep immunity levels up. If we try to sanitize our way to health, we'll be susceptible to everything. There have been several doctors groups that have said- if you've recovered from it or had the vaccination- drop the overprotecting or the immune system will forget to protect against it. In the future, COVID will probably be part of every annual flu vaccine (just as H1N1 is)- if you're immuno-compromised, protect yourself. and if you have symptoms or are diagnosed- get the therapeutics prescribed immediately. In positive news: as of yesterday only 8 states have growing infection rates. 20 currently have flat graphs, and 22 have declining daily infection rates (some dramatically). MUCH better than a month ago that had 48 states with increasing rates.
  12. and I think therein lies the first and final nail to the coffin of hopes for a 2020 Winterfest/Holiday event. See you in 2021.
  13. I agree; though I'm not sure why they keep making a point to make the distinction. I would think that as 2020 goes.... everything has been under a different set of rules. Only if someone has been on the moon with their head deep in moon rock facing the other direction would anyone not know this...
  14. again, Kings Island could do it and be a money maker.
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