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  1. was at one of the first weekends of Winterfest when a pretty intense storm came through... it was nailed that night- and LOUD.
  2. I've led (and managed from afar) "giveaway" promotions in the past. There is just something about a goodwill gesture that causes people to instantly morph the situation into an entitlement and demand free stuff. It's embarrassing.
  3. ahem... 2012. I know because... well, I know.
  4. Was in the back of the park for the finale; but if not mistaken, not all the I-Street lights were working. Saw the full light show on Friday or Saturday (at least I think it was...) and it is really good. They seem to be having some consistency issues on the effects though.
  5. Wow. Tough crowd. Except in rare instances, 40 years of management have had the over hype-under deliver moniker placed on them. See: Italian Job Stunt Coaster, Adventure Express, etc... for examples. I think the entrance is a remarkable upgrade. Yeah, I like the pedestals too.... but the new look is a nice upgrade. The whole entrance is an upgrade from the overgrown trees that lined it for years- which, by the way, hid the trusses. Also, i think the pedestals are "bye-bye"... they may have kept one or parts of one to make a cameo appearance at Haunt though.
  6. Yeah, I was going to be one of those waiting in the AM for the gates to open- but then I remembered I had other things to do. Actually, that's a lie- I had no intentions.
  7. I'm no arborist, but it could be that the trees lining iStreet had reached height maturity and once that happens their main growth would come from "regeneration"- meaning shedding branches and limbs to facilitate new growth. Now, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that a park with thousands of daily guests can't have trees lining a busy thoroughfare that are regularly shedding 100lb limbs. In that respect, the only option is to clear the slate and start over.
  8. I don't care about the quote, I just like the screen name!
  9. KI. At second glance though, maybe they have received a paint-refreshing.
  10. according to the image- is it just me or does it look like the iStreet buildings are largely untouched?
  11. Oh my word. Did you unwrap Christmas presents before Christmas day to see what was inside? If your answer is yes and your parents found out about it- they should have returned the gifts. Because it's intended for a surprise. If the park wanted people to see behind the curtain, they'd post pictures. if not- wait another 35-40'ish days. The original poster of the images asked, then didn't post the iStreet images. The conversation should have ended there. Zealots that can't wait a few weeks could be placing this site and its moderators at risk. Though Kings Island doesn't "own" this site- the site doesn't exist without the park: no Kings Island, no KIC. If the park feels like members of this site are improperly taking liberties with with their "private" property and decide its more trouble than worth they could choose to file a lawsuit corresponding to what they feel has been violated. Granted, I don't think it would be a case they could win- BUT it would cost "owners" of this site to lawyer up. I'm not sure what the payday is for moderating this site, but I doubt it would be feasible to enlist in a legal battle. Takeaway: Just wait. Go to work. Go to school. Read a book. Build your own anticipation of 75 degree days and walking through the park entrance in April. You're not entitled to anything; and the second you think the park owes you (or members of this site) something- here's a hint: they don't. Think of someone other than yourself. In other words, stay in your lane. Baxter, Out.
  12. I like how they didn't need a "fence" to tell people to not go in to the fountain- and a tall fence to keep people out of the yard in front of The Racer. Almost like people used to know that sort of thing... and we have to be told today.
  13. so, wait a minute. All I have to do to trigger someone on this site is to mention "Intamin"? Crap, I didn't know it was that easy- whole new ballgame folks.
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