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  1. Cincinnati weather through December is generally manageable. You have the sporadic 60 degree days in early Dec. and things don't typically get dicey until the end of Dec.- which by the 2020 Dec Calendar, they would be closed before Christmas anyway. It just seems like a waste of lost revenue. Saturday's in October have been very well attended and as it has gotten colder, more and more of people's physical appearance is covered; not to mention, masks are then more bearable to wear. Just seems that if they had plugged forward, even with fewer shows- they could have had near-equal attend
  2. not sure why they cannot try this. They could have done Winterfest...
  3. I heard that too. Kings Island could have done Winterfest. 95% of the human body is covered (gloves included) anyway- and face coverings are generally included as well.
  4. It would be the like the Demon Drop; only a lot longer and would fall a lot further. It would be called "Cincinnati Pro Sports Playoff Hopes". The top of the ride would be called... let's say "April" and way near the bottom would be "September"- only, when you think it is over, September would continue to fall below grade to "December." There would be some peaks... but mostly valleys. It will be a devastating ride but for some reason everyone tends to climb the hill to jump back on the bandwagon in April every time. Do I have something here?
  5. I don't think it really became clear until about 2 weeks ago. As someone who had a booth number assigned, Orange County had been pressing IAAPA to continue with the Expo and I think up until the 2nd or 3rd week of August had their canons aimed to have the event. Then one-by-one, prominent exhibitors began to back out. ITPS backed out for the first time since it's inception, Intamin, GCI, etc... Then operators like, Quassy (not a large park, but a regular fixture at IAAPA events) pulled their support. By the third week of August I think it was crystal clear- I'm sort of surprised they wait
  6. Not saying they are racing to remove The Bat. But like all "assets"- when the cost of maintenance exceeds the perceived ROI... it becomes a liability. See Firehawk ("only" 18 years old at its demise) SOB (last ride at 9 years) and Vortex. The Bat is a maintenance issue from extinction.
  7. I wouldn't be surprised if The Bat took it's final flight very soon. rarely a line, I can't imagine replacement parts are plentiful at this point, the paint-job looks shoddy (again)... I don't think they've used Timberwolf on any consistent basis in years. So... removal of those two wouldn't be a stretch. That said, I have to side with infrastructure and utilities. I can't imagine the park doing a large project in the front when they likely knew that some prime real estate in the back was going to be vacant. You can seal those two areas off from the park and let nature reclaim witho
  8. Would like to see park change hours to be open later. People wishing to come after work wouldn't get there until >6p. Not much incentive to come out at that point.
  9. We went for the first time on Thursday. Wish they would change times to 1-10 instead of 11-7. If there is any time of the day that is bearable to wear masks outdoors it was at 7:05 as we were walking out. As for the climbing infection rates... Infections aren't happening largely at outdoor venues, it's mostly from tight indoor spaces that feature lots of recirculated air. A doctor acquaintance of mine said that most agree that if we were doing unlimited testing from February-April, there were likely days that there would have been in excess of 150,000 daily cases tallied. I thin
  10. Had a much longer post before trying to upload to a now-deleted thread. PRE-COVID: my guess is that CF had plans already in motion when the decision was made to bring Vortex down as a 2021 attraction(s). It's too marquee a location to not have an equally marquee attraction inhabit the spot. Just like SOB stood SBNO for a few years even though there was no intention to reopen- it stood until Banshee was ready to build. It would have been easy to leave Vortex standing until something new was ready. CONTEXT: prospect to first ride can take 3+ years to do; so, at a minimum, Vortex's
  11. When ride ops do that, it just comes off as poor training. Maybe park supervisors encourage it.... I highly doubt it though; it's more of a blind eye and trying to be the "cool" supervisor. If they want to make effective use of the PA system, then help theme up their ride- stop the idiotic telling people to enjoy your ride on The Beast- when they are on Diamondback. Use the mic to reinforce the ride and theme. Haven't been yet this year but Orion looks to be about as well themed as anything they've installed in a while. There's a story there- i hope the ride ops use creativity to "t
  12. he did. State was served a lawsuit... Dewine relented.
  13. maybe sooner than July... Ohio HB665 submitted to Dewine with bipartisan support to all for immediate reopening of amusements parks, zoos, and waterparks. He could veto it.... but i doubt he will.
  14. Not a conspiracy theory person at all... but Georgia mostly reopened 3-4 weeks ago. MANY were saying it was stupid; they'll be the next New York, just wait- it'll be just like Italy. Result- daily infection and death rate have been flat since March 30. Florida reopened... infection rate scaling down- death rates flat. We've been trained to hear that places reopening equals a huge spike in the virus. I think that parks (KI, CF, Six, etc...) need to get open. Lobby the states to push the start of school to Labor day to give 'that much longer" and restore 4 weeks to the summer op
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