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  1. ^And we all know any ride that goes 50 is no good. ?
  2. Agreed. I also think everyone is severely overanalyzing the job that the station separator is performing. When the crew is sending out 40+ trains per hour, how do you expect the employee(s) to be able to deal with height checking, line jumpers, loose article questions, etc. and still be able to fill every seat on the train? If they need a group of two and have all of 10 seconds to find one, so what if they take two single riders and pair them together. It's better than yelling down the stairs, possibly not finding any, and then either leaving the seats empty or holding up the next dispatch while the group of two climbs past everyone in front of them to get to the appropriate seats. Simply put, working as a separator requires alot more than most people here seem to think it does.
  3. Anyone else notice a few sequences in that ride program that are strikingly similar to a few within the program The Crypt ran for much of last season? They're most notable in the beginning and end of the ride.
  4. Really, all the Crypt needs is some blaring European techno music and flashing colored lights. Oh wait....
  5. I believe most horror stories of Six Flags arise from mid-season visits with crowds and heat. I've been to Magic Mountain twice...03 and 05. Both times I visited the park for two consecutive days, and both times the two days varied greatly in quality. One day Goliath would have all three trains running...the next it would have one, with a 3+ hour wait. The same type of things happened with Scream, Batman, X, Riddler, etc. Waiting in a three hour line for Deja Vu in the LA heat in mid-July will thoroughly upset anyone. But, nevertheless, the "good" days at the Six Flags parks I've been to have been phenomenal.
  6. Yes, definitely hit the Crown Colony. It is extremely relaxing, the views are amazing, and the food is good. When I went in the middle of July this past summer the only rides with significant waits were Sheikra and the Stanley Falls log flume. We rode Gwazi once....we were the only people on either of the two trains racing at the time. Needless to say, it clearly isn't a fan favorite.
  7. Yes, I agree Beast08. It may differ a bit between cycles though due to the speed at which the train climbs the first lift, which seems to depend on whether or not the block ahead of it is clear.
  8. Just wait til you get the pleasure of trying to turn it into HR.
  9. Definitely, I noticed at one point there were two lights that looked like eyes in the back of the mine shaft. Very nice touch.
  10. The "wind" you heard would be the wolf howling at the end of the ride.
  11. Oh man, I know what you mean about Saturday at CP. I was there all day, about 12:30 to midnight. Nearly full queue for Dragster, well past the pop machines for Millennium Force, almost two hours for Cornstalkers....Craziness. I must say, the ride crews were doing an excellent job, especially considering they had Ride Prides and volunteers working various positions. Gemini was two-sided and consistently dispatching well before the following trains were in the brakes. I was thoroughly impressed, great day at the Point.
  12. OK, would you like to explain how they managed to accomplish an evacuation when the ride was a significant height off the ground? They have rolling staircases that can be adjusted to the specific height at which the ride has stopped? Cherry Pickers? Please tell.
  13. Definitely hit Spiderman early. That line grows long and quick. Hulk is also a good bet to ride early, but if it has all 3 trains on (which it almost always does) the enormous capacity keeps the line moving very fast. Universal's Express system is amazing, you will have no trouble hitting every attraction in one night with an express pass. Have fun and post a TR if you have the time!
  14. I've had the same issue with sunglasses. I put them in a side pocket, and then when I stand up they've been snapped in half.
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