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  1. New Attractions and Rides are a mere band aid for the root problem that Kings Island and other CF parks face. Poor Customer Service, low quality dining and lacking entertainment continue to be major issues that are neglected every year. Especially at Kings Island.
  2. Disney knocked it out of the park at D23 with all of the new park additions coming over the next 5 years. EPCOT was the least talked about but is a huge winner with the revitalization it is receiving and making it more family friendly.
  3. More screen based rides coming. This will be an upgraded version of Gringotts. While fun it is no longer unique and is a tired concept at Universal. Sorry Im a bit jaded towards Universal. Was down there last Summer and so much of the attention has been focused on Harry Potter the rest of the parks have suffered. Especially IoA outside of Harry Potter. The park just felt tired and worn out for a big Orlando park. The only other new addition the park has seen since opening was Kong and it was randomly shoehorned in to Jurassic Park. Look at their last few rides and upcoming
  4. Development plans aside, this area is too stinking hot to draw huge summer tourist crowds. Families travel in the Summer and Summer temperatures in Casa Grande average well over 100 degrees starting at the end of May through September. Mmmm yes I would like to take my family vacation to the Desert in August when its 108 degrees and go walk around a theme park. There is a reason this market remains untapped and underdeveloped when it comes to large Amusement/Theme Parks - it is too stinking hot during prime Summer travel months.
  5. Yes I have heard about the issue with the toilet bowl slide and it being a water flow issue. Seems like that would be an easy fix, but you never know. We are doing the Easter route this May and I cannot wait to go back to Puerto Rico. One of my favorite ports.
  6. I know Right? I think we are holding off till Fall of 2019 so that Star Wars, Toy Story and Avatar are all open. But next year is tempting with Avatar opening.
  7. We have sailed on many of Royals ships and prior to sailing on the Oasis (which we have been on twice) Freedom was always our favorites. We never needed slides, but now with Harmony receiving them as well as them dry-docking the Freedom class with them, Royal has given us just one more reason not to leave. We always book dining and shows well in advance, because we hate waiting. Can't wait to experience Harmony this May, plus we get to go back to Puerto Rico.
  8. The almost Annual Traditional of our Family Trip to Disney World happened this past September. Once again it was myself, both daughters (9,2) and my wife. We stayed at Port Orleans Riverside, visited every park and attended MNSSHP at the Magic Kingdom. As always we had a magical time at Disney and it always seems to be something different that we experience that makes it so much fun. Originally we planned on going to Animal Kingdom 2 days and not visiting Disney Studios, but with Rivers of Light being delayed we decided to spend our last day at Disney Studios and had so much fun with a
  9. As many of you know I am an avid Disney fan, yet we always cruise with Royal. I find it really hard to pay twice the money for a Disney Cruise when we have always had an amazing time. Our last cruise my youngest wasn't even 2 and she had an amazing time. We cruised on Oasis of the Seas which is awesome for the whole family and in May we will be on Harmony of the Seas. Here is a video of our cruise from last year. Save the money and put it towards a trip to Disney World.
  10. I was of the same belief that there was not enough to do at DHS during our past trip that we didn't plan on visiting this past October. But as our trip was coming to an end we decided to go to DHS instead of a 2nd day at Animal Kingdom. We were quite surprised at how much fun we had with all of the new Star Wars shows and New Character Interactions. Ended up being one of our favorite days at Disney. Disney has done a good job at adding these new experiences while the rest of the park is under construction, DHS never had that many attractions to begin with. Honestly it was half a park when
  11. Agreed the meal plan is a much better option for us. Honestly we like the Deluxe Dining Plan because we combined table service credits and will eat around 5-6 Signature Restaurants during our trip. We come out ahead in the end when you figure each Signature bill costs between $200 - $300 for a family of 4. Not to mention we will hit 3-4 character meals which are easily $150 each. There is a big difference between Disney Quick Service/Counter Service and Table Service. Folks that pay out of pocket are less likely to hit Table Service locations because of the cost, yet quality is so much be
  12. Just a few additional tips. Use the rider swap program at the bigger rides like Space Mountain, 7 Dwarfs and Big Thunder since you have a young child. This will give your older children multiple rides as the other parent returns to the FP+ line. If memory serves the returning parent is allowed to bring 2 guests with them for the Rider Swap Return. Also I would recommend using FP+ on PeterPan, 7 Dwarfs and SpaceMountain. Highly Recommend looking at easywdw.com for great in park touring cheat sheets and FP+ booking. Lastly on EMH evening days I would consider a Rope Drop morning with plans
  13. I was one that took advantage of the Legacy Fast Pass system. One of the big secrets with the old system is there were rides not connected to the system so you could double up, plus you could ride standby all morning while continuously collecting paper tickets when your window opened again. Even though these tickets had printed return times, you could return at any point throughout the day. Basically the morning was used for standby rides and then you would use all of your paper tickets in the afternoon for much more popular rides. The new Magic Band system is awesome! Have used it m
  14. Such a tragic accident that seems like it could have been prevented. Watched a few POV's of this ride and I don't see any proximity sensors on the lift, but there does appear to be a ride attendant platform at the top of the lift with what Im guess is an E-stop panel. Yet in all the videos I watched there was never a ride attendant stationed there. Should be very interesting to see what the investigation finds.
  15. I see validity in all the points raised in this discussion and there is one thing that hasn't been discussed to great length is how Disney is using pricing to limit crowds. Yes you read that correct, Disney can only handle so many people in the parks on a daily basis and crowds have exploded for the parks the last 5+ years. Heading in to this season Disney raised prices all around, plus they limited the discounts they offered. One example being Free Dining, it was still offered this year but it required either a park hopper ticket or an upgraded room from standard level. This is just one ex
  16. The PBS series The American Experience did an episode on Walt Disney, it is highly worth 3 hours of your time to watch this series. Great insight in to Walt's life and the reason he did the things he did.
  17. So you haven't ridden Frozen Ever After yet? The story of the ride is pretty simple but very effective. Its a Snow Day in Summer and Queen Elsa has opened the Ice Castle up for her guests. Thats the story and its well accomplished. Biggest grossing Animated movie of all time, it will be relevant for years to come. Especially with planned additions to the franchise. So what about movies based on rides?
  18. Malestrom was never that good of a dark ride and it was never considered a classic Disney Dark Ride. Anyone that argues otherwise is remembering it with rose colored glasses.
  19. ^ Which is my favorite attraction at Disney, but the Animatronics and experience of Frozen Ever After are amazing. The Olaf animatronic is just awesome as are the sisters. The digital face technology is quite amazing and puts it on a whole new level. Truly feels like you are inside the animated world of Frozen.
  20. As Shark said earlier I cannot agree with much that has been said in this discussion. Have many of you been to Disney World lately? The quick cash grab attractions many have mentioned, like Frozen Ever After at EPCOT are some of the best Disney has. Sorry fans of classic Disney rides Maelstrom was not a classic Disney ride, it was a ride filled with technical issues that hardly anyone waisted time riding. Frozen Ever After is not some quick cash grab attraction, it is possibly the best Disney Dark Ride ever. I am confident in saying this after 4 rides on it during our trip earlier this
  21. GCI footers are connected to one another underground. This is one of the main reasons their structures are so sound and offer such a smooth ride year after year. Here is a great look at Mystic Timbers Construction that GCI linked to. http://newsplusnotes.blogspot.com/2016/09/scott-and-carol-present-look-at-mystic.html?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=facebook
  22. Love the foresight in needing some additional help with the forums, especially with the growth the site has seen lately. There have been some great nominations and volunteers so far. Allow me to add one more, myself. I would be more than honored to help guide KIC and its forums, one of the most knowledgeable and friendly communities around. I have been a member of KIC, PKIC and other prior versions for over 11 years. I have been a long standing member who has stayed in good standing, provided lots of content, and participated in numerous events and forum games (KIC Survivor etc.) I al
  23. The piece of property is no longer a desirable location and especially with the history of failed hotel after failed hotel I cannot fathom a new owner trying to make a go of a new lodging offering there. Plus the cost to refurbish the current lodging property and to try and rid it of infestation (both roach and bed bug) would be astronomical and near impossible. Time for a controlled burn and build a warehouse.
  24. the Field of Screams artwork and theme is making more sense now.
  25. Great article and the one take away was this is why a park like Action Park existed in New Jersey and why Verruckt was built at the Kansas Schlitterbahn. I am typically one who advocates for less government involvement but the fact Kansas only audits to confirm ride inspections and that they leave actual inspections up to the parks is concerning. Seems like a conflict of interest when the ride inspector is hired and paid by the park. Good for businesses but provides little protection for the consumer and especially tax payers of the state.
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