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  1. This was funny until that news post about the quiet Cedar Fair buyout. Six Flags can't afford crap (which is why they've been selling), but with all this shuffling in the business lately...it's getting a little nerve-wracking.
  2. (rolls eyes) Two 'new' rides this year...are you looking for more? It's pretty early in the season for ride announcements, but you never know. Maybe corporate is bringing back an old friend?
  3. Is it me, or do those Gerstlauers look almost pathetic for a 218 foot wooden hypercoaster? I'm not so sure about these trains holding up to the brunt of the ride like those Premier trains did. Nice photo TR, by the way.
  4. I'd post the commercial on YouTube (as I've got it on my computer), but posting would be a copyright violation. I will say that the mom in the commercial is pretty good-lookin'. Are any of these family members actually featured on ANY of KI's rides? It doesn't even appear that they filmed any of the commercial at King's Island (besides stock footage from the park).
  5. Here it is...some Son of Beast testing. Took the video on my Fujifilm Finepix F10, so the quality is not exactly high. Enjoy the video...because this may be the most painless way to experience this ride.
  6. It tested throughout the day...was pretty easy to spot as long as you kept an eye on the track. Those trains look pathetic in size-four riders per train, and the cars themselves look like matchboxes compared to the old Premier toughen-up-and-buckle-in hyper woodie trains. I'll post some b-roll I took earlier today at the park of testing.
  7. Okay, okay, I'll give you Drop Zone, but did they really just classify SoB as one of the most popular rides at the park?
  8. But you have to admit, they were ready for anything that might have gone wrong with the ride. I think it was a great idea to open it this past weekend despite a very poor 250-300 pph capacity. I didn't see one single person walk off that ride with a frown. It was a chance for KI to open this ride to large crowds, and now that a good portion of the public knows how awesome this ride is (and that running two trains will double capacity), more people will want to come back. There were a lot of teenagers in line while I was there, and it seemed like an overwhelming amount of them couldn't wait to get back to school to brag to their friends that they had not only ridden it, but that it was more than just a decent ride.
  9. I made my wait of 2 hours and felt the flying bliss of Firehawk yesterday and loved every second of it. I get home, take a shower, and notice that there are marks between my pectorals and shoulders just above my armpits-marks almost like stretch marks. My roommate and I went both rode, so I went and asked him, and he had the same marks in nearly the same locations. I never noticed any discomfort from those soft harness straps before, during, or after the ride, and I was in no way in any pain at any point during or after the ride. However, I have to ask, were my roommate and I the only ones to get these marks? I can post pictures if anyone else thinks they may have had the same thing happen to them. And another note, I had my arms stretched forward in the 'superman position' during the entire ride. I only note this because these marks may only occur on those who do put their arms out in the superman position. Above all, there was and is zero pain, only temporary tattoos from the park's newest coaster. Anyone else have the same thing happen?
  10. Then you obviously haven't been to Holiday World! They offer almost the exact same food as other parks and charge about 25% less. They even have FREE Pepsi products all over the park. They also include FREE sunscreen in the water park. Here is a link showing food and prices at Holiday World. Holiday World Foods and Prices Compare Holiday World's overhead with King's Islands. I know nothing of the matter on real esatate, but I would assume that Holiday World pays much less in taxes than King's Island due to its out-in-the-middle-of-nowhere location. Granted, King's Island isn't PRIME property, but I've heard that the City of Mason is not too forgiving with taxes and the like. Although I will agree that King's Islands' prices are MUCH higher than they should be and Holiday World is taking a small hit with free sunscreen, soft drinks and parking. However, it's to Holiday World's benefit. I'll go back to HW this year, not just for the fantastic atmosphere and rides, but also for the perks. Even though tickets may seem higher for a park of its size, to me, the value of all the extra free stuff is MORE than worth it all.
  11. I went there twice back in '05 I believe. Meals were lackluster at best. The park had better food for the same money.
  12. They're not going to reuse the footings? Seems wasteful to me. I wonder how they got the track out of the station-very carefully is my guess, it looks like the station is in perfect structural and aestetic condition. Maybe CF will donate the building?!?!?! It'd be a hell of a car garage if you had the space. Opening day cannot come soon enough...
  13. This ride is going to look absolutely awesome from the FoF pavilion. Great pictures, Ryan and Gabe.
  14. Pump technology hasn't changed that much since the beginning of time...they could have put an aerator or two out there as well to help keep the water less stagnant.
  15. The park probably has its hands full already with the modifications of SoB and the addition of a coaster. Two major things is enough change for 2007. I agree...enough has been said about the Eurobungee and the laser tag facility. Something needs to change there. Maybe something different in the next couple years?
  16. I wonder if any of the Ernst drivers got lost trying to find the job site...we had problems with them losing their way when we needed material for pool construction. IT'S RIGHT DOWN THE STREET. JUST KEEP DRIVING TOWARDS THE Eiffel Tower.
  17. I was taking a peek at the WCPO webcam and noticed there was a tarp over that short bunny hill on recaR. Some minor retracking? http://www.wcpo.com/webcams/pki/
  18. It looks like the track and supports aren't on blocks...does anyone know of a reason for this?
  19. According to the Dayton Daily News, pieces started arriving in December...??? That aside, the DDN's article was pretty good. Apparently, $2.5 of the $10 mil is for SoB...I'm curious to see how much $2.5 is worth in rolling stock and new track.
  20. Possibly a new promotional video for a new attraction???
  21. It sucks that PTC declined the job because of the time frame. They build some quality rolling stock. I understand that the park wants SoB open as soon as safely possible, but why half-butt the job? It's an investment...sure, the park would have to wait even longer to open it up, but if better rolling stock makes for the best possible ride, I think it would be worth the wait. P.S. If the Premier rolling stock is on the track for this season...I will be EXTREMELY reluctant to ride.
  22. Wow, track is really flying in fast. As for the construction, you can't just start erecting support columns whenever you please-there's a method to the madness. Although the order of structure erection is fairly flexible, you don't want to start putting up columns and find yourself trapped in the track's circuit.
  23. I'm guessing all that track arrived today? I was coming back from Columbus yesterday and gave the parking lot a good look and didn't see green steel anywhere.
  24. Problem Park? Did anyone else bust out laughing like I did after seeing that?
  25. Is there anyone on this board that resides near Aurora that would have the ability to tell all if and when track begins to disappear from the Geauga Lake parking lot? I'm getting kinda antsy to see if and/or when this mother is going to start flying down I-71. Any bets as to when track will appear at the KI lot?
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