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  1. That, and he's probably got a crooked wiener.
  2. As of 2:45 P.M., the IJST land clearing smells like FISH DUNG near the entrance of Coney Mall. It's hard to believe that that plot of land is actually that large. It's massive!! Scooters is gone, its foundation remains as a pile of broken-up concrete. Hard to believe Eagles are actually gone. This coaster is going to look 1) really sweet or 2) like a new chandelier in an old haunted house.
  3. Went to the park today, and finally saw the sign working. It looks fantastic. Thank God I was right - the actual sign looks a LOT better than the concept art.
  4. Didn't attend the ceremony, had better things (like Homecoming and GWOC race) to do. And I'm not driving x-hundred miles just to ride them. That'd be like the lady who brought her 4-year old son to Ohio from California JUST so he could ride the swings.
  5. Wow. That looks... ...as technologically advanced as the old display. Show me a picture of some good video on that monitor, and then I'll be impressed.
  6. This is a pointless poll. Nobody is going to visit the park less because one ride, a small flat, is going bye-bye.
  7. Not sure as to the importance of this, but Fear Fest at King's Island was listed in the October 18th issue of Newsweek as a Halloween Haunted Parks Hot Pick along with Knott's Berry Farm, Six Flags (as a whole corporation), Universal Studios and Disneyland. Quite an honor, if you ask me.
  8. GP receivers today are better than they were a few years ago, but they are only accurate down to about 5 meters or so; which is still **** good for being estimated by satellites hundreds, even thousands of miles away in the sky. The US Gov't has got the good ones (accurate to less than a yard), but they aren't available to the public. Now, if the launch track is 50 meters long, you could end up with a distance measurement of 40-60 meters. This could severely affect the outcome of calculated velocity. In addition, if the park found out that you brought a GPS receiver along on the ride with you, they'd probably kick you out. It's almost like bringing a camera along on the ride to take on-ride photos. Point being? When it comes to IJST, I would rather use proportions (the distance from those two objects is X, and the two objects are Y distance away from the two objects, etc.) and a stopwatch to estimate the velocity. When it comes to Flight of Fear, I'd just have to put the numbers in God's hands.
  9. A B&M invert...they're coming back, you know. Think of flying a plane, bombs going off, guns, big BOOMS. If a Paramount Park could keep up the theming, it could work awfully well.
  10. Someone once said, "The worst risk is not taking one at all." Six Flags has tripped and stumbled in the past, and possibly their most risky move was attempting to take over the entire amusement park industry, causing a monoply. I'd venture to say that the ego of Six Flags Corp. got the best of them. How can you say that "Six Flags is stupid for adding a ride of this magnitude," and that "They need to spend more time trying to improve on their current assets, as well as park operations"? In the real world, you cannot stop all operations just to put 100% of your efforts on one specific thing. Six Flags IS cleaning up their act when it comes to owning too many parks. Six Flags IS taking note that parks like Cedar Point win over guests because of cleanliness and landscaping. I think that them making this move will be a good one. How many total coasters are they building for 2005? According to RCDB, only 2; one of them in Mexico. I think this ride will help them rebuild, but don't expect this kind of move multiple times every year.
  11. Americana = LeSourdsville. And the whole park is SBNO because of previous management and financial issues. The park's future is still in question.
  12. I won't lie - Cedar Point is my favourite. 16 coasters can't be wrong. And coasters are the ONLY reason for this vote (along with those yummy garlic potato fries and such a clean and beautifully-landscaped park).
  13. fryler87

    Flyers gone

    NOOOOOO.....MY PURPOSE IS LOST... (shreds 2005 pass)
  14. I'll be the biggest religious statue in the world...and that Jesus in front of Solid Rock Church thought HE had it goin' on...
  15. fryler87

    Flyers gone

    THEY CAN'T GET RID OF PRESTON T. TUCKER'S ROADSIDE CAFE!!! They have the BEST popcorn chicken, even if it IS expensive.
  16. Sometimes, comepletely overhauling a coaster isn't cost-effective. Vortex cost the park $4 million (or so it's quoted, there's the story about how Arrow built it for free because of the lemoned Bat). It would cost more than $4 million to completely overhaul the thing, probably because an EXACT replica of the track must be re-created so when new track is installed, old supports and footers can remain. Vortex will be here for at least 7 more years. It's got lots of life left. Face/Off will probably be the steel coaster that will be removed the furthest down the timeline.
  17. fryler87

    Flyers gone

    See, that power outlet will be used as a torture device inside the ride... Little trools inside use peadals to crank the whole ride, and they use tazers to make the trolls peadal faster. Want more speed? MORE VOLTS!!! MWA HA HA!!
  18. Nine times out of ten the ticket should say when it's good. If it lists a whole bunch of dates, chances are that it's good for any day of the season. Just check to make sure that the day you want to go and the dates on the ticket match.
  19. fryler87


    The Beast documentary is awesome! To bad that a couple of the monitors in the queue going up to the station aren't working...(HMM...)
  20. fryler87

    Best Flat

    There are three waterparks - River Country, Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon.
  21. No official layout has been issued, but you can gather clues from the video using the other rides as landmarks. I believe the parking garage place (where the ride will begin) will be in the area closest to the Eiffel Tower. After that, it's my guess.
  22. I'd make QTV show stuff OTHER than Kid Rock and those ludacris cats!
  23. I remember that...you'd have to sit on the floor and the air conditioning was FREEZING!!!
  24. Ohhh the memories. I remember waaaay back when Hanna-Barbara Land used to have that elephant that would shoot water out of its trunk every so often. I remember the laser show just barely (and I'm 'only' 17...). Does anyone remember that GIANT play-maze the park had for a few short years in the mid-late 90s? Wasn't there a big water feature in HB land that had buckets that filled with water and you could control to over turn and fill other buckets? Or am I just high?
  25. fryler87

    2006 Rumour

    I wouldn't bet on a rocket coaster for 2006 - I would be surprised NOT to see something Star Trek-related. Like I've said before, that Borg Invasion 4-D thing at the Hilton in Las Vegas seems to be quite popular with many, many people. Adding such an experience ride would only further enhance PKI's image of being more "Hollywoodized." Now for some technical B.S.; if she said they're going to BUILD a rocket coaster in 2006, maybe she was referring that it would be open for 2007? I wouldn't knock that quite yet. What a pleasant surprise that would be. Maybe something along of the lines of a terrain-rocket coaster? It could happen...
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