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  1. In my own opinion. I would rather not meet that special someone at Kings Island. Great way to ruin your love for the park because if it doesn't work out, everytime you go to the park you will constanty be reminded of that person. But maybe it's just me.
  2. I don't think DB is rough at all, and have never experienced a rough ride. Must just be a guy thing... lol
  3. I really don't miss any former ride. But removing The "Kenton Cove Sailboat Canal" was a mistake.
  4. I have a picture on SOB back in the paramount days around 2001 and there is a guy in my pic flipping off the camera . They would not let him buy the pic but they let me. But that was years ago...
  5. Very excited for Banshee!! Cant wait! and for the people who are complaining.... you don't have to ride it .
  6. Very excited! Will def be one of the first in line at 12!
  7. I still have yet to ride Surf Dog...
  8. I join Coasting for kids but need to switch to team KIC. Im kinda on another team But im switching. Ive been a member on here since 2004. Not turning my back on KIC
  9. EXtreme Skyflyer! almost my favorite ride in the park.
  10. ... ... Exactly what is this supposed to mean? If you think I'm wrong, then explain to me where you think I'm wrong. Replies like this are not helpful in the least. He threw in the towel
  11. Comprende? yo no lo comprendo
  12. jlopez

    Outer Hanks

    I'm sure there are many places in Mexico that serve tacos that don't have a Mexican theme too it.
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