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  1. In his defense, I will say this, we all knew SOB was rough, and always was. DB was at many times smooth, and very tolerable. Recently it has been rough, and I will agree with him. Ride any train all you will feel the vibration, especially brown

    I don't think DB is rough at all, and have never experienced a rough ride. Must just be a guy thing... lol

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  2. I'll never forgot one year I went to the park and there was a stray cat hanging out in front of TR:TR the whole night. Just seeing that picture reminded me of that for some reason. It was laying around and getting attention from guest like it owned the place.

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  3. I have visited the park 3 times this year and is only shows I have visited once.

    Well I visited funperks.com today and now it says i have visted twice. :) I have actually been 3 times but the first time was opening day so I dont think that counts. But im glad It counted the extra day. Plus i got offered either a cotton Candy, popcorn or ride on Thunder Alley. Just took a while to update i guess.

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