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  1. The last time Cedar Point took out rides was over 30 years ago, what I ment is they havnt taken out rides recently.
  2. When did they take out Kentons Cove Keelboat Canal ? and where was it located?
  3. well....OK...I didnt see it in this way....about maintnence and stuff....I see...well you do have a point. I just miss some of the old rides like King Cobra, King Mills Log Flume, and a few others. I havnt been around too many defunct rides though ,Im only 14, but I was around long enough to ride them tons of times. I never went to Kings Island when they had flight commander and The Bat.
  4. Im not trying to be mean about it, But sometimes when I think about it its makes me mad, and I dont hate Kings Island at all, I love Kings Island ,I just miss some of the old rides .sorry Im not a dude..because Im a female (you probably didnt know that,and dont really care,but just tellin yeah.) sorry if I made any one mad.
  5. I think PKI needs to stop taking out there rides, Its rediculous, it seems like every few years recently they have taken out a ride. Cedar Point never takes out rides, PKI has plenty of room for development, I would hate to see another ride go,like I heard in Rumors frum about taking ot Congo...That would devistate me..I love that ride. Losing a rollercoaster is just almost like loosing someone (maybe not as severe) But If they take out congo then I will be ashamed of PKI. Because then we will only have two water rides left, they already took out King Mills Run, and that other water rise (with
  6. I get kinda mad when they show videos from PKD, of the same rides they have at PKI because they dont come to PKI that much. For example they showed PKD FOF insted of PKI FOF.
  7. I wont go on a weekend, because it will be way to crowded, But im goin for sure. First thing
  8. Yeah..They do have simmular rides, which park was built first ?
  9. Just wondering....I remember on time when I was in line for The Beast and this Big guy rode the ride..but when he went to get off there wasnt no room to push the bar down and he was stuck for a while....and if i remember right...they had to unscrew the bar off or somthing...or that might have been for somthing else I seen.
  10. Does Paramount KIngs Dominion Have an Eiffel Tower like Kings Island.....because when I was watching a video of Grizzley..I thought I saw an Effiel Tower in the distance. I also think grizzley is suppose to sorta be like Beast..because its in the woods..and its a big wooden rollercoasrer...just a thought because they are both owned by the same people. But we all know The Beast is The Best !!! and nothin amounts up to it. ....They showed this on a video called Americas Greatest rollercoasters in 3D 2. It also has Outerlimits Flight of Fear on it....(kings Dominion) and it
  11. What is the most weight someone can weigh to get on most rides ?
  12. When does the shows ussually come on tv, isnt it around may?
  13. They show you a good view indside on the dvd.... Americas greatest rollercoaster thrills in 3D 2. Its from kings Dominion, but same thing
  14. HEY............What i ment was......why would they put them movie posters up there if that has nothing to do with whats indside the theater.!!!!!! What kind of shows were in there in 2003 ?
  15. Why is ther a poster of Titanic and mission Impossible on the side of it ?
  16. I was wondering...What is the building next to face/off, from the parking lot you can see Mission Impossible poster and a Titanic poster, is it an imax theater?
  17. Does anyone know his user name ?????
  18. I was just wondereing if he had a user name on pki unlimited and got on forums and stuff.
  19. Is Jeff Seibert a member on this website ???????
  20. I think Tjey should offer two Major attraction movies, Keep spongebob in one theater and bring back 007 in the other.
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