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  1. Removing DT would not hurt my feelings at all. It was fun when I was 8.
  2. I'm registered I'm not sure how to put a link on here to my page though. can anyone help me? Jennifer's Page for donation
  3. my dream ride is something that goes over 500 ft, and launches, and maybe goes over 140 mph. lol ...oh and it has to have inversions in it. I know this probably isnt possible lol but hey the topic is dream ride lol
  4. Make sure you do the 4d theater, very cool. I havnt been since 2006, but im pretty sure its still there.
  5. I have home video of the park from 2003 but its on VHS i have no idea how to convert it to download it to my laptop.
  6. I once had like a 3 sec blackout on Invertigo
  7. "ray of light" - modonna , I remembering the music video playing while in line for WWC back in 98 i think. also, "Wannabe"- spice girls, and "no Rain" -blind melon. I also rememer these music videos playiing while in line. Not real sure on the year but everytime i hear them, reminds me of Kings Island.
  8. I really hope it opens again in the future by new owners. But I truthfully I dont see it happening. To much competition across the street. When The beach Opened there was no water park at Kings Island, Last time I went to The Beach was back in 2003 and it seemed very busy the day I went, and that was a week day. just a shame, very bummed. I was looking forward to taking my kids there one day. Its sad to see a place go that you have many memories at.
  9. Hoepfully the people who already bought passes get a refund.
  10. Everytime i ever rode it I always came off the the ride with tons of bruises and felt like i just got beat up by somoneone twice the size of me. But it didnt stop me from rising it the next time i came back.lol. sounds crazy.lol I could only handle riding it one time each visit though. My uncle rode it one year for the first time, and messed his back up bad. He eneded up having surgery because of it. I dont think he will ever forgive me for taking him on it. lol
  11. I love coming here everyday and looking at these pics! thank you so much for bringing back so many memories!
  12. I do remember that I said "i'm willing to bet money it would be gone for 2012", and someone said they were willing to bet everything I was wrong. hmmm who was that? i will have to go back and look at previous post. lol
  13. I wonder if The Bat would still be there to this day if it would have run properly?
  14. I remembering being very young , 7 years old maybe and seeing Vortex and being scared out of my mind. It was closed that day because I remember my family not being able to ride it, but i remember telling myself, "there is no way i would ever get on that" lol . My family has been taking me to Kings Island since I was 3 years old but I really don't have any memories until i was about 7 years old of the park. Probably because that is the year I rode my first big coaster. The Racer!
  15. I hope there will be one I'm def going if I'm not working .
  16. jlopez

    Giga or Eagles?

    I dont understand why they removed it in the first place, Eagles didnt take up much room. But i would rather see a Giga
  17. I dont think they had any campgrounds listed on the old website. Nice they put one on there. I never heard of it before though
  18. Last time I camped at Cedar Points camper village is was during the week and it was packed. That was back in 2005.
  19. I went about 4 years without getting on KIC or even going to the park. I had kids. got married and lost interest. Last year was the first time I went in a long time and all the excitement I use to have for the place came back. I've never hung out with anyone from KIC but I look forward too it this year. I also bought a pass and plan on going a lot.
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