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  1. I think that's what will happen. The building would be perfect for a haunt attraction.
  2. Well now that I think about it, we went during the week most the times we camped there.
  3. Great photos! thanks for sharing. Makes me miss it even more. It looks very busy back then. Everytime we ever camped there, I dont remember it ever being packed. in the last 10 years it was open
  4. I'm Ready for April

  5. Im really small. So when i ride rides i sometimes feel like my restraint is coming undone. lol but i know its not. Its just because im so small that the overhead restraints sometimes feel loose on me. But i know when i was young like 10 years old. i rode Vortex once and was scared to death because my restraint was so loose. I thought i was done for. lol. But I wouldnt worry about your restraint coming undone.
  6. jlopez

    Want to help us?

    I think its great KI is asking us, plus a backstage tour of The Beast. That really cool they offered us the chance to help out with something to do with the park. Not cheesy at all. The more people complain the less likely they are to ever ask us to do stuff like this anymore.
  7. Does anyone remember the commercial? I was young then but if I remember correctly I think they showed a baby carriage on the top of a tall lift hill.
  8. Kings Island was on pbs today, i could barley catch it though because my kids were crying and fighting and I couldnt watch it. But it was old though because they were referring to it as paramount and they showed KCKC. It was a math program , they were talking about science too when it came to the roller coasters, and about how many people the ride can go through and hour and how long you wait in line depending on that, only caught a few minutes of it. They showed loading and unloading platform KCKC and it brought back a lot of memories, I totally forgot what that looked like.
  9. I thought It was Yogi bear at one time too. I was very young, but i have this memory of staying at a Yogi Bear campground when we went to Kings Island at one point in time.
  10. The first time I rode King Cobra was also the last yea it was open. i only rode it once. I really wish I would have rode it more than that. It was my first stand up coaster.
  11. Ive been a member since Feb 2004, and I use to be on here all the time back then and then between 2007 and mid 2011, I never visited the site much and never posted. I sorta lost interest, having two kids, getting married and not visiting the park for 6 years. But this past summer I went to the park for the first time since 2005 and all the excitement I had for the park came back, and now I visit KIC almost everyday now. I might not post everyday, but i come and read the Forums.
  12. I have a season pass this year, so Mine will be to go as often as possible.
  13. So the log flume at the back of the park was a different log flume? When was that one built? I dont know much about Cedar Point history at all. I grew up going to Kings Island. My first trip to Cedar Point wasnt until 2000, and have only been 4 times since. I'm getting very interested in the History though edit: was late posting this, your post above ^ is what i was looking for. thanks for the info.
  14. Thank you for all the help helping me figure this out.
  15. I never knew the log flume was ever at the front of the park?
  16. I was thinking 70s. I love old postcards too. I wish I had more old stuff like this.
  17. The tape is somewhere at my parents house.Hopefully its still there. I'm sure it is . But people borrow things a lot and don't tend to return them. But next time I am there I will find it and see about getting it transferred to dvd, and then maybe from there I can figure out how to do it. I'm not sure what all is filmed, but i know my step dad always took the video camera with us and I remember him filming when we stayed there.
  18. My grandma gave me this post card when I was about 10 years old. She was going through some stuff and knew how much i liked amusement parks so let me have it. But I have no clue what the year is and thought maybe someone else would. any ideas? <a href=" title="Cedar Point by lopezjr68, on Flickr"><img src="http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7003/6631292691_0f31211e9b_z.jpg" width="640" height="474" alt="Cedar Point"></a> <a href=" title="Cedar Point 2 by lopezjr68, on Flickr"><img src="http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7173/6631295885_340629ec24_z.jpg" width="64
  19. I have some video from the campground , from 2003 and 2004-2005, buts its on vhs tape. I have no clue how i would get it uploaded on my computer.
  20. The dirtiest ones are always the ones that are working the hardest they say lol. Well that's what my husband say. Who works construction.
  21. Yea it was great! Far better than a hotel. After a day at the park it was fun to come back and sit around the fire.Plus the price to camp wasn't that much at all. I wish they could have built the great wolf lodge in another location. When I was young it wasn't just about going to Kings Island. Camping was always part of our trip. Actually since the campground has closed, we havnt taken a family trip. It was always my mom, step dad, my two cousins, my aunt and uncle that would go. We would even meet up with other family friends and camp right beside each other. so many memories
  22. The guy to the right has the cleanest clothes of the three. lol
  23. I remember one year going on opening day and it was either April 10th or 11th. that was back around 2003-2004 not really sure on the year. I remember because we went for the weekend for my birthday.
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