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  1. I didn't know the campground had a pool at one time, they must have took it out when i was very young because I don't remember it. My youngest memory at the campground was in 1996 , I was about 7 years old. That was also my first year riding a "big" roller coaster. The Racer. I was so scared to ride it, I was having so much fun on The Beastie, and then my mom talked me into getting on The Racer. I cried the whole way up the lift hill.lol, but afterward smiled and wanted to get on it again. Rode it probably 10 times that day.
  2. I would love if they put in a new campground.I def would go. But I would still miss the old campground considering all the memories I have there. I remember riding the tram back and fourth from the park to the campground several times a day. The drivers were always so nice and very friendly. There is times we would stay 5-6 days at a time at the campground and go in the park everyday,and maybe even go over to the beach one day.
  3. I found this old campground map while going through some old stuff. Thought I would share. I have so many memories staying in the campground and made me kind of sad when i found this. I really miss camping there . By the way the camp sites I have circled are all the spots i camped at. I did this as a kid lol when I was young we only went once a year, but I would always circle the spot we camped at for memories later, every year when I would get a new map I would transfer all the places I have circled onto my new map. lol I stopped doing this when i was about 12. <a href="
  4. Can you imagine waiting in line for Congo falls with all the switchbacks being used? wow. I wonder when the last time that was?
  5. I just spent 2 hours looking at 2011 flashback till opening topic. . Great photos! Excited for flashback till opening 2012
  6. When is the last time they used Switchbacks on Racer? Anyone ever seen them in use?
  7. Great Video! Haven't been to Cedar Point since 05. this video makes me want to go back so bad! thanks for sharing
  8. 21st or 28th is my guess
  9. Hm, so maybe around April 19 like two years ago. The 19th is a Thursday though, I thought they were only open on Fri, Sat and Sun in April?
  10. On Dec 16th I tweeted Kings Island saying i was excited and couldnt wait until the park opened, and they tweeted me back saying "just a little over 4 months" .
  11. The building might still be there. But it will not be open is 2012
  12. The Crypt is not going to be around for 2012. I'm willing to bet money on it.
  13. 4 more months...

  14. 4 more months...

  15. What I dont understand is they have wheelchairs to rent in the park, But yet they expect these people that are going to rent them to walk from the parking lot to the entrance?? Doesnt make sense to me.
  16. I would love if Ohio had a park that looked like Busch Gardens Europe. (Never been to Tampa) Busch Gardens is by far my favorite park. Iv'e Been To Bush Gardens in Tampa, it is also very beautiful
  17. I do it more than just in the front seat, thats just my favorite. lol
  18. Yea def the double Helix, for me too. Most of us though i don't think minded the roughness, or else we wouldn't have kept getting back on it. Some People like it Rough. lol
  19. Congo falls is one of my favorite rides, because there is never a line, and really its almost just as fun to stand on the bridge and get wet. When i was a kid, my cousins and I would stand on the bridge for an hour straight and have more fun getting hit with a huge wave then even riding. lol
  20. When my Uncle and I went to the park back in 2005, we rode SOB, it was his first time.It was a very rough ride as usual. The rest of the day he wouldnt ride anything else because his back hurt, he had troubles with his back after that, and eventually had to get back surgery a year later. he never pursued a lawsuit because he would never do that. He had had hurt his back years before but didnt have troubles with it as recent as 2005, but he pretty much knew he took a risk when he rode it knowing he had back problems before. Plus i warned him it was rough. heck I even had bruises on my legs,
  21. It looks like that is the only lamp left in this picture. Does it even work? If you notice all the lamps from 1974, and then now in 2011.
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