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  1. No, u know i dont think of you like that I agree about you being a very genuine, nice person, and you aren't a jerk,
  2. Ive been a member for 6 years now i think, and ive never met anyone in person! def going to change that for 2012 season
  3. Hopefully they never take the log flume out. I also think tomb raider could have been placed elsewhere then to remove KCKC.
  4. The Beast for sure Woodstock express second though. That was my fav coaster when i was about 7 years old
  5. You might be a KI addict if you talk about it so much your friends and family are sick or hearing you talk about it and roll their eyes when you even mention Kings Island. (this is def applies to me) lol
  6. I read somewhere a while back that they did in fact ship them somewhere else and another park is using them. I will have to see if I can find it.
  7. Whats up with the jokes about the dippin dot guy??? I missed out back when i quit getting on here......
  8. It takes longer to load guest than the time it takes to ride...
  9. Im glad I didnt go yesterday like I planned. thought the calender on the website said It was going to be open yesterday.
  10. well I changed my user name cuz my last name changed since i created this account ;) jmceowen to jlopez

  11. KIfan73 ^^^Is that a towel with the park map on it??
  12. I make sure I buy a shot glass every time i visit the park. I have maps from 03,04,05,06 and this years map. Ebay always has vintage Kings Island items for those that collect. Ive seen stuff on there quit a few times.
  13. It takes longer to walk back there than the actual ride itself.
  14. Just found another topic on this after posting. sorry for reposting. But the video is still pretty neat to watch
  15. Very creepy yet sad video. does anyone know is going to be done with this park. Viacom decided not to open up the Nickelodeon park now. Does anyone else know whats going on with it?
  16. well my kids are old enough to enjoy the dinos. I think it would be pretty bad though if they charged $5 for lets say a 5- 6 month old baby thats going through with the family.
  17. I def want to do this next year ! How do they decide who wins and gets to ride? is it based on team or individual people who raise money?
  18. My kids are 1 and 2 (until October 23rd) but we are going this Sunday. So since they will be free to get in the park, will i still have to pay $5 a piece for them to trick or treat with the dinos??
  19. Im planning on going Saturday during the day. Hopefully the kids rides wont be so long of a wait.
  20. I agree i dont see them building a new coaster until they figure out what to do with SOB. I really hope they tell us something by next season.
  21. I dont know how many times over the years ive heard people in line talk about how someone died on drop zone, when they are actually in line for it themselves.
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