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  1. which is why i will enjoy seeing wet t-shirt' contest comming off of White Water Cannon for now on don't hurt to look
  2. Stenger

    April 16

    guess we got another Typing Ganster huh? don't try to act all tuff by calling people out... it's childish. Everyones tuff behind a keyboard. I stated the fact that im goin back to PKI for the first time in 2 years and said i don't agree with the smoking band... but guess what... im still gonna smoke in line. I could care less if 2 or 3 people are slightly bothered buy it. It only takes 5 minutes if that to smoke a ciggerette. and like i said before... The smoke goes away as soon as i release the sweet tobacco bliss from my lungs. This country has turned into a bunch of panzy health nuts. Fir
  3. winter fest OW3D!!! i miss Kings Island. not PKI... but Kings Island... pictures from KI are almost lost forever... i've found a few sites, but nothing really what i'd like to see... oh well... this post in in Memory of the Phantom Theater... i touched my first boob on that ride, now it's gone. no more groaping because shaggy will be looking over me...
  4. Stenger

    April 16

    i don't care what people say about non-smokers complaining. its BS! plain and simple. Now not smoking in the Resturants is one thing... but being out side the smoke rises... it doesn't sit and linger around for 20 minutes... more people smoke than you'd think. so whats still old skewl at PKI? nothing?
  5. Stenger

    April 16

    I am going to PKI on April 16.. I scored 2 tickets for 20 bucks (bank!) from my co-workers wife's work... What is parking price now? im not talking Perfered parking, or what not, just regular parking. Is it up to 20 bucks yet? This will be my first return to the park since 2003. Hopefully things are still some what how i remembered them... although this new "smoking policy" is horse crap! how can you not be allowd to smoke in a OUTDOOR AMUZEMENT PARK! this 19 spots where you can smoke is BS! i can understand while in the turn styles of a waiting que... but while walking around... come
  6. The Vortex defently needed a paint job. it was how old before it got one???? Top Gun was a dissapointment to me... i thought the coolest part was walking thru the line... Then i went to Cedar Point a few years ago and rode what is highly similar to it. Although longer, it was much slower, and was boring. So now i restate what i once thought... Top Gun ownz. it's like a mini bat.
  7. I can't beleave nobody has said Winter Fest. I loved winter fest.... it was awesome.
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